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  1. If the players get sick we're stuffed. Wouldn't put it beyond the shifty dogs' supporters.
  2. Was hoping they'd have a tough, close, physical bruising game, oh well.
  3. Can't believe he pleaded not guilty. Throw the book at him. 6+ weeks.
  4. Martin lightly touched the ump on the shoulder, and their discussion was said to be amicable.
  5. Deliberate and aggressive. Must get weeks for that. Should probably get something for the throat punch too.
  6. Joel Smith. Yuck. Big bag coming up for Charlie.
  7. Smith out, for Hibberd or Hunt if fit, he just gets in the way of May, Petty and Lever, and provides zero drive out of defense. Also Sparrow out for Jordon perhaps, despite his great marking.
  8. So the non-call deliberate against Adelaide has cost us top spot and a 'home' final.
  9. Smith will cost us with his horrific decision making. Hopefully he's out for our first final. Should've been delisted a few years ago.
  10. Thankfully he chased the big bag of cash at the blues.
  11. Mightn't see green again this season after that deliberate elbow into danger's throat.
  12. If cotchin did that he'd end up getting a public apology from collins. Viney gets weeks.
  13. So we put years of development into him and we won't even get to draft him. What a waste of time and money this NGA thing is now, if the only players you can get with it are mediocre ones. Surely clubs will just scrap it. Great timing when we're just about to get the first decent prospect from our academy and they change the rule.
  14. Hopefully never, because if we do it means a very long injury list.
  15. Doesnt help us now, but good that they admitted the error. That ump needs to have a line ruled through his name for finals... totally unprofessional.
  16. Cats got [censored] over, the kick cameron marked went about 20m and clear htb for selwood. This is the kind of thing that we usually cop.
  17. Getting [censored] over by umpires Each week seems par for the course.
  18. Being [censored] over by the umps as usual.
  19. Brissie got by far the better of umpiring most of the night. Cats deserved the win.
  20. Go Omac. At least he wouldve offered decent backup unlike daw.
  21. Yuck, smacks of desperation. Brissie will be licking their lips at the thought of our juicy R1 pick.
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