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  1. I think if you put a group of 13 year olds in a room and talked them thrugh free agency and asked them to come up with likely outcomes they would have told you exactly what would happen re poweful clubs as destinations. I would be interested to know if MFC has any strategic thinking/plans around how and what might make them a destination Club and what might not. I would start with Goschs paddock as a negative. In honesty I cannot think of a positive other than $$$ and length of contract offered. Happy to listen.
  2. Adds to my argument that the cats did not offer Jack big dollars, just their market value.
  3. The more Clayton rubs shoulders with the elite players and clubs the more he might get to thinking, I will go flat out for success with Trac and the others in 2021. If it does not amount to anything I have the option of joining a top line power club. Now, I know what I just said is not rocket science and others will disagree but this game is now about professional success. Clayton is guaranteed enough money to set himself up, personal glory will come but with us he has little more he can do to have team success. People mock the Blues but he would add enormously to their midfield alongside Cri
  4. Wifes family mad saints supporters. Bayside people.
  5. What I would say to that is Oliver in his first years was doing what Neale does and that is putting the handball in front of the player to run on to. It should have been/be an easy coaching task to show and explain this to Clayton. He may have said, but our players are stationary, which would then mean coaching is needed down the line to players receiving Clayton handball to get into space. More than one moving part.
  6. I do not rate the Brownlow due to its midfielders bias but it does give a clue to the gulf in Olivers thinking regarding his own performances. And that may be that midfielders think they are more important than anyone else. As for that Bailey Smith getting 3 votes against us. Give me a break.
  7. As to the 200 games, looked at another way, three WA boys,, so we will see. Langdon was targeted as good players should. we were sold Tomlinson as a wingman.
  8. Well, I will be b--------. The bloke who says rumours are rubbish now brings his bat back to the crease, fixes the stumps and bails he knocked over.
  9. You may know more about workings of a club than me but if it has come to a coach not having a say in which players he wants to keep, well, god luck with your projects.
  10. All the best Rhyce. Lots more to life than being an AFL coach. Not sure why this has become a gay coming out thread.
  11. Interesting, my Hawk brother likes Fritta. He needs to become deadly though.
  12. Glad you noticed the competition has changed. Brisbane/Fitzroy have remerged and like the Gold coast players and partners have realised it is a great lifestyle, as with Geelong/Surf coast. Hub life of sunshine and beaches has added to the attraction. So there is three destination Clubs we did not have 10 years ago. AFL will continue to drive success for the Sydney Clubs. Collingwood and Richmond are the Melbourne powerhouse clubs. The rest in Melbourne fight for relevance. 10 years ago, no place to call home, now no place to call home, a coach under pressure and star player rumoured to be look
  13. No, let just keep the status quo. It has worked so well these last 56 years.
  14. 56 years in the wilderness. Not a sniff. We were no chance in 88 and 2000 Move on, take the Tassie deal, say thanks for the memories to the MCC old guard. 11 games in Tassie 11 games in Melbourne Give young supprters who follow the red and blu Demons a future.
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