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  1. You are the new King of Demonland intel, good Doctor
  2. I blame the pandemic on Goodwin, he had no plan P
  3. Most clubs, yes. Not when its North
  4. Where's the riddles of Grand New Flag when we need them!
  5. Are you implying it is a way of having him in the FD without being included in the FD soft cap?
  6. Agreed A F. Few, if any on here are seriously against the appointment of Greeny, but its very healthy to ask questions of his relevant experience. Only a fool would would accept him on the board without seeking clarification.
  7. Thank you for telling me what I can and can't do. The posters with inside mail (as opposed to rehashed bigfooty or fb rumours) have not posted here, and are not likely to
  8. Still not sure why Green is on the board. Does he have business accumen? Has he worked in management? What exactly does the board role of 'football' mean? Needs to be explained what skills he brings to the board outside of being an ex MFC player and assistant coach, which are FD roles Not sure being an assistant coach cuts it as experience for a board position. Or perhaps he is there to work on our forwards set shot routines at training Loved him as a player and captain, just unsure of what he brings to the board
  9. Indeed. The thread for self aggrandisement with little to hang a hat on. To be followed by back peddling or 'told you so' about the obvious in a week or two
  10. Interesting that GWS look likely to match the bid by Cats for Cameron and force a trade. They've enquired about Parfitt as part of a trade. If no player is involved, at least 2 of their three 1st rounders would surely be in the mix
  11. I fear we'd be free-falling down the ladder without him!
  12. Yes, indeed. Wouldnt be too hard to do on the sly, but it only takes one fu** up to have it come out and the AFL to be pushed to act. Look at what that lovely fellow Brock McLean did last time! I wish someone would give me one of those new brown paper bags, Uncle!
  13. Wasn't sure where do put this. The Age has an article with SOS whinging about his departure from the Blues last year and how badly it was handled. How the club recruited badly and pushed its salary cap. Could he have just hinted that they are worth being investigated? https://www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/amateur-to-be-honest-silvagni-lashes-out-at-the-blues-20201021-p5671d.html "our list wasn't in a good state and neither was our salary cap"
  14. Yes, would be just our luck However, Jaguar could 'loan' a player a lovely new car for the terms of the contract. Or Tourism NT 'gives' a family holiday during the off season to a recruit. Or a sponsor sells a block of land at a remarkably cheap price along the coast to a sister of player X
  15. Didnt a club just recently offer a new car to a player as an incentive to swap over clubs? That one is pretty obvious. Any range of sponsors or like minded companies can offer incentives outside TPP. Salary cap is for appearances only. Typical Gil. Nothing to see here!
  16. Yeh, lets give up the farm for a broken player. Glad you're not working for the club!
  17. I suspect 5kg more and he may not be running 11km per game to make as many contests, Red. If he can build a better tank, maybe
  18. Snow flake's chance in hell of us chasing him
  19. At the time, these were big names: Dylan Shiel and arguably Devon Smith. Brad Hill and Jake Carlisle And as you said, Jack Martin But it would be correct to say big names are more likely to move to successful clubs. Not always. Most players play for 1) Success, 2) Money and 3) Mateship
  20. In the last 4 years I've regularly thought we haven't seen the 'worst' 6-8 on our list improve much. I say worst becsuse anyone on an AFL list is obviously a reasonable footballer, to start with
  21. WTF? Try posting something relevant and of value, if you have the ability
  22. I'm not a fan of the Brownlow as a means of rating players, but this team run down illustrates to me that we have a number of excellent players, but the quality drops off remarkably from there. Haven't had a look, but my guess is the Richmond vote spread is less lop sided
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