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  1. Question for the chaps on the pod; In our losses, the team has been good enough to lead for long periods of the game, but has lacked the killer instinct to put teams away and ultimately it's seen us loose some games that we've had control of. Do you think this issue can be helped with changes to the line-up, or is this purely a fitness and complacency issue. Do you expect any significant changes over the next 2 weeks or would you expect the FD to continue to back the same sort of personel and structures?
  2. I'd like to think we'll beat the Blues by 30 points and I feel like we've got the wood over the Lions too. Can't take any win for granted but I think we're still a chance for top 2
  3. Our form has been up and down. But if we play to our ability we can best most sides on their best days. We'll need some luck and some more consistent efforts but it's feasible. This time last year I didn't truly believe we could win it either.
  4. Watching some of the post match. Pies carried on like they won the flag. Flogs
  5. Sorry mate. That's a round peg and a square hole.
  6. I'm aligned with that for sure. I feel like in the 2nd half we engaged in a shoot out(a little like the dogs game) which is a sign we were not in control. That's got to be a factor too. I'm not devastated by these losses. I think our team is good enough and maybe loosing these sorts of games might spur them on a little.
  7. Yeah agree. But it's also possible we're just not as fit as Collingwood. Loading or otherwise
  8. 6. Gawn 5. Oliver 4. Brayshaw 3. Viney 2. Lever 1. Brown
  9. Ive been a devils advocate to the loading theory but I don't believe tonights result puts it to bed. Collingwood are playing great team footy. We lost narrowly because we didn't take our chances.
  10. ANB gets 90% of his touches with immediate pressure incoming. He chooses to take the tackle and create a stoppage. I assume this is what the coaches drill into them, because he does it everytime and is always picked
  11. Out: Melksham, Hunt In: JVR, Harmes Picket looked hampered by the knee with strapping. Rest him if needed. Chin can have a run if this is the case.
  12. That one stung. Pies made the most of their chances. Felt like a final and we came up short. Few players looking tired and sore. We don't quite have the spark we had last year but we'll be around the mark. All of the part time supporters throwing the toys out of the cot and saying they're over the team can gtfo. Buckle up. Get behind the boys.
  13. F×ck. I forgot what this feeling was like. This is excruciating. Come on dees!!!
  14. After watching the game live at Optus last week I'm confident. Our press was impenetrable, and whilst we know the pies will move the ball quickly (and be more of a challenge), having all 3 of May, Lever and Petty in the side gives me confidence we'll win the required battles more often than not. No Adams is a big out for them too. I'm also expecting 3+ goals from BBBB who will be fresh af.
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