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  1. Last year when he was the number one forward, and Jackson was two, his marking was border-line elite. As soon as Jackson was injured and Tmac came back in his marking fell away. I genuinely feel like he defers to the senior player and doesn't attack marking contests with as much authority when he doesn't feel like he's the main target. So in short my theory is it is all confidence/self belief, combined with a bit of structural tinkering to separate our key forwards in marking contests.
  2. Can see Fritsch missing this week and Weideman coming in. They are not dissimilar in style and Fritta looked like he was unwell or carrying an injury on Saturday night.
  3. Guaranteed to upset some, but I rate Mark Howard on Fox. He resists the urge to over commentate, keeping his involvement to the minimum. He also lets the expert commentators give opinion and focusses on play by play calling.
  4. Slightly unrelated, but how good is it that we don't need to rush our most recent draft picks. I understand Laurie is out of action at the moment, but it is a real luxury to let these young kids develop fully before coming into the seniors, especially after they played very little footy last year. In recent years I feel we've brought a lot of draftees in too soon compromising their growth. Also, hopefully given they will have had to fully earn a call up they will end valuing the opportunity even more when it comes.
  5. I don't mind the idea of Max spending time forward to preserve his body during a long season. But I see Max and Jackson working in tandem throughout the year, with the club picking and choosing games where Jackson spends longer periods rucking, with Max resting forward. Potentially against teams like the Bulldogs who have younger or undersized ruckmen. This dynamic would change once Brown and Weideman return (which I feel will be closer to the middle of season than the beginning). I see Daw as a back up swingman option if any more big men go down.
  6. I hate foot injuries. At least its a ligament issue, not bone damage.
  7. Winning is clearly the only option tonight and any other result should see massive changes to our coaching staff and footy department in general. Having said that there are a few things I wan to see. With the number of coaching and support staff on our books I hope they are working on these or similar things. I want to see Kossie use his obvious talents to get the basics right. None of the of the hollywood tap on's or trying to make too much out of nothing. Just use his pace to hunt, tackle and harass the Dockers defence. Then use his speed to balnance himself before kicking at goal or d
  8. So these two got caught because they got in a fight. How many other AFL players have been out and about enjoying the Gold Coast nightlife without being found out. I'd say plenty. They really don't get it, and are making NRL players look like rocket scientists this year.
  9. This situation needs another year. May was good when available, Hogan had pre-season issues and his feet have to be a major concern. I watched King several times (including his best game v Carlton) and can't say I was blown away. Don't get me wrong, he might be the A grader some are predicting, but I would say the jury is still out. He only averaged 7 possesions a game and just over a goal, I know he is developing, but there's not much there to get excited about.
  10. The word i have heard is that Goodwin doesn't rate Frost as highly as some on here, and feels his trade value will never by higher. Same source called the Watts and Hogan trades mid season. Doesn't mean he will be traded, but if the deal is right they won't hesitate on moving him on.
  11. I have been thinking this as well. Also it needs to take into account how deep into our list we were looking to select a team each week. it was amazing we were even competitive when ANB, Wagners x 2, Stretch, JKH, Dunkley, Spargo and Chandler were making up over a quarter of our team over the second half of the season. At best we could carry two of this type of player but six or seven every week was just too many. The number of times their lack of skill, decision making, strength and experience stopped momentum was massive. And it is not necessarily a knock on these individuals, its
  12. Just had a look back through the weekly injury reports. Stephen May Round 4: 2 - 3 weeks Round 5: 2 - 4 weeks Round 6: 4 weeks Now I understand the human body is unbelievably complicated, but how does a players recovery go so dramatically backwards when he is supposedly benefiting from being in an elite sporting environment. I guess the alternative question is why put an estimated return date on players when the club clearly has no real idea.
  13. I feel as though this draft might be of extra importance for Taylor and his team. Given the numbers he was picking at they have had to get creative and look far and wide. My take on things, given the state of our list going into to the draft, is if one of the players picked becomes a regular contributor that's a pass, two or three would be a win.
  14. I very much believe we are one of the best three or four teams in the comp. But we can’t win these important games even when we are clearly the better team. The question is why? Poor coaching? Lack of infield leaders? Inexperience? Or have we been so bad for so long we have forgotten how to win a big game?
  15. I know this dangerous and lopsided after a seriously disappointing loss. But i’d be interested to hear people’s thoughts. Which individuals on our developing list have improved this year? Other than those who were injured last year and our recruits. I’m struggling to come up with more than three and they all came off a very low base. ANB, OMac and Harmes.
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