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Discussion on recent allegations about the use of illicit drugs in football is forbidden


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  1. Move on people move on. Lets hope that was our worst performance of the year.
  2. Be brave and bet on the eagles.
  3. I don't like Thursday MFCSS symptons. Neales 250th game has me worried.
  4. Good luck to the young fella. At my age my MFCSS is completely incurable.
  5. Who was the goal umpire at the geelong end in the 2nd quarter who said it was a goal but please check to the main umpire. What a disgrace.
  6. I get the smell of Elliots paper bags.
  7. So where was the great Essendon edge. It was more like watching thomas the tank engine having tea and scones with emily.
  8. Yep, Brown in for Pickett and woey a full game with Billings the sub.
  9. Brisbane will be happy. Nothing in it but he will get a week.
  10. Two wins in a row interstate is a job well done. Take the 8 points and come home fellas. The umpires stank.
  11. Where is our assistance. We went out in strait sets for 2 finals series in a row. No other team has achieved that. So where is our assistance.
  12. MFCSS brissy port sydney carlton girlong GWS saints filth
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