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  1. Don't like either but this Cameron business has me frothing. I hope richmond [censored] all over geelong.
  2. Rich and Geelong next week. Which tird will rise to the top.
  3. I thaught Fitzroy came back into the game about 1/2 way through that quarter. They keep this up they will win.
  4. I just realised at the final siren how jealous I am. Why can't we be playing in a bloody grand final.
  5. At least it is close. Be nice to see a draw and then port lose by a point on the final siren. I can then watch all those interstate filth supporters whinge.😄
  6. I must be one out the blue here. I hope Richmond win.
  7. Richmond and lions. Port are the interstate filth so they can go and ....................
  8. Dreadful news. It does happen a lot though.😢
  9. Get rid of the suns and gws. From Vic North and the saints can go. Hawthorn down to tassie. Carlton can merge with Essendon. The filth can merge with Richmond. That will keep people happy.
  10. They make too many rule changes as it is so if they are hell bent on this rule then trial it at VFL for a whole year and see how it goes.
  11. Is ther enough time for the turf to do its 2 week isolation before being released onto the great soil of the gabba.
  12. They can have Curnow, He can replace Daniher on their injury list.
  13. Really liked Jetta as a player. I do find this whole collingwood situation to be almost unbelievable. They have a good defence and Jetta is 31 years old and yes he is past it. Doesn't make sense.
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