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  1. I was convinced we would be playing Geelong in Geelong in rd 1 but I suppose it will be the last game of the year just so we can whinge about it all season.
  2. I am with Katrina on this. Paxman has bled red and blue and I just can't see her in a foreign jumper.
  3. I picked the Germans at the start but getting on to something more relevant I would love to beat Argentina just to see those twits in Buenos Aires rioting.
  4. Well I hope they are on a high after yesterdays result.
  5. The umpires have been a disgrace. We held the ball in well in the 2nd quarter and if can continue to do that a big chance even with those umpires. Only twice in that quarter did the bears run it clear.
  6. Agree. But also playing a Grand Final in Ash Bartys backyard I think also shows a bias.
  7. Allahu akbar Argentina.
  8. Great win girls. The game was not going our way yet they hung in and then went pounce. Good sides do that. And I just want to tip my hat to Shelley Heath. Can't think of anyone better to have in the trenches.
  9. The fact the game is being played in Ipswich beggars belief. A maximum crowd of 8000 bogans beggars belief but they will only get about a thousand.
  10. Wake up. Stop dreaming.
  11. Would not surprise me. Melbourne will be dehydrated by half time so it is not surprising the bears have nominated a sweat box to play on.
  12. We have played there. On a couple of occasions. I remember we beat the filth there one year.
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