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  1. I could see a situation where that pick 2 goes to the Cats for pick 7, 18 and potentially a swap of picks. The Eagles are more keen on picks in the teens due to W.A talent there and would be rapt if they could get in Jackson for 7 and 20 and keep pick 18 in the first round i reckon
  2. West Coast are making far too many moves and gestures to be a team that doesn't believe they're a legitimate trade option for Luke Jackson.
  3. I genuinely don't understand why West Coast wouldn't just offer pick 2. outside arguably ashcroft, maybe, LJ is a better long term prospect for them than anyone in the draft by some distance. and honestly the moment pick 2 hits the table, Freo are out of the game unless they offer a player, i think West Coast just thought they could sit back and play the PSD card
  4. I reckon it speaks more to the way we're trying to play than anything else, i don't think we might losing clearance on our terms,
  5. I reckon this Logue deal could have unlocked the deal. pick 13, freos future first and NM future second likely (19) that pick holds enormous value and i think it's as good an outcome as we're likely to get unless West Coast did legitimately become an option.
  6. HIs last interview was very impressive, i am a little bit nervous that Freo are going to make the Jackson trade a complete nightmare but otherwise it's all looking good! A run down would be appreciated.
  7. I honestly think he's got more talent than we've seen and the right environment will bring it out, but it'd have to be bargain basement and a Mitch Brown replacement essentially and if he can win a spot, good on him
  8. Oh dear Essendon, i also think it's ridiculous that they carried on all the way through the Brad Scott press confrence about a renewed focus on footy, only to hire a guy with a background in major banks
  9. The rumour going around is we're the team most keen to sign Lachie Hunter, i'm not a huge fan of this, just hope if it's true the club has done it's due diligence
  10. He makes a lot of sense for Essendon. he's probably behind Petracca, Oliver, Viney, Brayshaw, Sparrow, Jordan at least for us in terms of the midfield rotations without a clear second position. He walks right into the bombers midfield and offers them some serious grunt and 2 way running though, the type of player they do need because they don't really know what defending is the essendon midfield. I just hope this would be part of an elaborate plan to sign an upgrade winger, part of me worries it's the Lachie Hunter thing
  11. I'd be chatting to the Lions Bundling a few picks in the second round for their pick 15 to help with points. i also think the Dockers will end up trading Lobb to the Dogs for a deal involving pick 11 for Lobb and something, then 11 and 13 to us for Jackson I'd be then bundling pick 11, 13 and our future first to the Eagles for pick 2 who are keen on teens picks to access W.A players and pick 20 coming back to us as well and forwarded on to the Pies for Grundy. So essentially Out: Jackson, 2023 first round In: Picks 2, 15, Brodie Grundy
  12. He kind of hit the nail on the head, we need to keep improving. we tried to run the 2021 playbook back and refused to budge, and while there were other factors as well, we need to keep evolving to continue to push for more premierships. i'd imagine in 2023 we will be more daring with our ball movement, look to tidy up our defensive structure to hold up better against teams who run the ball at us, and overall look to get the forward line functioning in a more healthy fashion
  13. Yeah not too sure. my gut feel is that West Coast ultimately won't be involved in any meaningful way. I reckon we could have a look at the Bombers, Giants or even North though. if we had picks 8 and 11 and maybe a future we could try to work something out around a top 5 pick and get Cadman in the door. if the net result is Jackson out, Grundy and Cadman in it's a great result for the club
  14. I personally believe that in some way, shape or form the dogs first will be going back to Freo with Lobb landing there and the final deal will be something like Pick 8 and 11 for Luke Jackson
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