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  1. Melbourne: OOooooh this is a windy windy nasty pasty place North: It's just footy
  2. spot quiz...anyone notice the very Hawthorn piece of footy that qtr ??...most unlike us...but very explainable
  3. Well this is it for me. It's not whether he has any ability,it's not whether he has the group or not etc etc..add in any number of appropriate metrics. it's whether or not he's the RIGHT guy...for US...the BEST option. Whether he is likely to get us Silverware, let alone wins, become consistently competitive etc etc Im not sure if I just read some folk wrong but I get the impression for some it's almost more about Simon than it is US. I'm not interested in being a learning centre for developing SENIOR coaches...assistants...fine..but not the Managing Coach .He ought to have his schtick t
  4. You'd have to think there'll be some media conferences come end of h/a. Our involvement ?? Maybe
  5. should be marvee...just like co-captains I'd imagine
  6. I have no real idea whether this is good bad or otherwise presently. I think he does have the runs on the board in certain aspects and whoever suggested we filter his time at the Aints with an understanding of what a basketcase they were shows merit. To tell the truth it asks more questions than it provides answers. The "official" line tells us diddly other than he's joining Melbourne. Doesnt take a Soothsayer to know there is still much to play out. My mail box is getting some interesting feed..unfortunately some contradictory ( but then maybe only in light of what I know...not what
  7. At the conclusion of today's game I would ask we all observe a minutes silence. In respect of the death of another Melbourne Season
  8. Again the premise of tanking supposes we can win if we want to. Nahhhh Rest Max...yes... But he might like to play with Lewy just one last time. It's vexed... Outcome assured either way
  9. Nothing yet. The same fools in charge Ill wait and see what the makeup of the FD looks like. If one bozo from the box comes out with idiotic idioms professing hard tough footy..or mentions "our brand" fair dinkum id be tempted to hit someone. Hardness, toughness are givens ffs. Its not a weekend dance club out there. Brand..wtf..what is Brand. We've been shown we play footy with all the verve and style of a Cornflake packet.We play like Fruitloops meets CocoPops and run out of NutriGrain by 3/4 time. I actually want to hear NOTHING from us. I want to see some intelligen
  10. Unless said leaders are just as much part of the problem. Footy as much as any game is fought or lost between the ears. This is where we begin to lose it all.
  11. Ts & Cs apply Please read the Product Description
  12. I have no mail , jungle drums or other about anyone going anywhere as of Sunday. So this is purely hypothetical. Theres some weight behind the idea Richo will come to Melbourne. But as Development...supposedly. Everyone bandying around the likes of Lyon etc. I dont see Lyon coming to the Dees, but thats just me. Someone who has as much if not more knowledge than most about our list etc is Jade Rawlings. He's touted as a Coach in waiting and HAS coached in his own right. What if Rawlings was offered the role with Richo as a mentor ??
  13. As I see it many suspect we're in a similar boat to that which the Toiges were. I don't think we are...looks similar...but different. What works at one club..one culture may not work at another.
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