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  1. I'm comfortable with Hunt as the medical sub. Pretty close to a utility player, can play forward, mid or back. Provides dash and flexibility, and in reality can be brought on at any time if the situation calls for it.
  2. First game, Melbourne V Footscray R8 1994 MCG I don't think it was my first but it's the earliest memborable one. Memorable because it fell on my birthday and we got rolled by 3 points after leading at half time. Lyon kicked 5 goals, Shwarz 3. Bizarelly Illija Grgic kicked 6, seriously, WTF? It became a pattern for the Dees, ordinary players kicking bags of goals against us Best game, Melbourne v Hawthorn 2018 QF I was at the EF as well, which was great, but I hold the QF higher. Mostly because i found myself at Pilgrim bar after the game drinking pints with David Neitz, Brad Green, Wrecker Whelan, Paul Hopgood and Guy Rigoni Worst game Melbourne v Nth Melbourne 1998 Prelim Bizarrely in those days, we had to play a semi final against St Kilda despite beating Adelaide (comfortably) in a qualifying final in week 1. We'd go on to beat the Saints easily as well before running into a powerful North team who'd had the week off. Despite an admiral effort we'd lose by 5 goals. North would go on to lose the GF to Adelaide by plenty, who has magically turned their fortunes around after copping a belting from us at the G 3 weeks prior.
  3. Another incredibly memorable game that one. I was also in attendance. The momentum shifts were jus epic, I was convinced we couldn't get rolled at 3QT holding a 22 point lead after trailing 8 goals to 1 at QT. Probably Travis Johnstone's best ever game, 4 goals, largely from the wing. I can recall his gut running up and down the ground that night, he was completely spent late. Above that Neita jagged 5 and Robbo 4, almost inconcievable that we'd lose. But I'd never forget a little known forward for the Crows after that night. Bryan Beinke played 30 odd games for the Crows and never really impressed, but he kicked 2 goals from 4 touches that night, I reckon one from about 90 metres at a critical stage. A real vomit inducing moment if ever there was one. A long time mate of mine can still get a reaction out of me with that name, bloody Beinke!
  4. Unbelievable game. I was at that one too. Just reminded myself by looking at the stats. Incredibly on top of Farmers 8, Craig Scholl kicked 7 and Stephen Powell 4 https://finalsiren.com/MatchDetails.asp?GameID=1774&Code=4a26c16997776c50679be84b593da78e&Sort=Disposals Desc Footy will never be played that way again. Certainly not in a final. De-fence was the thing seperating the crowd from the playing field.
  5. Great comparison Col. T Mitch get's 40+ because he loves to get 40+ more than bringing his team mates into the game...and winning. Pretty much what stamped his papers at the Swans
  6. 94 and 98 were missed opportunities, but this team is definitely better. Better balanced, better organised and more committed to their roles
  7. Good call DeeZee but they are all a huge part of this. They set the standard that the younger players have had to exceed to win their spots.
  8. Pickett - took his chances Sparrow - here to stay McDonald - will be back
  9. He's small and crafty. Every sport has crafty athletes that aren't blessed with great height, super speed, sublime strength, etc. They use craft, nous, cunning and other things to get through. Think about the great knuckleball pitchers in baseball, or the 'goons' in ice hockey and Ric Flair in every one of his heel title runs. I love it!
  10. Hunt straight back in if ready. Open to Hibberd returning for the Cameron matchup but I'm not convinced that it would actually be a plus for us. Gut feel, no change unless necessary
  11. I am 40 I am patient Best win ever, for now... To be bettered, shortly Go Dees!
  12. Unlikely Tomlinson pushes Petty out, i think. But, Petty would certainly be a decent option to throw forward if need be and Tomlinson is fit and available
  13. Thanks Ioges, no answers from me but some questions...😉 Ho many 'groins' has Christian been equipped with? Does 'groins' soreness increase exponentially in line with the number of 'groins' present? Could Christian rationalise his 'groins' this late in the season as a means to run out the season in greater comfort?
  14. Jack will take JJs spot and rotate through the forward line. This may even result in a little more time with Trac I50. Presents risk and reward...
  15. Despite his defensive limitations Melksham really does fart through silk. 8 possesions (6 contested, 3 kicks, 5 handballs) 2 marks 3 frees againsts (0 for) 2 goals (one quite difficult) 79 SC points Few players can impact the result of a game so greatly with so few handles of aggot
  16. We will not get a better chance than this to get 4 qtrs into Jones. It will at least help us form a view on whether he's a solid, dependable medi-sub option in finals. Hunt injury almost impossible to cover, mid size, great speed and dare, no fear. Admit he mucks it up a bit but you get that from players with his energy and dare. Our options are all way too slow, either of foot, mind or both. McDonald a no brainer for Sparrow, largely non-existant. Be keen for him to go back to the 2s (if playing, otherwise retain as sub) In: Mcdonald, Jones Out: AvB, Hunt Sub: Sparrow
  17. Don't mind the idea of injecting an angry AvB at 3 QTR time to belt the living suitcase out of a couple. Can picture a few short strides (and a few messy ones)
  18. Plenty of talent. Not committed enough for mine, hence not fit enough to make the most of his talent
  19. Melksham in finals has the potential to be Stewie Dew like (pre beer gut). 8 kicks could be 3 goals and 2 assists... ...or not 🤷‍♂️
  20. I'd love Jones back in the side... if he was still 29 years old. Sadly, just too slow now.
  21. Good summary Col, and agree, it is sad. It was hard not to like Jack, despite obvious frustrations.
  22. I was at this game, with two pies supporters... It's a funny game footy, one of millimetres. A ripping, desperate spoil from Hibberd and a clever kick from Oscar to Harmes advantage. The 29 for Collingwood (Tim Broomhead?) looked like he couldn't chase down a runaway souvlaki. The kick from Harmes to Watts wasn't a particularly difficult one, albeit harder due to fatigue, ver late in the game. The ball bounced twice, a metre or so in front of Jack not far from the boundary, it easily could have jagged a different way and run out of bounds. Very pleased it didn't! ?
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