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  1. If we lose to Brissy then we will play either carlton or the dogs. I would rather the dogs so lets just ensure we win and get double chance.
  2. We have lost all the games until tonite where we have been in it in the last quarter. Finally we nailed one so lets hope that they can get a lift in confidence.
  3. Brisbane are ordinary and St Kilda shouldn't even be mentioned.
  4. I just wonder why would we re-sign Melksham. ????????
  5. Glad to see they have found some of Elliotts brown paper bags.
  6. I said last sunday he would get off and I am right. The AFL has been throwing red herrings at us in some make believe that they wanted Cripps rubbed out and drew it out accordingly so the gullible would believe it. Never mind lets just prattle those pretentious Carlton bustards into the earth on Saturday and refuse to relieve ourselves into their ears when their brains catch fire.
  7. Hatred is a normal part of human emotions. If you drop your vegemite toast onto the floor in the morning you can always blame a collingwood supporter.
  8. I would almost rather play the swans at the scg than at home. As for the lions they have failed many times on their home patch in September.
  9. We are struggling to play out 4 quarters of footy. Mental fatigue.
  10. So will that extra 5000 bucks cost them from recruiting another GWS player at the end of the season.
  11. Don't get me started on my hatred of the filth. Twice I have nearly had an altercation with filth supporters. Once at Victoria park and another at the MCG. On both occasions they had won. When I was younger ( teens) I had a couple of filth supporting friends who had reserved seats in the stand behind the goals at Filth Park. Twice they got me to go with them using another friends card who wasn't going. Why I let it happen twice i will never understand but it was a lesson in life. They were playing South Melbourne and I could clearly see the players entrance at half time where the filth supporters were spitting at the south coach. All fun and games at filth park. I questioned my mates about after the match and they thaught it was just ordinary behaviour. I also think there is a generational gap in the hatred of the filth. Those of us that are over 50 to 55 years of age seem to have a more inbuilt disgust at the filth. Probably a stem from the rivalry of the 50s and 60s which war drummed into us.
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