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  1. I was there is 1964 and I remember very little other than Gabo's run. These pictures remind me (copied from old slides). The last one is at first bounce.
  2. My daughter saw Jack Watts in the gym at Casey RACE. She didn't say who else was there
  3. No, not in my view. He seems much slimmer. As does most of them, even Pedo looks thinner.
  4. I was there from just after 9 to finish up about 10.40. Not many on lookers barely a dozen at the start. First training for me this season and the change in body shape of many is very noticeable esp. Fitzpatrick. Rehab consisted of Watts, Hogan, Vince (I think I saw him once!). No shows were Roos, Riley, King I saw Hogan do a few laps and then he heading in about 9.30. Didn't see Garland at all until the end of training (maybe inside) and I saw Garlett (wearing 33) and I think vandenberg at the start doing short kicks to each other then not seen after that. White appeared mid train but didn't see him on the park. Maybe they were in rehab on the other side of the ground? Forwards did a lot of leading and goal kicking. Mainly Dawes (who looked a bit bored by the end) Gawn, Fitzpatrick, Pedersen, Petracca, Bail & JKH. Gawns leading was good. Jamar & Spencer did all the ruck work. Toumpas was very visible playing the outside receive and runner. Looked sharp but up close he is a small unit compared to the others, same with Michie. It was a light session I feel Last out there were Jamar doing some skills with a coach and Salem doing one on one defensive punching with Rawlings, as well as a few doing goal kicking and yes, Cross was one of them. There was a group of young mums with there kids at the gate and most of the players stopped had a chat and signed jumpers. Very approachable.
  5. Just been listening to Finey on SEN rip into both Caroline Wilson and Patrick Smith for their journalistic "style" in constantly demanding for resignations etc. He just finished a 20 minute rant. It was brilliant.
  6. I heard one of the coaches call out "Gawn, Stark, Sylvia and Toumpas" when assembling the rehab group. So Stark it is.
  7. Hard as a Rock ---- AC/DC A Neeld specialty ........ and complements the Storm's Thunderstruck
  8. My recollection of the time (2009) was that there was alot of talk about whether MFC would or would not try and to get that extra pick. It was in open discussion on radio, print media, amoung members and workmates. The Ox was a very strong advocate not to win games and there were many discussions by listeners both for and against the idea. My point here is that (provided my dodgy memory is holding up) it was something in the public domain and as such the AFL must have heard all this chatter, If we are charged and I say IF, then AD should be a witness for us. He should be asked why did the AFL not stop this chatter like it did when Geelong and MFC talked about third part deals to keep Abblett and Scully? If it was illegal in 2009 then why did the AFL not say something to MFC prior to these last few games to ensure it did not happen? Those with better memories than I will, I am sure, come forth. I wonder what CW thoughts were on this in 2009? I don't remember any tirade from her or the Age after we lost "that" game.
  9. Not only that....deegirl has been on-line reading this page and she has not commented on anything. She just left in the last minute
  10. It is interesting that on the 'ology site this is all she posted. "Just posted this on Demonland - looks like the AFL will officially charge MFC, Connolly, Bailey & Schwab with tanking." Nothing else and no replies at all !!!!!!!
  11. I don't see (at this stage) how Dawes could get into the LG when he has spent all of his time in the rehab group doing circle work on another oval. Maybe when he starts in the main group, presumably after the Christmas break, his leadership quailites come to the fore. If he is added to the LG now it woud clearly be a political appointment by Neeld. Neels has already stated that the co-Captains would remain for 2013.
  13. I got there at 3pm and they were already well underway. Joining the main group were Sylvia, Evans, Kent, Turlich, Clisby and Stark. I didn't see Matt Jones, Hogan or Trengove (obviously). The rehab group was Grimes, Dunn, Dawes, Gawn and Clark and they were running on one of the other ovals. Watts was just doing some gentle jogging but not for long. He disappeared inside soon after. Taggert was also doing laps Clark came back half way through and also went inside. Training was sharp and as hard as usual, not the "light" session as mentioned although it was all finished by 4.30. They did the usual drills. Davey surprised me, he was quick on the lead and took one grab marks above his head 5-6 times in a row, but like all of the forwards his shots for goal were fairly poor. Byrnes was particularly poor kicking 1 out of the 5-6 shots I saw him take. Fizpatrick was again prominent in the 300m sprints, clearly the fastest of the big guys. Sylvia was lagging at the back with Crouch. Jetta and Davey stuggled on the repetative sprints also Gillies and Macdonald in their sprints. Barry did very well in all of what I saw him do and Pedersen likewise. Tynan looked good, moved well and kicked well as did Strauss and Evans, Toumpas moves well but he's not as big as his photos suggest, at least next to his team mates he looks light. Stark and Clisby did laps after the first few drills but are quite light framed as you would expect. Terlich moved and kicked well and with good pace as did Tapscott. All the usual seniors did well, Jones, Frawley, Garland but I was really concentrating on the 'fringe' guys. I don't take notes so this is what I remember.
  14. According to the Casey Demons Support Group e-mail, training is at Casey Fields on Monday 17th along with the Christmas party for kids
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