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  1. Take the emotion out of it and put it into a work context- another employer will give you a promotion and more money. You'd go for an interview for sure. Doesn't mean you take the job but you can't be begrudged for looking around
  2. I rate him and have enjoyed his service, even if I've been known to call him Nathan Jones from Wish... But I assume the FD see a host if names infront or on par with him. Not dissimilar to Ellis leaving the tigers for the gold coast.
  3. I think his exit interview probably indicated that he might spend some time at Casey next year so feel free to explore options...
  4. Unfortunately with the big contracts for the stars the inevitable squeeze was always going to mean guys like Harmes and Hunt were likely to get better deals elsewhere. That's footy Unfortunately
  5. People that write off BBBB and Tmac for Petty and JVR are dreaming. JVR will hopefully play, and Petty has all the tools, but one of BBBB and Tmac will almost certainly spearhead our attack again next year.
  6. This is one where I'll have to trust the FD. I would be keeping him. If the kozzie talk is half true you'd think Bedford needs to stay. Having said that I think Chandler and a couple of others are also close to the small forward 22 slot
  7. Honest player and good clubman. Not surprised to see him get a better offer elsewhere given we have the depth to cover his role imo - probably a reasonable outcome for all
  8. I’m still getting over Chad Scott starting his speech with “I’d like to reiterate how much admiration we have for the swans, and for that matter the swans supporters who stuck around, you didn’t have to and we’ll always be appreciative of that”. Then he stayed on the podium for the team photos.....F-L-O-G
  9. Shocking and disgusting. If half of the accusations are true then they should cop worse bans than Hird and Co. Morally horrendous. Perhaps its seeing the world through red and blue glasses but our club has always employed good people and we should be proud of that
  10. Destination clubs are typically those that aren't a complete rabble and also those with lots of needs to fill and cap space. We have a quality, well rounded list. It'll be one in, one out for the next few years at trade tune. It's boring for dees fans who enjoyed a decade of the draft and trade period being the most interesting time of the year, but it's fine by me!
  11. Q to those that would have called a prelim a pass. I assume we're all on the same page RE injuries and form getting the better of us at the wrong time or the year. So why split hairs over whether we lost this week or the next?
  12. Did you see the article about your mate Jamie Bennell on the club website the other day mate?!
  13. Not a thread about tyres. Lots of doom and gloom on here but personally I think our season was far from a waste or a disgrace. Backing up from a flag to win 10 on the trott at the front end (when people were hoping we'd be drunk on bathwater) and then to finish 2nd is a very decent result. Clarry winning gongs for fun, and the AA side littered with Dees. VFL side as dominant as any that I can recall. If we had had a season like the doggies or tigers I would be carrying on like alot of the hand wringers on here. Flags don't grow on trees and you don't get a armchair ride to a dynasty just beacuse youn win one- some fair weather supporters need to realise this and get behind the boys for next year.
  14. Tmacs form and fitness next year seems vital to our chances because I can't see any trade options that could fix our tall forward issues. Wouldn't be surprised to see Petty and Joel Smith do a preseason with the forward groups, with Disco and Thommo likley able to provide enough cover on the back 6.
  15. The game was lost when we didn't kick straight imo. So many blind pings at the sticks thay went out on the full too. Didn't deserve to win but could have with a bit more polish on the execution in front of goals. Keen to see VanRoyen, Chandler, Barry and a few others get a shot next year. Hoping Salem can stay fit and recapture his best form too
  16. We limped to the end of the season in more ways than one. Still out best will be good enough for a few more seasons yet. for a better run with injury and form next year. Go dees
  17. I think we'll smash the lions and book ourselves a prelim spot. After that anything is possible. Carn boys
  18. JVR vs TMac for the Lions match. And will they pull the trigger or stick with the same structure that smashed them in the H and A?
  19. I said post match that harmes would be our only change through suspension. That didn't eventuate. I think Joel Smith, Roo or even Weid has to come in. We need more marking targets. I'd keep Milkshake in even though his game was very poor. He's had some good games, including against the lions I'd probably drop Spargo who hasn't done a great deal for a number of weeks. I'd be tempted to rest Petracca but I trust the doctors to make the right call. Going to be a long week!
  20. I'm predicting no change but wouldn't be surprised to see Harmes get a week for his late hit tbh.
  21. Honestly if Melksham and a few others hadn't had terrible games we could have won. Small moments matter in finals and we [censored] the bed in front of goals in the 2nd half. stings hut we have a 2nd chance
  22. I obviously don't watch enough footy Is, Is there another ruck in the squad aside from Gawn? Absolute Monty for 6th jacket and probably the C too
  23. Keen to hear you all discuss the Backline make up in this game, and moving forward. Salem's withdrawal didn't seem to effect us all that much, with Rivers in particular playing with some noticeable dare and dash. Is assume Salem must come back in, so there will be a finals hard luck story in the backline again this year by the looks.
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