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  1. As I will probably only get to a few games at the G next year LH ( day games) I reckon less games would benefit us. We don't play it at all well.
  2. Ok PP we have just been dumped from the finals in straight sets barely giving a wimper in the second half of both games. Please don't tell me you think we showed good form at the business end of the season.
  3. The last two weeks have left me feeling a lot more [censored] off than when we could not beat time with a stick a few years back. The thing that annoys me the most is that after Tmac was injured we were struggling for KPF's but we just keep using the same not good enough players week after week. Our team barely changed week after week. We needed forwards who could mark the ball. Why not move the players around a bit. Why not try Petty as K P forward, he played a few time there in his first few games and gave creditable performances. Then we get to the two finals games why not try JVR and why did we not play Tmac last night. What were we waiting for? Either had to gives us more than Milkshake. After the game against Sydney we did not make one change in spite of the fact that many players had put in poor performances for the last 6 games. We just kept doing what was not working. The coaching panel did nothing to suggest that they had more than one idea. Look at how quickly the Dogs fell after their GF win. If we keep this up next year similar could happen to us. For God sake get some new ideas!
  4. Where will the GF be played?
  5. Now it is common knowledge that I have never been a fan of the weed however I have watched him a bit at Casey as a ruckman and IMO in this roll he shows the most promise. How could he have been worse than Jackson in the last two games? WE complain about the Weid struggling to take a one grab mark. I believe he takes more than Jackson. Jackson is an average Young ruckman who gives you little in the forward line.
  6. If there is a spot at senior level for him it is that IMO.
  7. Well river water it is. Why the hell were we playing an obviously injured Petracca and what were we saving Tmac for probably can't even play for Casey now. This is a return to the bad old days God delivers us. I am fairly certain that is my last night game. Too old, it is too cold and can hardly walk back to the station.
  8. No river water being river water. Haven't you heard that expression?
  9. I have trouble seeing the other side of the ground at best, that would reduce me to listening to the radio.
  10. Well here I am at The G, it is champagne or river water tonight boys and girls. I have a new bottle of single malt for when I get home tomorrow.
  11. It is when you exude every site in the state bar one.
  12. Vic cricket has it as home base.
  13. You never know we might see us kick into the RH side to night. Nah miracles seldom happen.
  14. There a couple of facts involved in finding a home all close to G venues i.e. Toorak park etc. are too small, they have been investigated in the past. We will not get park land used for us. The 0nly hope is around the sporting precinct of Olympic / park / tennis area. As it looks this is very difficult if not impossible we are then faced with a green field site in docklands or future out in the suburbs. While we have a board welded to the G area none of those is going to happen any time soon. Get used to using Goschs, Casey and a seperate area for admin. For a long time.
  15. I hope you wake in time to get to the game tonight!!!!
  16. I don't agree we looked at Toorak park and it was too small.
  17. We hang on to finish 1 point in front.
  18. Well that has lifted me from despondent to hopeful LH. You are usually a good judge.
  19. It does not matter if we have 10k or 90k tomorrow night the cats will get a final at home soon.
  20. Ancient history when finals start. The Lions are winners so far and we are losers. We looked tired with players carrying injuries last week.
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