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  1. Now if we can just add the requirement "FIT" to our recruiting...we might get somewhere
  2. Jack...been telling you for years we need a 'sarcasm' font
  3. Actually. ..depends on how fast or slow..eventually it will be
  4. Go stand under a cold shower until sense kicks in We should never entertain that pos.. ever..EVER
  5. In reality i just think Jade needed fresh air and a clear path.....and to get as far away from the dysfunctional heap of poo we are. He's been around this club long enough to know what's what and who's bogus. Don't blame him a bit....but it's a huge loss for us...huge.
  6. Bugger Bugger bugger bugger The only bloody bloke who actually knew anything imho Was hoping hed stay...gut feeling he wouldn't. ..and why would you. Good luck Twig
  7. Is the footy still going.....how odd
  8. Somewhat bemusing to read threads like this. Strikes me the same bias always floats to the top. Not only a bias but an inability it would seem to be able to distinguish between two qualities. Two that many seem either incapable or determined not to acknowledge as independent. Club Stalwart Club Captain Jones is without doubt a genuine stalwart of the club. If he is successful in the course of our club being successful then that is to be lauded. The ability to lead need not be dependent upon nor even connected to the ability to be reviewed as a player It's entirely reas
  9. There is possibly a subtle difference between a "boys club" approach and a club welcoming old boys. A possible ingredient that causes reticence among some with respect to embracing, indeed exploiting the abilities of past players etc is that there has been indeed times when there were ( possibly are ) insular groups within clubs that work and operate to their own agenda which may not be entirely congruent with that of the club. This and of itself should not preclude the seeking to bring knowledgeable and capable past players into the fold but should offer at least a caution that we need the cl
  10. yes they most certainly do....and invariably the GF is shown The first time I went to NZ was to QT was 1990 I went partially to enjoy the Skiing..but as much to escape Melbourne in the throng of Filth Fever going into the GF. There was this obnoxious family every day on the ski bus, the type of Aussie tourists that make you blush or cringe. By the end of the week they will have made most peoples 'kill list' Sunday must have been their last day. I still had another week and Im sure I speak on behalf of the bus we couldnt wait for them to go. As we traveled towards the Remarkables that S
  11. Queenstown is definitely somewhere to visit. Place is built on Adrenalin; all set among breathtaking scenery. I haven't skied Cardrona...but have Coronet and the Remarkables. You can get some very good packages to ski there. I first did bungy during a ski season...probably not the most same thing I've ever done...the water..'freezing" Takes a little while to get used to skiing among NO trees !! ...but hey....less to hit ...lol Go there...highly recommend.
  12. Koolaid ....Obviously now the official drink at the MFC We nail mediocrity.
  13. The mighty Red and Blue... in September. ....
  14. Find it uncomfortable. ..not for your trivial concerns
  15. Hilarious. ..the epitome of the Melbourne stereotype.. Rather be at the snow...and in September. ...says it all. Footy aint for everyone. ... Especially those in Red and Blue Keep on shredding... eh
  16. Should have just thrown it in the bin... (thats where our season and brains trust is )
  17. Re OP Not sure whether to laugh or cry....drink is a given....
  18. whats the situation with Rawlings ?? anyone...cheers
  19. is there an issue with him getting on the park ? am just curious....otherwise it might not be as expensive as "too much"
  20. AF I do hear what you're saying It is in a fashion one of a number of elements that goes to this whole thing.
  21. And this is the Myth that is Melbourne We are all about back story but have amateur hour pantomime as the show. I really have nothing but admiration for someone who gets 300. What perplexes me is how few can differentiate between the ability for this to transpire...and ability full stop. If we we were a halfway decent list, halfway capably coached , halfway to a decent team Jones simply wouldn't get a look in. He's doing a version of a Bradbury. He gets a gig because we're rubbish atm. It'll look good in the footy record though..."Winning "
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