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  1. cant argue that point with you mate and i can only imagine how hard it would be after so many years to make the gf and not be able to attend. with the current situation its possible to be the same next year. i was fortunate enough to attend one gf as a child and this year i am trying to take my kids as my parents did.
  2. you can look at it 2 ways: 1. you try and sell the codes to get back some money you have paid for it. 2. you donate them to sell out the stadium and cheer on the blue and red and look at the $230 as a donation to the club. also, any members allocation will go through to general public and get picked up there anyway.
  3. anyone willing to part with some codes for tickets to the gf? would be muchly appreciated cheers
  4. hey all, chasing some barcodes for the gf for a family in perth. Cheers
  5. Hi all, chasing a few codes to gf if anyone is willing to help up. Dees supporter located in perth so never bought a membership. Thanks all for your help!
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