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  1. Post your favourite grand final match or celebrations photo here. Plenty to choose from!
  2. redditsave.com_saturday_eveningsunday_morning_mood-ic74q3y1mrp71.mp4
  3. Yes, announced one hour before the game
  4. JJ got to play a quarter and a half of a final against Geelong (admittedly the game was already over by then) whereas Hunt has never played a final as he missed out in 2018.
  5. I don't think Bradtke will get another contract and clubs seem to have 3 rucks on their lists...
  6. I believe it's Woey although it was Wow-ey in his Brownlow year
  7. I read that he was actually wearing a mouthgard when it happened, they don't actually prevent this happening 100% if you cop a decent whack
  8. Yeah I agree, he did win their best and fairest last year
  9. Who thinks we should strategically open a Wuhan style wet market in Perth after the prelims?
  10. Coaches award announced tomorrow night. I don't think the brownlow nights been locked in but if we have a bye between the prelims and the granny it'll be that week to maximise attention/ratings.
  11. Even though Brissie are in way better form?
  12. If we end up winning tonight would we rather play the Lions or the out-of-form Bulldogs? I think I've answered my own question. Need a miracle from the Eagles.
  13. Would be frustrating for those regular Casey players to miss out on finals by 0.07%
  14. Captain Obvious. No club wants to relocate.
  15. Covid will give the AFL an excuse to push the can down the road. The sentimental part of me thinks Tassie deserves a team but on the other hand it'll statistically make it harder for the Dees to win a flag (especially since surely they'd introduce a 20th team down the track after Tassie so they can bring in tv dollars from the extra match)
  16. They all would have had to isolate if he returned a positive result. Luckily for him and the bulldogs he didn't. It would have been awesome playing their reserves side!
  17. According to this we have Brisbane's second round pick and Hawthorn's third round pick. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.afl.com.au/news/603145/indicative-draft-order-check-out-your-clubs-picks/amp
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