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  1. My last word ever on this site. I urge anyone feeling a combination of sad, teary lethargic, unhappy, overwhelmed, a feeling of worthlessness, using excessive alcohol or drugs to go to your doctor or contact an agency like beyond blue. I very nearly ended up like Danny. I had talked to a mate about where I was mentally. He had no tools or experience to help me other than offering mateship. So i battled on for two years It took three months in a clinic, and an expert to diagnose severe clinical depression which was treated with therapy and finely tuned medication to b
  2. Friends. never heard a women refer to a friend as a mate. You talk about fox footy, the boys club as if i should be impressed.
  3. Did not know it was meant to be competition.
  4. Mates, mates, mates. Does Gary realise women get depression?
  5. Look, what is being missed here is, what if your mate intrying to do the right things says, lets have a drink and talk it through. You both walk away with a few beers under your belt feeling better. But by the morning the black dog has surfaced and your mate thinks he has solved the situation.
  6. Seek professional help without the lol. doctors do not laugh when you tell them you may have depression. They talk through your symptoms and provide care and recommend other professionals to deal with it. .
  7. And a mate tells his partner, and another mate and so it goes on. That is a choice for the individual and in spuds case i think it was the wrong move until you have some control over the disease.
  8. You are reinforcing my point, only you used a mate as a middleman. he said, get professional help, exactly what the message should be.
  9. I do not know what Danny Frawley would have thought about Gary Ego Lyon ranting to the players of both sides about looking each other in the eye before combat as if it that has anything to do with combating depression. The last thing anyone should be advising people to do when someone has depression is speak to their mates., It requires professional help and sometimes medication. I felt for Danny when it was clear he was still suffering from depression and he was on radio advising others how to cope with it. It is not that sort of disease. Seek professional help if you are feeling depressed.
  10. I see no negativity at games. This is a forum for comment. positive and negative
  11. Finally. We get to see Perts Master Plan. Win games, make finals, that should take the pressure off finding a home base and fixing a long term financial future. And why not, that is how it has been for the past 57 years and others in his position have got away with it and still got their $$$ before running.
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