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  1. Turning up to the Bluey with @WalkingCivilWarwould be like Charles rolling up to the Opera House with Dianna - Charles who?
  2. Scott's record at Norf is superb by any standards. Very easy to see him turning this ratbag joint around. Would much have preferred them to appoint Herd.
  3. I'd be surprised if he's not working more hours a year than you TLE.
  4. I know someone who's been intimately involved with Josh J. Kennedy. The Deez would be wise to consider him now or in the future.
  5. Massive downgrade with Lobster, no matter how many first rounders they get in the deal.
  6. Come on Rubbish Binny - get with the program. You need to load up on this story Bro.
  7. The ol' special and different trope. What a lot of cr*p. This attitude, at least in part, is the root cause of the problem.
  8. I'm os grateful @WalkingCivilWar si so involved with owr banner making @forever demons. Imagine the branes that would explode on 'Land fi this was ot ever happen to su.
  9. That Norm Smith bloke was pretty average.
  10. Probably would have been a fair player at that level too.
  11. I ate a pie, after which I settled down with a Four n Twenty.
  12. You share a bed with a Jeelong person???
  13. Somebody is bound to be considering coaching the Peptides, Norf, running the AFL and flying to Thailand and bail Jordy. Barge poles could be just what gets them over the line. Recon they could be the next big thing OD. You in?
  14. When I read the thread name on the main board, it sort of sounds like the beginning of a little Johnny joke.
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