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  1. I am not sure but if you have a aflw membership then you get in for free. If you are a normal member ( mens home amd away ) I don't think your covered. I could be getting this all ballsed up though.
  2. I can't remember where I read that season 3 was the last. I was under that impression but just doing some " research " have found they may be filming again in 2021. Shall see what happens.
  3. Yes a brilliant show but unfortunatky there won't be a 4th season. Another good german show is dogs of berlin. Set iin modern times and quite powerful. I hope there will be second season.
  4. We lost because of our batting. A good opening pair is the mainstay of a good side. We did not have one. There are 2 elder players I would be dropping and that is Warner and Starc. I would be looking to replace lyon as well. There is nothing wrong with Zampa not sure about Swepson though. The 4 batsmen I would keep are Pucovski, Labu, The unit and Green. I would dare to open with Pucovski and Harris.
  5. Well the top order have failed again. We badly need a couple of openers who can see out the 1st 20+ overs of a test match.
  6. In other words Hawthorn have sent him there to make out they are doing something about it.
  7. I have found Trumps behaviour since the election to be disgraceful. He has done more damage to the republicans in a couple of months than imaginable. And yes I am a conservative.
  8. Had a look and he is a pom ????
  9. Well Paton seems to fit a fair amount of people statstically with his sexting. A university of Sydney showed the follwing data in regards to sexting. Have you ever sent a sexual message: 13 to 15 year olds 38%. 16 to 18 50% and adults 19 and over 59%. Have you ever recieved a sexual message: 13 to 15 year olds 62%. 16 to 18 70% and adults 68%. I wonder how many of them do it on a regular basis like Patton has. He is a sports person and should know better but it seems to be a common habit amongst people. I would rather look at different cans of beer than get involved with this sh
  10. The weed, Lockhart, Rivers, Jackson and Baker.
  11. Skills 101 of AFL game plans. Kick a higher score than the opposition.
  12. 100% correct.It just stuns me with the borders. It is a virus and there will be a vaccine in march. if WA wants to play hardball then sit out eagles and dockers for the season. mcgowan can get stuffed.
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