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  1. Who exactly has been offended ? Your comments sound a lot like Chinese Communist Party Press Releases BTW I'm thinking of changing my name to The Jackson 5.5 Is that ok ?
  2. The ABC is obsessed with the gender wars. Maybe they should have held it at a Womens Only Gym.
  3. I hear that Warne Smith chap went ok. A premiership & 2 Brownlows aint too shabby.
  4. Still behind Stynes & Ditterich IMHO but is likely to go past them shortly.
  5. All depends on the context & who said it. It could result in a laugh, a punch up or nothing at all. I generally didn't like it but I didn't worry about it too much. Actually the new pommy kids copped it worse than the wogs.
  6. When you say "apparently its being backed up by evidence on the injuries" can you give specific details about this ?
  7. Their leadership [censored] up badly until they woke up & allowed private ownership & freed up the economy. Their people are smart, educated & incredibly hard working but I doubt the communists will ever relinquish power or allow democracy.
  8. Gees Binman we must be watching different games. I reckon his ruckwork is very poor. He is dreadful at boundary throw ins - I can't recall him winning 1 ever. I rate him our worst part time ruck since Chris Dawes.
  9. Dieter you are a master of obfuscation. I picked you up on your mistakes & instead of fessing up u waffle on about other stuff. Nice logical rejoinder about Lebanon BTW. And blaming the US for Venezuelas problems is not worth responding to. I can see by your retorts that you blame them for everything. You remind me of my late 60's & 70's lefty mates who idolised Mao & Pol Pot whilst they were butchering their people. Anyhow I'm not going to subject Demonlanders to any more of your kookie historical views so goodnight & goodluck.
  10. How is 194cm short ? He was a big unit. Of course Treadrea was also Ports leading goal kicker 8 times plus 4 AA's & 4 B&F's. We have no key fwds anywhere near that calibre.
  11. Sorry mate but despite the fact that I will fight to the death for your right to make these comments I can't let u get away with factual errors. Kim Il Sung started the Korean conflict. They had a significant role in Vietnam but didn't start it. Can't be blamed for Lebanon or Libya, don't see the evidence for Sudan & the First Gulf War was pretty much justifiable. And surely u can't blame them for the current Venezuelan conflict ?
  12. Dieter your Churchill post simply proves that some historians loathe Churchill. It would be simple to post an opposing biography saying what a great man he was. You seem shocked that he was a racist. Don't u realise that most 18th century Europeans thought they were superior to other races & were involved in a mad colonial scramble. Some of the stuff he was involved with was dreaful but all colonial powers have skeletons in their closets.
  13. My recollection is that the booing started in May 13 at the Indigenous Round v Collingwood (the 13 yo & Ape incident) & continued throughout AG's career. AG became Australian of the Year in Jan 2014 & started making speeches about Indigenous disadvantage & racism however by then the booing was already well entrenched.
  14. Thanks brittle you can argue on my behalf henceforth.
  15. No you cannot morally do that and its not ok but unfortunately that is the way humans have done business for thousands of years. The British, French & Dutch just marched bach into their colonies, by force after WW2. How do you think the Chinese got Tibet or ask the West Papuans about the Indonesian invasion.
  16. Of course it happened. The point me & Biffen are trying to make is that the British intentions were initially quiet honourable & early on relationships between the natives & settlers were quiet good. You can read Dancing With Strangers by Inga Clendinnen for an account. Unfortunately things went pearshaped after that especially further out on the frontier with killings, massacres & then poisonings & diseases.
  17. Sorry mate but you are completely confusing issues. The Admiralty's instructions to Phillip through the Letters Patent instructed him to afford the natives protection under the Crown. In fact records note that there were 17 odd attacks or killings of settlers at Sydney Cove by natives before Phillip ordered a retaliation. Phillip himself was almost killed but declined to retaliate. The situation in Tasmania was that the Palawa fought back against the whites taking their lands & war effectively broke out between them & Tasmanian settlers. The circumstances were totally d
  18. Dieter you do understand that repeating your claim about Goodes again and again is not actually evidence & u sound like Trump & the stolen election. And BTW every country throughout its history been racist and supremacist either white, black, yellow or brown. Maybe you can enlighten us with some exceptions - Germany maybe or Ruanda, Brazil, india, maybe Japan ?
  19. As the modern virtue signallers say "Wow Just Wow" Not sure of the relevance of his birthplace or ancestors or depression - you seem to be besotted with HL. Surprised you don't reckon someone who has earn't enough to retire at 31 isn't privileged. He has had a thoroughly middle class Australian upbringing. Suggest you look at the life of Polly Farmer, Robbie Muir or Syd Jackson if you want to read about real struggles and adversity. Anyhow you are entitled to your opinion & we are clearly not going to agree about it so think I'll leave HL & move to other matte
  20. Several, the Walid Ali interview, comments from contemporary players and the 2006 interview abt his nickname- all have been swept under the carpet. Anyhow we clearly disagree so any further discussion is pointless - think I'll focus on the footy.
  21. This isn't going anywhere so we should agree to disagree. Neither of us can provide hard evidence of why Goodes was booed only theories.
  22. I know that suits the popular narrative but I and many others don't agree. How would you prove it ? I can't recall any other Indigenous players being systematically booed. Michael Long & Nicki Winmarin both made a stand & were not booed In fact Eddie Betts & Mick O'Louglin would be 2 of the most well liked players of their era.
  23. I like to follow facts & not jump on bandwagons. Usually nobody is completely right or wrong. The truth is usually in a gray area in the middle. What is it that I said that suggests I support racism ?
  24. The point I'm making is that he's had a very privileged life both in financial terms and opportunities. Some posters seem to think its obligatory to like HL. I didn't like him at Collingwood, or at Melbourne and I don't like him now
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