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  1. Your training reports are quality but must you fill every thread on the board with your dismissive rubbish?
  2. I think his instagram post after Neeld got the arse says it all really.
  3. He cops it badly on here, unfairly at times. But he bloody well does himself no favors.
  4. I know O'Rourke's been very underwhelming so far but does anyone know if GWS see him as expendable?
  5. Just how the [censored] did he miss that?
  6. PLENTY of development left in Barry, excited about his extension. Ditto T-Mac.
  7. Some of your comparisons are borderline ridiculous at times. But yes, he's a very good prospect. One of the few that genuinely excite me.
  8. Watts has so much poise. Stringer has kicked 4 on Garland. And what a shithouse lazy kick that was to Frawley.
  9. You must be pretty thick to have missed that. There's no way Morabito would want out. As rjay said, they've stuck by him for a long time now. Anyone know Tom Sheridan's contract status?
  10. Could be 3-1 up, we've missed a couple of sodas.
  11. This game's down in Launceston. Rioli and Lewis are back in and Kennedy's out for the Weagles. No chance of an upset here.
  12. Hawthorn came up with a similar theory 10 years ago and sure enough, left foot kicks had a marginally better kicking efficiency as opposed to right foot kicks.
  13. Extraordinary half. We were tiring badly, siren came at a good time.
  14. Didn't his first goal come against West Coast when we were 12 goals down? I was still disappointed he wasn't congratulated properly by his teammates.
  15. See Watts sh!t himself when Franklin came at him? Ghastly to watch.
  16. Clearly a bad troll attempt. Avatar says it all.
  17. Is it? Two flags and on the verge of a third - it's not hard to see the influence he has on that club.
  18. EFA.This thread has brought out all the morons. http://mobile.news.com.au/sport/afl/matthew-richardson-offers-to-help-mitch-clark-recover/story-fndv8pdq-1226410495726 He will be back.
  19. Terrible positioning brings him undone. Been caught in no man's land a few times.
  20. Both of these spuds will get the chop at the end of this season but I'll bet you still won't come to your senses. I understand what you're trying to say but there is honestly no point in playing them.
  21. Good to see Lyon take some responsibility for picking a spud. Also said he won't be a part of selecting the next coach.
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