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  1. Got his 300 so lets get on with it B&F night best time
  2. First game back, give him a go Chunk is far to slow and will be caught
  3. Vanders before Chunk
  4. Someone said Jones please no not in best at Casey hoping Salem and Sparrow out Jetta and Melksham
  5. 6 May 5 Fritsch 4 Jackson 3 Salem 2 Kozzy 1 Langdon
  6. Jones has been gifted a game for 300 worst game he has played 3 kicks 1 tackle 3 turnovers
  7. I feel we play our aged for to long to the detriment of youth, don’t be surprised if Chandler and Bedford are delisted eventually
  8. Lockhart May Lever Rivers Tomlinson Salem Brayshaw Oliver Langdon Pickett TMac ANB Fritsch Brown Spargo Gawn Petracca Viney Hunt Jordon Melksham Jackson Em: Weid Harmes Sparrow Hibberd Jetta
  9. Petracca Gawn Oliver Viney Langdon Lever
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