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  1. Luke Jackson is easily in our best 22. Likely half a season off being in out best dozen. It is just a matter of correct development and using his flexibility to achieve team balance.
  2. May be the reason Jordan is being included training with the mids, waiting in the wings.
  3. Vineys bash and crash has disguised a selfish style, AT times.
  4. I would follow the Calton model where they have a small cafe, not sure if it licenced. It is alwaus busy with staff and visitor meetings, people coming and going from the merchandise shop, general public and supporters. Worth a look if anyone is in the Princes park precinct. I sometimes stop there, have a walk around, there is usually someone training on the oval, which is always good to watch.
  5. Yes, all good Pates, it is just that I know Vic park well and it is a wonderful community facility now. My take is it is not a feasability study to find a location. I could have sworn Barlett previously said it was down to two MCG prcinct locations. Maybe the Govt involvement is just testing the water with stakeholders to see if it could get through at community level before giving it Govt support. I also think we will need to have a very significant womens component to the plan. The issue with a social club is you need a very large area to celebrate wins or share the misery of loss, a
  6. Pates, I am afraid you are out of the loop a bit with Pies to Vic park. Vic park is a community recreation area now days. Why would the Pies go back to a place they wiswly left 20 odd years ago because it did not suit their needs. But yes, there will be push back if it is at Goschs paddock too. And what a horrible location that would be anyway.
  7. Interesting career. He has been around the block a bit. Yes for me.
  8. Mmmm. difficult one, some players are better with initiative than others. we have seen Selwood and other great captains show initiative to win games at crucial moments. I think as example, Petracca could be allowed to show initiative to drift towards goals as games are on the line. Accountable, we have a core of senior players who have no excuses bar injury or occasional poor form to not perform to a very high standard. Most other things other than a training base seem to be covered.
  9. Sounds very interesting and relevant to us when a side gets a run on or a game is at the death. All that matters then is the next bounce, thhe next contest the next shepherd, kick or goal. i know this may be of no interest to others and certainly not saying I was a good footballer, but recently I remembered a game from my youth. I had been dropped for the first time ever and the following week I was selected at fullback after failing playing forward. A lively full forward kicked two on me in the opening minutes. Somehow I held him kickless for the remainder of the game and reading your post I
  10. It mightbe horses for courses with Harmes play as run with according to opposition, overall tactics.
  11. He left Arsenal October 2018 according to his Linkdin, so gone by the time Goody went to England
  12. 12/11/2018 · Goodwin, 41, is in the final days of a three-week overseas trip which included visits to several English Premier League soccer clubs. It begins a huge year for the Melbourne coach who is expected to sign a lucrative contract extension before the 2019 season starts.
  13. Add Gawn to this list and raffle one of the other players would wrk as well. Jackson a smokey.
  14. No, lets be accurate. You said he gained degrees overseas. Now you say he studied in his own time and initiative. Again inaccurate, it was Club orgainised. I will give him credit when he improves his match day decision making and we consistently make the finals. Until then he is just another average coach getting paid very big dollars by community standards with a limited education.
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