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  1. With Daw a likely starter at the Dees we can use him in tandem with Jackson freeing Max to play a forward role. The captain would be a target who'd require a lot of attention from oppo key backs and provide chances for our smaller players. We can do without him at the centre bounce in particular.
  2. It would be beneficial to the Club if the marketing department read about the concerns expressed by members on Demonland.
  3. ANB. Many love to hate him but I believe he has still more to offer : he has smarts and, above all else HE KICKS GOALS. (see Bring Back Powell, above). Bust a gut style footy is all very well but in my view Viney is so fully extended all the time that he has nothing left for the time and space to deliver the ball well. I wouldn't play him at al- sorry Demons fans, but it had to be said. I'm not dropping Clarrie but ditto last few seasons for him - plenty of ball getting but no composure at the disposal end of the process. And he can kick beautifully. Harmes should be
  4. I'll miss OMac. Vanders doesn't do much. Jacko's mo is too much, man.
  5. I agree about calendars being out of date., 😏. Years ago I asked the marketers at the MFC to stop sending me scarves (you know the ones, the ones pictured flowing out of a dumpster one year). I suggested they send out just the year every season as a patch to add to one of the 30 odd scarves I already have. This would be a far more attractive scarf with a line of years on it rather than trying to come up with a new design each and every year. LESS WASTEFUL TOO. But they were having none of that. As a supporter - you know, the person who pays towards keeping the machinery operating -
  6. The suggestion of playing TM off the wing and changing with Tomlinson at CHB is possible. How would he go with a run in at the centre bounce and as an onballer?
  7. Do we want him? (I'd still rather have Charlie Dixon.) We need another presence up forward and with it we can progress to the next stage. Luke Jackson might be the go but I believe in power forwards.
  8. I agree wholeheartedly with Max Bob and the others who have praised the work done by you, Deespicable. As an analyst you could be on the coaching team. In fact they are probably basing their decisions largely on what you have laid down. Well researched and a thorough knowledge of players and their standings. Far more than most of us D'lander desperates, thank you for your input. From me - Very well done, you.
  9. Can't see any value in selecting Vanders Unfortunately Nev looks shot. Harmes and Lockhart in. I consider Fritter a one trick pony . One who is unreliable in front of goal. So, Harmes for Fritter.
  10. Joel Smith. He polarises opinion on D'land and I'm not a fan but he kept the Swans biggest threat and best forward goal less yesterday. So, credit where it's due.
  11. It's just so sad to watch Jonesy out there. He's just no longer up to it. Give the guy a break and "manage" him out of the side. Please.
  12. Like a few of us I'm over Smith but if he plays, ruck him and rest Maxie.. I'd be "managing" Jones (bring Lockhart back if fit).
  13. I agree that Tommy is on very thin ice and that Fritsch is a poor kick on goal but the rest of what you say I can't agree with. Milkshake I'd certainly keep and ditto for the rest. Jonesy should hang them up, I agree with that.
  14. Slam them both first opportunity. Obviously. - Pies vs Jack Watts for example.
  15. Give Maxie a break? Sure. OR IF WE PLAY HIM I'd be playing him forward with Jacko in the 'ruck'. Whoever, really at this stage, because we're not getting much advantage playing to Max's dominance. Play that hack Jones in the ruck - since he's been picked in front of Rivers. !!!!! Jonesy plays like a bloody fifty year old - oh, wait - he is, isn't he? And say what you like about Alex Scapegoat-Bullen - does kick goals.
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