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  1. Twisted ankle ain't keeping me out of my outback ressies gf. It won't keep Charlie out. Surely precautionary.
  2. Do you mean he'll play fwd? For me, Tomo was quality then got injured. Petty took his chance in a backline with May and Lever. Not a bad backline to play in.
  3. 22 years I've been supporting the Demons (I know most y'all have me covered). Jonesy has been a part for 16 of them. There's def been the frustrating, sad, annoying, but I can tell you it's never been directed at Nathan. I'm not ready to let go. Nathan is almost all I know..... Petition to sign Zac as a "transition" Jones.
  4. Schache as a fwd tag on Aliir Aliir was interesting. He was literally spoiling rather than attempting the mark at times. I'd assume he will do the same to Lever in the Grandy. Caught Port off guard, we have 2 weeks to plan for it.
  5. Ahh apologies, I misinterpreted as a 2nd WA side rather than a 2nd option of support. Either way my comment on Freo stands.
  6. Lmao "Second side", coz Freo aren't relevant now Jesse's left.
  7. Definitely is a thing. I went to an international rules game at the old Subiaco Oval and as soon as we got on top the wave started. No clue who's starting it but damn he clearly gets around to the big events
  8. Final thoughts from me. I remember being at the 2018 debacle and there was a Mexican wave going around the stadium late in the game and it felt [censored]. Like, the game was over. Mexican wave happened in the last qtr tonight. Did 4-5 full rotations of the stadium and only stopped because of a I think Kozzi goal. Hits different when you win.
  9. Back at my hotel watching the replay. Hawkins really did go 2 hands in the back on May didn't he. Other thoughts, I hope 15 days is enough to get over a strain..
  10. Anyone else see Wayne Carey grow a beard and play in the ruck for us tonight?
  11. Not sure if you could hear on the telecast but there was a Maxxxxyy chant in the last qtr Hahah Amazing night.
  12. Qtr time update from the ground: Top of Optus Stadium lit up in blue and red, maybe because officially the home team? Whatever the reason, loving it.
  13. Rain just started, light but consistent.
  14. Will do! Couldnt wait any longer, heading to the ground now.
  15. Sitting on the hotel balcony and judging from the colour of these clouds I'd say rain is looking increasingly likely.
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