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  1. It's been done six times in the last 23 years. It's almost negligent not to do it.
  2. Should the club make a bulk order of the jumpers - get us through three or four seasons perhaps?
  3. By my count, this is eight in a row for Deez senior teams.
  4. Reading through some of the names from the 70's, 80's and 90's, I'm reminded of how Jack Dyer pronounced some of these names. Rigoni = 'Rigomee' Elshaug = 'El-shug' I'm sure Jack would have had a field day with ANB.
  5. A late bid for thread of the year Deespicable. Brilliant stuff this . . . and you know your Demon history. A delightful read. Thank you.
  6. The same year Mason Cox looked like he was going to cut the competition to pieces. WTF happened to these guys I wonder?
  7. Just off the top of my head . . . Serge/SoS/Jack, Peter and Darcy Moore.
  8. [censored] hell . . . who's going to beat Casey?
  9. This is great news. I am feeling quite concerned that I haven't watched a replay for . . . . . let's see . . . . a whole [censored] week!!!
  10. This. Could someone please define in specific terms what is meant by a midfielder? This term is thrown around meaninglessly by morons in the media (no one on 'Land of course) and I really have no idea WTF is actually being talked about. For example, do we consider Langdon a midfielder because he runs up and down the ground all day (and in September, most of the night) but rarely starts in the square? And what about ANB who occasionally starts in the square, but often covers more territory than 14 other blokes in the team? And if Kossie starts in the square a couple of times in a game to shake things up, is he considered a midfielder?
  11. The biggest problem will be the lack of intellectual capacity down at Sardinia Park to get to grips with a phenomena known as reality.
  12. My guess is that after the PF the Dogs put a heap of work into how to curb the influence of Gawn, and basically forgot about Jackson. Well, suffice it to say that they probably learnt their lesson. Max Gawn is really good at getting absolutely pumped by sh*t rucks. It feels like Draper is still a season away from putting it all together - before he could start to challenge the likes of Gawn (which I think he can do). There is no denying that if Melbourne lose any one of Gawn, Oliver & Petracca for an extended period and they will likely drop out of the 8. Outside of Gawn which top 8 side has a genuinely good ruckman? Max Gawn - Hawthorn players love playing kick-to-kick with the giant sasquatch. Gawn won the coaches votes award in 2018. No ruckman has been recognised as the best player in the league on a general public consensus, Jackson has potential to be not just the best ruckman but the best player. Obviously you'd love either he or Oliver but for me Petracca gives your team the X Factor and the hard work ethic as well. The way he is now I think he'd stand out in any team but having Gawn as well is what really allows them to find that extra gear when they're under the pump. It is worth pondering what Bont could do if roving to Gawn or NicNat. As Gawn just keeps getting better and better, we need to find our answer in the ruck instead of hoping ours can at least compete if he has his best ever game. He (Luke Nankervis) has Max Gawn vibes, even looks a bit like him. Gawn would have to get at least one more AA and captain another flag then I'd probably have him over Cox. I don't think I've seen a ruckman do what Gawn did in the preliminary final before. Gawn is their lynch pin. Jackson had a good GF, no question, but he's a 21yo, undersized ruck (198cm?) - as talented as he is. One injury to Gawn and the Dees are barely a top 8 side. Greg Stafford wasn't exactly Polly Farmer and he turned Max Gawn into the best ruck in the league.
  13. Pretty ordinary effort by the Tracktor I thought. Lots for him to work on in the next 102 dayz. I'd have him in my best 22 at this stage for the first round in 2022, but he wouldn't want to get complacent.
  14. Does any one else experience the following . . . ??? You come to this thread on the weekend wondering what page number you were up to the last time you checked it out. You're pretty sure you've read every page and you don't wanna miss anyone's posts. So you cycle back 10 pages just to make sure you haven't missed anything? Takes up about two hours of your time. But you don 't care . . . cos the Deez won a phuuuukkkkking premiership 74 dayz ago.
  15. I love the fact they haven't won a final in 16 years . . . let the trend continue I say.
  16. Phukkkkk . . . bit rich coming from the mob the invented the 'virtual throw'.
  17. Phukkkk . . . that could be a lot worse than the 2021 massacre. Let's avenge the 186 in a granny. Love it.
  18. Thanks Mister Fence (bit more detail next time . . . hehehehe). [And what a great song Warm Ride is. An all time fave of mine. Must be a Glen Iris thing.]
  19. I prank fellow Deez in Canberra. I rush up to them with an intense look on my face . . . "Have you heard the news?" "No what?" (They are thinking it's got something to do with lockdown, COVID outbreak, etc.) "Shoot, so you haven't been told?" "No what? What's happened?" "I better tell you then . . . the Deez won a premiership 72 dayz ago". Both parties pizz ourselves laughing and relive the game for half an hour.
  20. Essenscum just posted a COVID-19 profit of $8M. Haven't won a final in 18 years. Carlton just posted a COVID-19 profit of $20M. Haven't won a final in 8 years. Norf are debt free and haven't won a final in six years. It's not that difficult.
  21. No chance they'll be done by then. They're done now.
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