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  1. Best 22 might not be possible, 20, 21 years of age Sparrow 7 games, Chandler 1, Jordan 0, Baker 12 Handy for Jones to get his 300 or will they give the 20 year olds a go, Covid certainly cheated them
  2. I like Hore, great kick and plays small or tall but we do have some contenders
  3. Not bad, going to be interesting to see the first side chosen might see Sparrow Jordan or maybe a speedster in Bower or Laurie
  4. Hore May Lever Rivers Petty Tomlinson Langdon Oliver Baker Melksham Ben Brown Petracca Kossi Weideman Fritsch Fol. Gawn Viney Brayshaw Inter Jackson Harmes Sparrow Hunt Emer. Jordan Chandler Smith ANB Brown Jetta Vanders
  5. Well done with AFL life membership, not sure about his future career after the last 2 Seasons and with a healthy list pre season 2020 I can’t see him in the best 22, pace is a issue and seems lost from his mid in and under, has failed in set positions, fwd line position he would find it hard to play defensive, team injury’s might allow him to get to 300 games
  6. B: Lockhart - May - J Smith HB: Lever - OMac - Salem Mid: Langdon - Petracca - Tomlinson HF: Vanders - Petty - Harmes F: Weideman - TMac - Pickett Foll: Gawn - Clarry - Viney I/c: Fritsch - Brayshaw - Jetta - Melksham
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