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  1. Gold coast a little unlucky. Rankine full of himself.
  2. Don't play Gawn. Get him free of injuries, Jackson and TMAC can cope for another game. Grundy out of form.
  3. We should beat the filth easily. However we are talking Melbourne.😟
  4. Lets be real about this game. It is atrocious.
  5. Are the women playing vfl this winter. For some reason I don't think so. Hope the club knows what it is doing because the draft could be russian roulette.
  6. I watched some of the filth and Sydney game and the filth were dreadful. Too many injuries and now they are resting Moore. If Adelaide are going to win 1 game tonite might be a chance as poor as they are.
  7. You need 4 midfielders. Oliver, Brayshaw, Viney and TRAC. One on the bench or at worst rotate Viney and TRAC down forward. There will come the ugly time of injuries as well.
  8. Stuff St.Kilda. Inconsistent at best. Hope Freo beat the hawks.
  9. We should win the next 2. The filth are decimated with injuries. Dogs be more of a challenge.
  10. Out. Jones, Tomlinson and Harmes. In. Lockhart, Bennell and Smith. Rest Gawn and Viney for one more week so they are ready to go against the dogs. TMAC needs another run and then Javkson may need a rest the following week. The filth side is badly depleted so we should take care of them. Problem is it is at the Gabba.
  11. We have just beaten 2 very poor sides with North having a lot of injuries. We play a depleted filth next and should win that but I will start to take notice if we can beat the dogs. North were crap so I can't take anything from that victory except weeds 1st half and Brayshaw who must play in the middle.
  12. Exactly and I thaught that is why they put Spargo in the side.
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