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  1. May out and Petty in. That is probably all that will change. I would however drop Jetta and bring in Hibberd. I would drop Melksham but that won't happen and we know why. I would like to see Ben Brown come in for Melksham as hawthorn will be an easier run in than Richmond.
  2. 6. Lever 5. Langdon 4. Petracca 3. Fitsch 2. Gawn 1. Oliver
  3. Happy it is 4 - 0 lets make it 5 - 0 next week.Langdon and Lever are 2 of the best pick ups we have made in a while. May as well. Shame he is injured. I absolutely hate girlong so my beer is tasting all that much better this evening.
  4. Hard to tell what will happen today. I still have no faith in our forward line and they have a reasonable defence. Selwood will be awarded 20 plus head high tackles which will send me into oblivion.
  5. Well at least he is not Norm Smith. Lets take a different view of it maybe it is a good thing ?
  6. Melksham in and Sparrow out. Just ridiculous.🤬
  7. Disappointing to lose but I am very proud of our girls who have given their all. I hope Daisy plays on next year.
  8. Around the ground we have been the better side but there is no structure in the forward line. Just keep trying girls.
  9. Have to operate better in forward zone. They are cutting it off at will. Great effort by Mcnamara. Hope she will be okay. Tyla Hanks has been fantastic.
  10. Might head down for 3 quarters then back home for the girls game. Make my mind up in the next 1/2 hour.
  11. I would have liked to see Daisy in the side. Even if on the bench and playing small game time. She is invaluable. Anyway girls do your best as you always do and see if can get Daisy up for next weeks Granny.
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