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  1. Agree extremely serious stuff but only allegations at this stage. We havent heard the other side of the story. The size of the lynch mob is scary.
  2. That is speculation & a shameful slur on the Club without a scrap of evidence. You shoud hang your head.
  3. You complain about Bolt using selective facts then you go & do exactly the same thing. Colonisation has been happening from the time of the first modern humans. The Romans did it to the Britons. The Chinese did it to the Tibetans & Putin is still trying it.
  4. My father & my father in law were both taken from their birth mothers (1920's & 1930's) one to an orphanage & one to foster parents. Both had crappy experiences which scarred them deeply. Seems if this happened to anglo kids its just standard operation but if you are Indigenous then you are part of a stolen generation - I don't see the difference.
  5. You will get into trouble with some groups who claim copyright on the word genocide
  6. Or the usual suspects who take every opportunity to show they are morally superior & smarter than everyone else.
  7. He tries hard & maybe has shown steady improvement but he can't mark, kick or handball which may hamper his development somewhat.
  8. Those suggesting drafting Bell are either totally clueless or have never seen him play.
  9. Lets keep things in perspective. She inherited the job, had bucketloads of money she never worked for & lived a privileged life of luxury most of us can only dream of.
  10. Of the top 8 sides our fwd set up is probably the worst. Our plan continues to be bomb it long & preferably to the pockets. Every other team manages to kick low to space. So who to blame ?
  11. Got that one badly wrong - was hoping we would recruit him at the time. Has had a poor year.
  12. Write off Geelong at your peril. Scott is no fool. We humiliated them last year & they have clearly improved. Close & Stengle have added pace & the dont just rely on Sellwood & Dangerfield any more. We can beat them but they will be tough.
  13. Toby has a habit of snatching at the ball & spending it before he has control.
  14. Not convinced about Toby. Quick, but just doesn't get enough of the ball.
  15. Spot on. He cant play more than 3 or 4 consecutive games. This has happened every year for 6 years or so. A list clogger - move him on.
  16. Hird ??? Double standards here. Seems some people break the rules pay the penalty & its all ok Others break the rules, pay the penalty & then have to keep paying. I suppose you decide who gets to be forgiven & who doesn't.
  17. Anger management - why I'm the most even tempered poster on Demonland. On re reading Paulos comment I do concede that I was wrong and he was not suggesting Howes be promoted.
  18. To suggest Howes be promoted & play fwd shows shows the poster clearly doesn't know what he's talking about.
  19. Silly comment of the week award. Another Demonlander creaming his pants over Howes who hasn't actually done anything yet.
  20. Hopefully it finishes Zorkos career - what a despicable grub. He was sniping & provoking all night after he realised he couldn't get a kick. Well done Dees to keep their eye on the ball.
  21. Zorko captain & Hird back as coach. Sam Fisher skills coach.
  22. I'm really talking about Demonland & the Media. A lot of outrage, a lame scripted apology & its over. Maybe have a beer & chill out you still sound outraged.
  23. Don't hold your breath. The AFL did SFA about the Cripps farce & they will do nothing about this.
  24. Every year sime Demonlanders are creaming their daks for a recruit that hasn't actually done anything. It used to be Rosman now its Howes. Might be an idea to wait until he's actually played some decent footy.
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