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  1. Bulldogs gambled playing just on the edge and it paid off. throws for handballs, going to ground in tackles, push here and there. experience showing.
  2. Listened on radio then took my seven year old self across to the park with a bloated old footy, perfect for dropkicks, a la Tassie Johnson. It has been a long ride, we have never been dominant since. On reflection I think the sixty four team may have been old and tired. So it was more than just Norm Smith and Barassi going. The club needed renewal. Anyway, that is all history. My highlights of 57 years were the final training session at the Junction Oval before 87 and the Melbourne crowds ovation a few days later as we ran a lap before the game.
  3. Will stand corrected on block/size but pull down weatherboards in Yawla St are priced between 1.4 to 1.8 million. I am ambivelant about the sale until I hear where we invest the money.
  4. New owner got a bargain. At 2 million a block for minimum, 3/4 acre blocks of land. I walked the Bentleigh Club a few days ago. Completely run down on the outside as well as second rate inside. It had potential to make a lot more revenue than it ever did. I am against pokies but less so in affluent bayside where the punters were mostly locals with a few bob to spare. Is it a good sale. Yes/No. I think it depends on how we spend and invest the proceeds.
  5. Want me to start going through your old posts. We were no chance in 88 or 2000. stand by it Tassie deal will be a winner for whoever takes it. Why are you dragging this up now?.
  6. Mutual move on moment. Thanks Jake, you added some spark in the dark times, see ya.
  7. I am not believing some Clubs are not interested in Weideman. Lot of water to go under the bridge yet.
  8. We have a game on our hands But, how Smith was allowed to run forward with no one checking him was some of the worst coaching I have seen in a while. The previous week in an interview Smith told all the footy world that was what he was told to do. Petty to Schauche, leave the rest to our brains trust. We have the talent and desire. Port were much worse than Geelong.
  9. Brilliant display of aggressive roving, rather than the bullocking mid. Like to see his take Mullet head Smith apart in GF.
  10. So sorry to hear your story champ. Love to your kids and family. You have expressed perfectly my thoughts through some personal experience with the , talk to your mates, strategy. Although comforting and well meaning it can be a bit light the old style footy coach rev up, it gets you going for a little bit but is not sustainable. In many cases depression is a chemical inbalance, or a lack of a certain chemical, so it takes an very experienced professional, phyciatrist to spot and treat. My own description of severe clinical depression is imagine, walking down a corridor and a door closes, that door is the faces of your workmates and acquantances disappearing, you keep walking, another door, as it closes you lose the image of your extended family and good friends, and on you go until at the last door you lose an image and connection to your closest loved ones. You are all alone, no one can help you.
  11. In lose or draw tomorrow hats off to Goody. I am one who thought he would not make it. He just seemed a bit of a shell of a man last year. Nervy, twitchy, unsure of how to be himself with the media. MFC has done a great job bringing in the support he needed in Williams, Yze and co but ultimately the man at the top gets the credit or the criticism. Well done Goody.
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