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  1. Got to sleep at 3 and woke up at about 9 only to find my MFCSS had reared it's ugly head and was pulsating through my body. I am now trying to relax.
  2. I am choosing to ignore everything ( except demonland ) until tmmrw arvo.
  3. Yes the only question is the medi sub. I think it will be jordan but I would prefer Hunt. More speed and can play forward or even as a wingman. Mind you Jordan has not done anything wrong.
  4. I really don't care as long as it is not that swill in the swine Nichols.
  5. I do not understand why people speak of trading Brayshaw. He is one of our best players and is better than Cerra.
  6. Thanks Nathan. You have been one of the most important players at the club ever. You never jumped ship and that means alot.
  7. Well I am going to try to exist for the day. I think that will be hard enough.
  8. Pressure. That is all that matters in this game.
  9. I have severly overestimated Port. I thaught they were tougher than this but are completely peezweak. This is a real choke. 2 best sides to play in grand final.
  10. Midfield of dogs is so on top. Ridiculous really. Port look like they have a choke again but it is only quarter time and I am not writing them off yet.
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