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  1. Watching the GF so many times, I'm now appreciating some of the more overlooked moments, like this one attached. It's a little hard to see, but I think that Oliver basically flies along horizontally over the top of fallen and flailing Bulldogs, grabs the ball and handballs it mid-air in a breathtaking display of skill and focus. Amazing ninja level stuff.
  2. I'm looking forward to all these end of year 'Best Sports Moments of 2021' media lists. No. 1 is easy, of course. Forget Olympics, Melbourne Cup, Wimbledon etc. An MFC premiership after 57 years is a monte for the top spot as it's one for the ages. Any list that says otherwise is clearly made by people who don't know what they're talking about 😁
  3. At the start of every season, I always (stupidly) pore over the experts' prognostications with a variety of feelings, mostly dismay that no one thinks we'll be any good and dismay when they pick us to do well because that's a jinx, but with an occasional 'We're better than that!' reaction, knowing deep down that we're not. Not 2022. At the start of next season I'll glance at the experts and have two reactions: outrage, if they don't tip us as outright flag favourites and satisfaction when they do.
  4. I can't believe we're not up to 100 pages on this thread yet ...
  5. Just went. Very quiet, hardly had to wait, kind staff happy to help get a great photo of you with cup. Special.
  6. Apologies in advance for being grumpy, but can we please change the title of this thread to ' Is Melbourne's midfield one of the best of the 21st Century?' or maybe 'Is Melbourne's midfield one of the best of the last thirty years?' because clearly none of us can compare our mids to midfields of seventy, eighty, ninety years ago, which would necessarily be encompassed by the 'of all time' question. Besides, all of the discussion is about midfields of the last few decades, ignoring the rest of football history as if it didn't happen. Historical perspective is important, given the parameters of the thread title, and what could be a worthwhile discourse becomes misleading. It just irks me. Sorry.
  7. Thank goodness for digital/streaming access. I would have worn out a VHS tape by now.
  8. I don't care who we play in future Grand Finals. All I want is another comfortable Grand Final last quarter like this one, and another 60+ points win.
  9. I thought it was Brian and Hassa, then Barry Bourke and Stan Alves ...
  10. I wonder how much we sold at the G on Sunday ...
  11. I come for the footy talk, stay for the linguistic discussion.
  12. I've just finished listening to the Demonland Podcast Grand Final review for the third time. As well as the well deserved exuberance it has THE BEST ANALYSIS ANYWHERE. Proper thoughtful, in depth, considered, evidence based, rational stuff, a pleasure to listen to. Every detail, every explanation of tactics, momentum changes, key moments and vital contributions was far and above that offered by traditional media. And all three presenters had the barely restrained glee that comes from supporting a premiership team. Kudos all round.
  13. On the umpteenth rewatch: last quarter after Treloar got their goal I found myself muttering, 'We've gotta get that one back.' 30 seconds later, Salem sneaks his sneaky one through.
  14. Lots of people talking about the Melbourne Cup but they seem to have got mixed up and are talking about horse racing???
  15. A lot is going to depend on a complete, organised VFA/Seconds competition where players like Sam can: 1. Play regularly 2. Show his goods 3. Practise/polish weaknesses. The last two years have been diabolical for players like him trying to stake a claim.
  16. An observation. I didn't truly appreciate how fast Petracca and Oliver are. Time and time again they simply ran away from Dogs players. Bontempelli and Liberatore couldn't catch them.
  17. What a great player to have ready to step up when injuries hit!
  18. Anyone noticed how he's now pretty adept on his non-preferred foot these days, hoofing it forward? Great stuff for a ruckman when most have enough trouble with their preferred foot!
  19. With everything that's happening in the world, I'm really looking forward to 2022. When we can start the year as Reigning Premiers.
  20. ANB also worked hard on his left foot, becoming very reliable on that side as well, gave him an extra string to his bow.
  21. No more will they be able to say, 'Oh, the Queen's Birthday is their Grand Final' or 'Anzac Eve is their Grand Final'. The Grand Final is our Grand Final.
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