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  1. I was at the game and thought a number of our players were not moving freely. Question for the panel: do you also see that? I understand the football dept. adopted the Burgess mantra last year and have continued this year, of resilience(don’t necessarily nurse/rest injuries and niggles, rather continue to train and play through). I also understand these injuries and niggles are monitored by experienced professionals but I am wondering maybe the cumulative effects across the team are starting to impact players Gawn, Trac, Kossie, Lever, Salem, Brayshaw to name a few. Your thoughts please.
  2. I get what you are saying LN and the concept is in the Goody playbook but given our ladder position before and after Friday night it is a high risk strategy, higher than loading and getting that wrong. To give ourselves the best shot in finals we need to finish H&A season on 16 wins, it is then in our own hands to keep winning and play all finals at home, however many that ends up being. I fear Sydney in the finals and would not like to travel to play them, even though we have a good “away” record. If we win an away final what is the impact on the following game of say a Perth trip.
  3. I think our poor forward entries and predictable bang it long to the pocket is down to a game plan devised to overcome our shortage of players who are reliable and skilful in the basic art of the game - kicking. I don’t understand why this issue hasn’t been addressed in our recruiting. Too many of our entries to forward half by foot are up and under kicks that give opposition enough time to impact the result. Salem, reputedly one of the best kicks in the team does not deliver low flat hard kicks, why. Not enough of Mays forward attacking kicks are low, flat and hard, nor Petty, nor Jordan, nor Gus , nor Lever. Is it that difficult for professional footballers to properly execute the basic skill of the game, kicking? Maybe running has overtaken kicking as the basic skill of the game. The fastest way to move a football remains a low flat hard kick.
  4. For a game called football it has always bothered me that so many players who make it to the top echelon, ie.afl, have very poor kicking actions. Particularly in the professional era when talented juniors are identified early, like very early teens, they usually go into relatively elite coaching programs that concentrate on bringing out their potential by developing their skills and temperament. While their bodies are still growing and have not fully developed would surely be the time to correct poor/incorrect actions. Why are elite junior athletes like our very own Max Gawn, Petracca and Oliver arriving as 18 year olds at afl clubs with poor kicking actions. And why do so very very few not have the ability to kick both sides of their body(not to mention handball). I don’t know and would appreciate comments from people “in the know” Then as professional sportspeople working at their sport/craft at least 40 hours per week from the age of 18 very few seem to improve their kicking skills as they mature.
  5. Nobody is irreplaceable, but I would not like to see Yze progress to senior coaching just yet. We have lost enough football ip with the 2 former football dept. staffers to Geelong. Stay a few more years and see more finals campaigns in the red and blue Ooze.
  6. I thought this game; 27 May 2018, Alice Springs where we handed the previous year’s grand finalists a good spanking would have got a mention. “Melbourne were rampant in the 91-point hiding, racking up their fifth consecutive win with the 23.8 (146) to 8.7 (55) victory over last season's beaten grand finalists. It was the first time Melbourne have won back-to-back games by more than 90 points in the club's history, the first time since 1993 that the Demons have won two games in the same season by more than 90 points and also their third victory in a row by more than 10 goals.”
  7. Thanks for posting that podcast Matt D, was terrific insight to the last few years. Our loss of Burgess in a fantastic gain for the Crows. This man oozes character from every sentence.
  8. Bin, those stats might be interpreted to read that we came out hard in the first half of games and did what we needed to win in the second half, as you discussed in the podcast. The scoring accuracy was a constant between first and second halves. Opportunity for Williams and Stafford to do some fine tuning over the preseason and lookout.
  9. Looking back at the 1987 year, I note the following: Carlton premiers and minor premiers, end of season percentage 138, Melbourne night series winners, Carlton two finals games, both against Hawthorn, pf 184, pa 136, finals series percentage 135.3 Including 2 finals games for year 87 alone I n the table doesn’t alter our position on the table And we all wonder the “what if Jimmy hadn’t” from that year.
  10. Looking closer at the table I notice that Swooper’s 87 team is the only one in the list that was not premiers, Carlton were that year. Doggas, do you know if the table is “finals series best percentages”, or “premiers, final series best percentages” and there has been a slip up not crediting Carlton in 1987?
  11. Thanks for that doggas, now that I have had time to have a good look at the table you provided, I see it’s a list of the best twenty finals series percentages. Going back more than a century and coming in second on that table certainly puts this seasons finals campaign in true light. A great effort by the whole club for the whole season and one that I hope is not lost or seen in a lesser light in the mist of this COVID ravaged time in history.
  12. Thanks doggas, just what I was looking for, second on the list of last twenty years, that is some validation of just how good this team’s final series has been this 2021 season. Any chance those stats go back further? Nice to see our ‘87 campaign came in 5th spot, that was a seriously good “Swooper” team built on the back of the RDB and Slug rejuvenation of mfc. The more I delve into this it underlines what a brilliant season and particularly finals series this has been for mfc. I am now beginning to see it in its rightful place in history. I hope the word spreads.
  13. Thanks Bin, I did get to hear that bit. I confess I wasn’t expecting the outrageously successful finals campaign that we had and looked at the 57 moments clip that someone put up and thought this has been an incredibly successful whole season, do I appreciate it as much as I should. I want to put it into perspective and legitimise it with more with stats if I can and make sure it stays relevant for good solid reason. I have looked at Wikipedia AFL and can’t find what I am looking for encapsulated in a snapshot. The stats are there it is a matter of assembling them to paint the picture, sorry to say a job for someone with more digital nouse than I possess.
  14. Does anyone know where these stats might be available
  15. I should say at the outset that I haven’t been able to listen to the whole podcast yet, apologies if this has been covered. Reflecting on just how good this whole season has been, particularly the finals campaign I did some figures on our percentages. End of home and away season 130.8 Finals campaign 213.1 Full season including finals 135.2 While the end of h&a percentage 130.8 and the full season incl. finals 135.2 are probably not records in historical terms either within the club or across VFL/AFL. I do wonder how the 213.1 percentage for the 2021 finals campaign stacks up either way. Comments please
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