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  1. Yeah, I just think because he has some size already people don't cut him any slack as a super young player. Will be an absolute gun I think
  2. Trent Rivers. If he stays fit he will be an absolute weapon
  3. Give the album Red a shot mate Also their 80s comeback Discipline is very good My personal favourite is Larks Tounges in Aspic, but it's not for everyone
  4. Close to the Edge if you're ok with 30 min prog epics
  5. Any love for Yes, King Crimson and Genesis WYL? On a big 70s prog kick atm
  6. I actually like that team IF fully fit. Not a bad effort by afl.com.au standards
  7. Battlegrave are very solid indeed. I buy pretty much anything that Bitter Loss put out in their label
  8. Could talk for hours about it but having breakfast with Enslaved or drinking free beers with Destruction and John Schaffer are a couple that come to mind. We were camping next to the lads from Alien Weaponry and their parents haha
  9. Waken 2018 in the VIP camp writing for Metal Obsession was a gooooooood time
  10. Here here. Also love to spin vinyl. Might crack out Warmaster, Scum, Necrotism and Battles in the North in honour of the conversation today
  11. I saw the word Enslaved and thought 'now were talking' ❄⚔
  12. Ghaal is a mad man. I thought Satyricon was also a black metal fan but turns out he liked a movie by the same name
  13. I had a post drafted about people with similar profile pics and how I subconciously merge them into the one identity. Then I realised I still have a stupid Christmas hat as my profile picture which I set around Xmas time in circa 2010ish and never bothered changing back
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