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  1. I like hibbo in the side. Workmanlike defender. Gives us some options - Salem and Bowey provide upgrades on Hunt IMO
  2. They will have run a lot of scenarios through to decide who is the sub. Ie. If May or Spargo's injuries flare up, what happens I think JJ is the right man. Hunt is unlucky though
  3. Winning would be surreal - who would have thought I'd get to see the Dees in a prelim and GF without leaving my postcode. It feels like some sort of Truman show prank. I also have confidence that we're we'll set up for sustainable success - so win or loose I'm comfortable with the fact there has never been a better time to watch the footy as a Dees fan in my life time
  4. Legend, I'm just down the road too, but I work nowhere near 😔
  5. Not alot else to be said. Echo the comments made by others. In the USA they retire numbers worn my great players. I wouldn't have a problem with Melbourne retiring #2
  6. Spot on. I feel like we're solid across the park, with our backs and mids particularly strong. If BBBBB and Kozzy play anywhere near the level that they did last Friday we should win. They have some stars too though.
  7. Massive shout out to Dante for helping me out with some P1 codes. I was able to secure my tickets early and pass on my P2 barcodes to some big dees fans who aren't members. Generous beyond words. Thank you very much 🔴🔵
  8. Loosing my voice at Optus stadium 🔴🔵🍻
  9. Myself and 2 other priorty 2 members are hoping to go - so 3 is what we are hoping for. Would be ideal to get the tickets early and be able to relax haha!
  10. Best game I've ever attended 🔴🔵
  11. I'm a long time WA based member. Praying that my Priority 2 barcode gets me a ticket after 11am Tommorow. Would be crushed if all of the VIC based supporters have passed on their codes to casual fans and the allocation is full when Priority 2 starts 😅 Anyone know how many Priority 1 memberships would be out there?
  12. As a WA member I'm just hoping I'll get a look in at tickets to the Prelim and beyond!
  13. Absolute rock. Jake the snake!
  14. Carry is probably the best player I've ever seen in our colours. having said that Max Gawn's resume will be something else when he retires
  15. Long time, no post. LID IS OFF!
  16. Harmes in for Viney (Baker out too) Weed in, t-Mac to play at the back
  17. Long time no post. Great win - kept running when they ran out of gas. Quality sides do this and we're now a quality side!
  18. T-Mac just became our most important player IMO
  19. Im totally comfortable with every eventuality. We do a deal and it will be worth our while. We don't, and we have him in the 22 next season. After that im not overly concerned as we have depth and will get some steak knives for him when he is OOC. Hogan is a proud player so im not worried about him not putting in next season if he doesnt get traded
  20. Alright, thebposter who is Burgo can reveal themselves now!
  21. Perhaps hate is an exaggeration, but i get sick of every post match thread and every comments section on facebook calling for tyson to be dropped and/or pointing out his alleged weaknesses.
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