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  1. I agree with you, i think even just the look of the incident itself is enough that they'll have to suspend him. i'm not expecting anything too crazy but i think best case he might be back for the Cats game
  2. The fact they've been trash should almost make them favorites
  3. Almost as if it's a universal truth that the competition is so close and tight that being even 1% off will put you at serious risk of losing.
  4. we're good enough to beat Geelong in Geelong. or anyone, anywhere for that matter, i don't think any team should hold any fear for us. especially if we get the next 3 weeks right
  5. This game is a big test, because the Eagles are obviously not at their best, but still capable of winning. if we don't bring our effort and intensity we might well get beaten
  6. Stupid Stupid thing to do by the Vice captain when the team is trying to find form and continuity heading into a finals run, especially when he himself isn't in great form and needs to string games together. Will get weeks, deserves them, and should feel like he may have cost himself a spot in a top 4 team because with any luck James Jordan will come in and lock in his spot.
  7. we won by 98 points and showed real improvement in the areas we wanted to improve. No forced changes. we need to build momentum from here, we've got 3 weeks to find our best footy and give ourselves a real shot at a premiership
  8. I said to a mate that he's kidding himself if he doesn't think the AFL has a say in which teams seriously contend and which don't. i have no doubt the Umpires have been instructed to look after the dogs in some way, shape or form. but for me it's the fact they're allowed to throw the ball openly.
  9. Wowee. this all comes back on one bloke with an Ego comparable to Donald Trump and it's going to take the Hawks a long time to recover. they'll lose players this off season for sure. and they had better options to coach than Sam Mitchell in my opinion, they've totally blown this.
  10. I'd put it right up there with digging up a 2 month old post to prove the point that guesses are just that. guesses.
  11. It's difficult for me to watch that game and think, this wasn't umpire bias? they were hot on the trigger to give the Dogs free's but loathed to pay them the other way. I know others won't agree with me but i genuinely do doubt the integrity of the game at times.
  12. It's a really funny one, because i come away thinking we shouldn't feel like the Dogs are a better side than us. i think they got a lot of help from the umpires, but also our goal kicking. we can't win the flag if we can't finish our work. I think we did more than enough to win the game, we just missed a few to many chances, and lapsed into old habits a few to many times. the two things i think we need to fix heading into finals are 1. We need more reward for Gawns dominance, if you're winning hitouts like that. we need to be scoring off them. 2. our goal kicking. we are shooting ourselves in the face
  13. Potentially yeah, and certainly not blaming him, he's exploded as a player and deserves a serious pay packed. it's always hard to know what the offer from the current team is, players do sometimes get miffed if it's a lot lower than what the other team offers
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