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  1. I agree with all of these Spirit. Could be win wins for player and club. Preuss for another ruckman unless Bradke is ready to step up.
  2. Well, I am when the time between matches is a week. Anything meaningful to add.
  3. I am sticking with the old one week or 5 days at a time. If we can beat the Pies I see us getting on a roll.
  4. Never underestimate the impact of footy intelligent players, we have added Pickett, Bennell, Jacko, Weid in the mix recently and the ball is moving forward to space. Rivers and Sparrow buy into that style and we have six newish players to create a better version of see player, pass ball tactic.
  5. Universities in the 40s, 50s. Only one then Mick. Melbourne University.
  6. Mitchell knows how to teach. Mix of humour, questions and control.
  7. Interested take on Barlett from a former player and coach. I got canned for the same observation recently.
  8. Wise heads please We know from experience Viney will say he is ready to play. Max too will want to be out there. Burgess final say please.
  9. Agree entirely on Bennell. Let him get a block of games, he is the least of our worries and if we do make finals you want him there. If we dont make the finals he will be in the staters block for next year.
  10. Job done. Opposition neither sharked Maxs hit outs or pressued our ball carriers. That heat will be back on soon....
  11. Brayshaw is one of those big bodied kids that always got to play on ball as a kid. His size, fitness and drive allowed him to get plenty of kicks as a junior. I am always suspicious of the kids that have a golden run on the ball as juniors. Its no good trying to learn to kick or handball properly once you hit the big time. He cannot or does not want to play anywhere but in the middle.
  12. Forget the score, forget the stats sheet, I would not even look at the stats if I was Goodwin. Go with you footy gut instinst on team and individual performance. Stats tell little of assistance for our midfield. Looking for a win, dont care how by how much, with a composed team game and individual improvement in skills and ball movement. This should be a game to build a solid block of form from. Get the four points. And then move on.
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