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  1. Have i read this correctly that pick 17 - after father son selections will become pick 19 and the first live pick on day 2?
  2. I honestly think the Grand final was a break out game for Petracca as scary as that is for the competition, he's finally accepted that he's the best player in the comp and teams have to stop him to win, and Oliver seems to really thrive as the number 2 guy i reckon. I will be putting $$ down on a Petracca Brownlow in 2022, i reckon he's set for an incredible year
  3. Glad to hear, he's very highly credentialed, i imagine the program will be very similar to what it would have been under Burgo
  4. Who's heading up the fitness department these days?
  5. What a champ, give him a 10 year deal. the club needs leadership like that to help us through winning the next 8 flags in a row
  6. Luke Jackson either has, or is about to sign on long term, his family is moving from Perth and he very firmly sees his future in Melbourne. Massive signing for the club. -i'm sure official confirmation will come through very shortly
  7. I actually chatted to a mate about this today, i'd like to see the number go to a player who shows the Nathan Jones Heart, Loyalty and courage. So i'd like to see Angus Brayshaw run out in the number 2, his selfless season, and performance in the Grand final make him worthy of 2
  8. Really shocked by what's going on at Hawthorn, this sort of stuff is a culture killer, my impression is it's Mitchell trying to make his mark/get rid of a few Clarkson loyalists, while speeding along the re-build, but it screams to me of Dean Bailey moving on too many experienced heads too quickly. Gut feel is at the end of the day they won't trade these guys, but being offered up like this may well do the damage.
  9. Yeah from what i've heard we did seriously consider Parish with our pick, but Roos just loved what he saw from Oliver. and god hasn't that paid off (not that Parish isn't a gun) In terms of the other draft i think our top 4 were Petracca, Brayshaw, McCartin and Lever. from memory that's the year we tried to trade Jack Trengove to get another pick because Lever looked like sliding. It really is an incredible turn around in our trading and drafting, even the players we were seemingly interested in but didn't get like Georgiadis turned out to be good players
  10. Signed a new multi year deal wth the Dogs, i think they were pretty keen on Cegler who now looks like going to the Cats.
  11. Seriously though, no one with any choice in the matter is leaving the MFC in the next 5 years. it's going to be bloody exciting.
  12. I really like this approach from us, it's very different to the Tigers/Hawks/Cats dynasties, where when they reached the peak they look to top up to stay in the window we're backing in our core and leaders and looking to build from underneath. i think this is incredibly smart and a great formula to keep us contending for a long time to come/avoid running off the edge of the cliff like the Cats are about. I also think winning the flag this year with the side/core so young takes a huge amount of weight and expectation off them having been there and done that, i reckon we're a chance to be right up there for the next 8-10 years and potentially win another 3-4
  13. Rate Brander highly, the fact he doesn't seem to have a huge amount of interest makes me wonder if there is something we don't know. on the surface he should
  14. Yeah, 19 once F/S and so on come into play. which is a strong pick. really curious if we have someone in mind in the draft, or there is a trade to be had there. Won't happen but would love to swoop in at the 11th hour and nab Jordan Dawson
  15. the first goal from Petracca was super given the whole team was nervous and it felt like an "Okay, we're on" moment and i think it shook the dogs a bit
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