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  1. Salem in is huge. Melksham was a bit of a surprise, only because of his limited impact after a great first quarter and low % game time thereafter, which suggested an injury. My best guess is that he has recovered enough that selectors think we can get more than 1 good quarter. No tackles last week but 2 score assists (O’Brien only other player to have that many) sort of sums him up. Weideman stays in as B Brown NQR and M Brown as a last resort. I hope he can find some form. I’m also hoping that last week Melbourne were tapering in prep for tonight’s game, and that Burgess w
  2. I hadn’t noticed that stat, but Crows were +55 uncontested. Against Richmond we were a massive +80. Again, the ability to apply pressure and work to stop easy marks had been a feature of our wins, and it’s absence a feature of our loss. While I think Dogs are clear favourites based on recent form, our system up until Saturday had been the match winner, not midfield depth or key forwards. I’m quietly confident the Dees will come out like we have against other top teams and make a game of it. If we don’t get it right though, Dogs will destroy us.
  3. Looking at the stats during the game on Saturday, the Dees were going okay in most areas, but the big thing for me was Adelaide’s high disposal efficiency (75% to 70%), and the Dees high turnovers (78 to 70). Our pressure impacts opposition disposal efficiency. It wasn’t there on Sat. However, if we get it right, the Dogs will be properly tested. The Dogs started bombing long under sustained Richmond pressure and they lost composure. If pressure is high, and we don’t turn over the ball as much, I think we can win. Selection this week should be focussed on the ability to exert s
  4. This is me thinking about the Dees at the dinner table.
  5. Last week I liked Chandler in for Melksham given we had two tall forwards with less skill at ground level than Jackson. With Brown out and Jackson back, we effectively get a tall player who is very good when the ball is on the deck. Chandler has less value. Melksham’s marking ability comes back into play with Brown out and Jackson not being a stay at home forward. I also didn’t think Melksham’s form was terrible before he was dropped. Chandler was far worse. Sparrow is showing promise, but isn’t a forward. That’s about the only way I can see Melk back in. Brown h
  6. I’m hoping that Melk being dropped might quieten those who seem convinced Goodwin favours his selection. TBH - I’ve defended the selection of Melksham but mainly in terms of not being our worst and that Goody is not Gody at selection. I neither love or hate him. What it does suggest to me is that one of his attributes - being an occasional marking target in F50 - is not needed with Weid in the team. Dees more than ever need genuine crumbers at the feet of BB and SW, which Chandler will provide. I like this decision as one of the concerns with Jackson out is we lose a tall who is
  7. I don’t see a change this week unless someone has an injury that’s not on our official list. Watched the replay and Brayshaw was impressive in the first half, so I can forgive his very poor last quarter and hope that he can learn from his mistakes. People are still calling for Melksham to be dropped, but it won’t be for another tall like Weid. Regardless of any statistical similarities, they play completely different roles. Our team defence, and rebounding attack, relies on hard running and ability to create. Melksham plays this role, and he was clean on Saturday compared to many oth
  8. Just looking through responses it makes sense that special comments have value for televised commentary as ex-players can notice and explain what is happening in a (generally) interesting way. Even if their ego is off the charts (e.g Dermie), they actually do have insight into the game. I listen to and generally enjoy abc radio, but they have to describe what we can’t see. On the television, I guess it shows that there is a real art to calling the game while respecting the intelligence of the viewer. FWIW, Tim Lane and Denniss Commetti developed this skill, and others like
  9. HM: ‘to put into context, it’s been so long since the Demons went 8-0 to start a season, Whinston Churchill, Michael Jackson and Courtney Love something, something, not born yet, not even dead.’ LD: ‘Even the way Kozi Pickett runs to the interchange bench, extraordinary’ HM: ‘player with ball has played football, XX games, born at Mercy hospital, mum was an elite netballer’ LD: ‘my powder blue jacket really brings out my eyes, impressive stuff’ HM: ‘I’m a grammarian, Et Tu Lingus?’ CL ‘Melbourne are good, but not as good as the team I led to 3 premierships.’ MR: ‘
  10. Our defence is so solid - never been so confident in our ability to shut out a game, and Swans goals required some creativity or above average finishing. If teams bomb it into our backline they won’t win. Clayton O has always been special but tonight was amazing, breaking tackles like Judd at his peak. Not sure what’s up with Brayshaw, this week and last he’s panicking or not clean. He’s getting in the right spots but it’s not working for him. Really happy to see Harmes back to his best and thankfully not kicking too much. His running and grunt was awesome. Sydney so impres
  11. Fritsch back in the mix has changed my view to bring Weid back in automatically. I also thought Tmac could go back but watching Goodwins post match he very quickly raised Petty’s name (also noted Tmac’s good form). I thought Petty might also be injured but no mention on the injury list. The selectors chose to stick with Tmac and Fritsch against the Tigers. They have since brought in Brown. Do they want to continue changing the formula? If they want to tinker at the margins, then Petty comes in for Tomlinson and Tmac returns forward, with Weid out of the Team. Brayshaw wing an
  12. Watching the second half against North I think Tmac deserves a shot in the backline. His kicking will never be perfect, but it has improved, particularly low hard passes. I like Petty, but physically, they are worlds apart. Tmac has a huge engine and is in great nick. Petty has been struggling with injury for pretty much two years and still doesn’t look 100%. I think give Petty more time in the twos until fully fit, or if Tmac is terrible. Fritsch out and Tmac in defense makes room for Weideman. With BBB and Weid replacing Fritsch and Tmac, we lose mobility, but I was impressed with BBB’s
  13. Just thinking on Gawn today - he was physically worked over by the Tigers and Nankervis in particular last week. It’s always a bit surprising when he has a quiet day, but probably always a reason. What an effing treat it is to have a second year ruck be able to step up and take charge of the game. I’ve been happy with Taylor, but those three picks have put him in the top echelon of recruiters.
  14. So far this season we’ve had a charmed run with injury / charmed run that our injured players haven’t impacted our performance. Today feels like we are no longer charmed, and on level pegging with the rest of the comp on the injury front. It’s amazing how quickly things can change and I’m actually really happy that we managed to show some ticker and get over the line in the second half. That would not have happened in seasons past. This is a reality check and in a way, a fantastic reminder to the group that there isn’t a team in the comp that we can relax against. Thankfull
  15. I had Melksham out first, just ahead of Jones, and only based on last week. However, on the season, Melksham has more runs on the board. On overall ability, as a forward: - melk is a very good mark on the lead and strong hands. Jonesy struggles with overhead / lead marking - melk is one of the better kicks to a leading player in the comp - Jones is okay if not under pressure, but I’m sure if you asked the forwards who they prefer it would be a unanimous vote. - melk is a proven goal kicker with many small bags to his name. Jones just doesn’t have natural goal sense
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