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  1. A very good question....🤷🤷🤷 Time for another sabbatical perhaps 🤔🤔🤔
  2. Id be rid of them both.... or send'em down casey. Bloody hell cant we get coaches who are competent
  3. You dont actually need a coleman up front.... You need a system. You need cohesion, you need method and intelligence. We just arent clever forward of the big bounce. Our coaching in that dept is laughable. Funny we understand defence but cant for love nor money understand nor implement its opposite. . How fn dumb can we be.... seriously.
  4. I really want to accept that as cause rationale... but for mine it fails a very basic test... Reality. By this im suggesting we a [censored] poor at starting games... We still dont have a purposeful functional forward setup. We rely far too heavily on defence. We seem incapable of change within games once found out and wanting. Given our reliance on defence ... we're now [censored]
  5. Mate...mate...tell me you're not alluding to Loading ....
  6. Why ?? 🤔 Why didn't he ? We both know why ? 😉
  7. Nail on head. 🤔🤔Coach's brief ( Simpson ) .. go out and beat YOUR man, the rest will follow. And it did
  8. Which side of the white line ??? 😉 ( asking for a friend 🤔🤣 )
  9. A problem for me is the assumed idea ( by some ) that we are entirely the masters of our destiny. We're not. It's a game between 2 and that opponent ( each week ) has a very big input into the outcome as has been shown in all games thus far. As far as top 4 goes we've essentially put ourselves into the need to play "catch up footy" as it were. We need to not only better our own game but outperform those above us. This my friends will not be an easy ask. The last 2 seasons we proved we weren't up to it when it counted. The indications to date suggest we won't aspire even to that same level . I'm just trying to be realistic. It's not about negativity or positivity, it's about acknowledging what is, is. We are currently in a very precarious position. Before the next opportunity to lick our wounds ( round 14 bye ) we have Saints, Dockers and the big day out with the Filth. Youd think we should best the Aints ...but how's that thinking working of late ??? I dont particularly like our chances in the other 2 if the last fortnight is any guide. The top 8 is not overly spread out just at the moment, but it is poised to be. This seasons fate may well be sealed come Kings Birthday if it hasn't already.
  10. Funny you mention the filth... Let this sink in
  11. The problem though... is we're not running. The length of the race is irrelevant if you're in the wrong one. The absolute worry about yesterday's game is i can't really think of even one positive. It was abysmall across everything. Clearly our dysfunction is not an aberration, its our style now. We often seem to go about things in an odd way, whether thats game style, positioning and often selection. We are so far off the "pace" of contending it's not a debatable subject anymore ( imo ) Get ready for the "skiing" jibes as i fear we're heading downhill. Be lucky to finish in the 8 playing like that....actually we won't, not unless there's serious and across the board improvement. Where does that come from ?? The window is shut... the back door is open ...and the weather isn't particularly nice. We're a very strange team really. We can and have played some wonderful footy... but that seems less and less the norm. Not a lot in my thinking to get ecstatic about. Many of the better players ( of yore ) are staring at the pension. Only a couple of the kids seem to have what's required. The list is reeking of NQRS. Not sure anyone in the wheelhouse really knows what they're doing presently and have they the ability to right the ship ? So whether it's 100m or 42k ... I'm more concerned whether we can run at all and not just walk.
  12. Yeah.....nahhh !!! Let the blood flow.... It ought to
  13. Lol... Open eyes... extraordinary circumstances... How do we travel in normality ??? Be honest 🤔🤔🤔
  14. Exactly.. im not mad... quite frankly i dont expect any better. And thats the rub...a big rub !! Am i surprised... ( not really ) ... that folk still think we masterminded our flag and Simon walks on water. He doesn't. He's very limited really. He DOES have some serious game ability...but ...gets caught in traffic. Simpson can coach.... He also has runs on the board. West Toast...[censored]... odd club. Please we need to address the Elephants in the room.
  15. Moderators are upset... Dont shoot the messenger. Just sayin'
  16. Simpson tore Badloss a new one.. must be getting breezy down there ;) 🤣🤣🤣
  17. Goodwin... learnings..... none .. [censored]...we're bathwater drinking.... nicey nicey.... pretenders. Well done Simpson.. kudos
  18. Only if we wake up to ourselves and bother to "turn up" for the first bounce as opposed turn it up for the 1st qtr !!! Quite frankly it could be " Danger, Danger Will Robinson " Nothing should be taken for granted. Go Dees
  19. Am I alone in thinking it bizarrely ironic that it's JVR affected by concussion !!
  20. Whatever our team line up is can they all synchronise their watches. Turning up to the FIRST bounce might prove effective.....
  21. There's an element to this thread's title referencing No Bull$.. How about taking the politics to the General Forum Just asking for a friend
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