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  1. Pea hearts. Playing for our season, they play 10 minutes of football.
  2. Agree re Harmes. Being played in the wrong position. Hibbo had a shocker. Jetta fit? By the way, we will beat the Saints.
  3. I think the game is gladiatorial and the reversal of the Vandenberg kick was just ridiculous.
  4. Gosh... If we are 5-5 in 2 weeks with a game in hand, this forum will look a lot different!
  5. I am a Goodwin fan. But... Although Carlton had 3 talls in their forward line, there was no reason to play Joel Smith back. He's just not a backman. He flies when he should stay down, tries to mark when he should punch. It wasn't good. And then we played Jetta on McKay. Inexplicable. Clarry did a great job, but with a midfield with very little impact, surely we could ask Harmes or Viney to 'tag' Cripps and then use our midfielders in a more attacking way. Rivers was amazing. Jackson showed great signs. But geez we had a lot of players not contribute, and most failed to contribute over 4 quarters. We won't get away with that too often.
  6. Am I the only one who fears that this team, whilst probably not that far off the 22 that will play, is incredibly underwhelming? I think our only way forward is with blokes like Sparrow, Joel Smith, KK and some of the other kids being part of the team? vanDenberg clearly best 22 as well.
  7. I think this is a more than optimistic view of our list TBH. I can make an argument for improvement - Langdon, pre-seasons, healthy list, but I can also make an argument that we will have a similar (8th - 12th) year next year.
  8. Sorry Jaded - I hope you know I wasn't calling you incompetent of course... on second read, it might have read that way!! I was saying there is another option with this trade, and that is that the MFC is incompetent! I don't necessarily share your confidence about our off-field performance since Jackson retired. Jury is out for mine.
  9. Or you're incompetent. Fingers crossed.
  10. All I can say is, we better not be planning a big name trade, we better have it sorted ALREADY. If we don't use picks 3 and/or 8, or pick 8 in some combo to secure a needed gun, that has to be the stupidest trade of all time. One first rounder for a first, second and third rounder. FFS.
  11. I haven't been through all the posts, so apologies if this has been covered, but my 3 take aways from last night were: - I thought Goodwin spoke well, and with credibility. He is passionate and committed, and has an elite mindset. I have confidence that the lessons of 2019 have been learned. Whether they can be taught, imparted and enacted, that remains to be seen of course. People want fire and brimstone, but that isn't how the 2020 player is built. - Jordan Lewis said, or at least clearly implied, that the group didn't work hard enough in the 2019 pre-season. It is the first admission I have heard that we essentially drank our own bathwater after a "successful" 2018. That is a worry, but something that can be rectified and is in our control (unlike some of the injuries). - When you look at the closeness of the players at Richmond, including those that didn't get picked to play in the GF, there is a clear difference between that and our players. I don't profess to have been up close with Richmond's team, but I did hear the way Hardwick spoke about it. The body language and behaviour of our players towards each other from senior blokes like Jones, Tom McDonald, do not give the appearance of the bond that is needed to get where we want to.
  12. Well I have to say I haven't posted in quite some time, but I am totally and utterly sick of the same players, and the team generally, making the same mistakes week in week out. I don't want to name names for the players making the same errors week on week, but I have serious concerns about the coaching team's ability to influence and improve players' flaws. Too many players who choose the wrong options or can't execute basic skills. As for the team, we continue to be moths to a flame. We draw too many to the contest (at ground level and in the air) and don't defend on the outside. Every week. We half lead, not to advantage, then kick it to even less advantage. We fail to tackle well enough to stop the ball going out to the opposition's advantage. We cannot keep the ball in our forward line. Same every week
  13. Hey all, A few of us are making the pilgrimage to the Top End this weekend! Firstly, the Dees will win. You heard it first. 21 points. Secondly, I have a spare grandstand seat, so if you need one, or know anyone that does, let me know. Thirdly, it’s a big weekend in sport, with the mighty Spurs trying to knock Liverpool off in the Champions League. I have arranged for the SkyCity Sportsbar to have the game on (kickoff 4.30am Darwin time, Sunday morning), even though the bar itself will be shut. So my bro and I are planning a big post-win celebration, followed by the game at the casino. All welcome to join!
  14. I have 2 spare tickets for the Prelim in Aisle 333, row 23. They are next to each other. I am happy to sell at cost price ($190). The only conditions are that it needs to be Dees fans, and you need to make some noise and support the boys! Shouting me a beer would be good too ??  If you want them, first come first served - DM me. 
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