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  1. He reminds me so much of Clarry when he first arrived, strange guy, bit rough around the edges but he's got a bit of animal about him. pretty excited to see what he can become.
  2. 2022 and 2023 are examples of what will continue to happen if we don't take a step back and correct the deficiencies in our gameplan and on our list. I said at the end of this season i don't think we can win another flag with our current list and gameplan and i stand by it, we need to re-shape the whole list and tweak the game plan to keep up with the modern game, we are making top 4 on talent and being exposed by teams that are just simply doing it better than us.
  3. I think this is logical, especially given the profile of our list, given JVR is still so young, as is Petty and the entire core still has 6-7 years left a mini re-set could allow us to push for more flags, continuing the same course would likely see us consistent contenders, and maybe we'd pinch another flag, but we'd need a lot of luck. My concern with this, is the risk it carries is that if Gawn or May suffers a significant long term injury, we're in a lot of trouble, we'll be relying on trade/free agency and a very aggressive pursuit of an opposition star
  4. you can just tell he's going to be our Tom Papley or Jack Ginnivan, opposition teams will absolutely hate him haha
  5. Happy with Windsor, a little dissapointed we didn't take Leake. trust JT and the team know what they're doing.
  6. Unless it's go home factor, which would explain why they want him, but other clubs decided to pass.
  7. If Curtin actually slides to 10 there is a reason for it, perhaps something in his testing has sent out some red flags
  8. I wonder if the Cats would consider 11 plus our future first to move up to 8? if so a combination of Windsor and Leake/Caddy/O'Sullivan/Curtin looks pretty good.
  9. Have heard his work rate on and off the field is absolutely off the charts, a bit like Alex Neal-Bullen in this regard, he will get absolutely everything out of himself. It's pretty clear we're interested in that explosive forward-mid type which makes sense, it's a more valuable type of player in the modern game
  10. I also think Nathan Jones should be mentioned, he was such a gigantic figure when the club was absolutely on it's knees, it's a real shame he wasn't out there in 2021
  11. The thing with guys like McKercher is his one wood is his kicking skills, it's tricky to predict how that'll go in the AFL with much higher pressure and a game played a lot faster where you don't get time and space
  12. You don't think 2018-2023 has been a successful period for the CEO, given it's included rolling operating profits, membership growth of just shy of 30,000 and a premiership in the AFL, VFL and AFLW? I reckon he deserves a little bit of credit... say what you will about the SEN interview, i will acknowledge it could have gone better, but i guarantee you it meant an enormous amount to Goody and the players that the CEO would go in to bat for them, the club and the culture like that, and i additionally guarantee he did it for them, not for us or the general public.
  13. He's a very very good player, but i think it's a combination of him being slightly one dimensional in a time when you have to be absolutely elite to get away with that in the modern game, and the teams around his mark having positional needs
  14. The Pies have been training the [censored] out of these situations and it's really showed, it's not just pure luck that they keep winning close games, they've build an incredibly strong defense to keep them in games even when it's not all on their terms and have this trump card to win these really close games. it's very very clever
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