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  1. Not saying he doesn't have room for improvement but if he was a demon from day one people wouldn't be so cold on him atm. Ie. People will cut Sparrow slack for a down game, but don't give Billings any leeway
  2. I'd prefer to agree that form fluctuates for a multitude of reasons. Load management still unquantifiable impact imo
  3. Our Talls were a bigger let down for me. Brown, Petty, McDonald even May got Slaughtered in the air by Waterman, Darling, Barrass, McGovern etc and had no impact on the game at ground level. Those guys break even with their direct opponts, and we're in the game.
  4. Billings isn't as bad as Demonland would have you think. Sure his set shot kicking has been a real issue, but he's not the worst imo
  5. No Waterman and McGovern out early. No hysterical crowd. Apples and Oranges imo
  6. Eagles monstered us in contested marking all around the ground. That's why we didn't generate many turnovers imo. Waterman and Reid played like the second coming of Carey and Judd 2.0. We didn't play our best but please dont talk about loading Binners.
  7. Especially shocked and disgusted by the vitriol on here tonight. You'd think we just lost by 187 points. All the fair weather supporters can f%$k off. Microwave your memberships and go and support Tassie.
  8. That took me back to the bad old days of Subiaco oval. Eagles with their old brigade fit and firing and Waterman and Reid playing out of their skin aren't a bad side tbh. It's a long season. Go Dees
  9. Went to the open training today. Some observations to repay the usual track watchers. Roo was out early getting put through his paces with Selwyn, clearly getting his match loads in. Maysie also out early (before the rest of the group) but didn't look like anything else than wanting an extra few kicks. Light session as would be expected and I imagine the drills were all the usual captains run fare. Boys looked sharp. All the guns were classy and Taj Woewodin stood out to me (first time seeing him live) and Kossie and Shane Mc didn't miss anything in front of the sticks. Lots of goal kicking to close out. The team were very generous with their time after. Lots of happy kids getting autographs and selfies. All the players were great but isn't Ben Brown just the nicest bloke on the planet? Had genuine interactions with every child he spoke with. Impressive bloke, and looked in great touch too. the session was the most player interaction I've had since the old Dinner with the Dees nights back in the Dean Bailey/Chris Connoly days. Bring on the game tomorrow. Pumped
  10. This is MFCSS in match review form. We'll control the game and win by anywhere between 20 and 120 points Go dees
  11. @WalkingCivilWar do you have any inside gossip on whether they're training in WA this time around? My 5 yr old son is super hyped to see the dees so I'm keen to hear about any opportunities there might be for player interaction. How early before bounce down do the players usually warm up before heading back down the race? Cheers.
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