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  1. I wouldn't denigrate the VFL to that extent.
  2. You can get more drunk after a Friday loss.
  3. Out Weed In Viney Smaller forward line.
  4. I thaught this might happen. They are not switched on at all.
  5. Well done Neale. Dixons wife taught me at school. Congrats Peta Credlin.
  6. Am I the only one who has a gut wrenching feeling about today. I hate the filth. but the MFCSS has me bad this morning.
  7. Good game but a little bit open style of play. The cokers are a different set of numbers at home.
  8. I will repeat myself. I will be disgusted if Yze goes to the filth.
  9. I will bee disgusted if Yze goes to the filth.
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