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  1. Seriously ?? Wtf... Played like a defence attorney.. Funny WADA saw it a whole different way. Yeah...nahhhh..
  2. Not sure they could organise the proverbial p*** up Daisy let alone clever stuff. They still struggle with inner sanctum games it seems. Caulfield should have been signed and sealed by now imho if it were happening. Another committee getting sfa done.
  3. Ooooohhhhh gooooodyyy... he can kick !!! Handy.. We'll see.
  4. Cant kickem ...might organise the front game a tad better. His approach is flawed. He found his moment in the sun.... the sun has moved on... us....not so much. Much work to be done. Oh... good luck Bun...thanks for visiting. Cheers.
  5. It no longer matters. Lots that might.. But.... We all know little is as it seems. An EGO driven industy.....meh
  6. FB will improve.. but most an improvement only relevant to those living there. If you look at some of the relatively nearby higher density developments in PM..and if you've ever had to access that area...it's rubbish Congested.. narrower streets etc. Any new developments will NOT be car friendly ( as that is THE way now . I can see a theoretical attraction...but it wouldn't pan out. Those lovely Architectural Presentations are no more than Cartoons really.. utopian pipedreams as opposed dreary reality. As its pretty safe to assume hardly an Melbourne player does , or would be living there then somewhere more accessible and attractive might better serve. It's an irrelevance where any supporters live. It is about what( and where ) best serves the MFC. I could see FB sorta flourishing for its new population. It will suit some. Not anyone who appreciates a modicum of space though. Might be a while too.
  7. The only people who out manoeuvred us were .....ourselves 😉 All our own doing and ineptness.
  8. It's not winning the tap...it's winning the clearance.. can we as a club please get around this concept....
  9. No it's not...or arguably yes...it's a deal so it get done like any other deal according to values/currency/argy bargy.. But is this THAT complicated....NO.... Doing up shoes laces for Purple...is complicated
  10. Exactly...Grundy is all but a necessity....Adams a nicety. If they could take only one, and I'm not for an instant sugesting they'll only get one, but if they had to choose it would be Grundy every day of the week.
  11. Well done..lol.. yeah. The 'cue' wasnt that obvious...unless you knew what to look for....and when you did it was easy peasy. Someone mentioned using deposits off the coke bottles....yeah...whole other story there lol... Looking back I was quite the ratbag delinquent.
  12. WE aren't paying 700k.. that's the point here. What he's getting and what we pay are two very different things. What does Sydney really need MORE ..an Adams...or a RUCK.. not just a ruck...but a capable one. I'd play hardball with this bunch. Never done us a favour unlike some other clubs. Why aid the enemy...[censored] them !!! Edit.. WE need to get suitable value to suit US ...not facilitate blody Sydney and Collingwood ffs
  13. The Dees will pay nothing of Grundy's salary going forward....thats all down to Collingwood and his new club. MFC just playing for a better pick.thsn Sydney's opening gambit... that part is just part of the trade week game.
  14. Also, ironically it would suggest hail marys are still to be our forward "craft". Let's hope not ...
  15. The journey continues Harmesy. Good luck for the future. No one will ever take away your Premiership and we will always be thankful for your pivotal part in it. Always a demon. Go well .
  16. Youve really got no clue eh red....lol Lets get back to basics... cobblers...
  17. Couldn't give a rats.. not looking for a friend 😉 Why is that even a footy consideration .... As previous... hope he enjoys mowing....or local theatre perhaps... he has a penchant for acting !!!
  18. Wouldn't want Hawkins in a pink fit...... Let him retire to mowing his lawn with the John Deere...
  19. I woulda had the normal returns on "frees" had it not been for the inside info. A word from my Dad..don't get greedy... so you'd just churn one glug or razz or sunnyboy .. then move on... twas easy peasy when you knew how. Unfortunately no secret deal on choo choo bars or redskins lol
  20. You consider i don't understand the role of a tagger ? Curious Or you think i don't understand patterns? Your prerogative.... i guess. I "pondered" because i get Harmesy is multifaceted...capable of roles. Also Goody doesn't like tie down roles. I'm "perhapsing" he might guard players in areas .He..being SG..maybe...hard to know Footy is not one dimensional...and players must adapt and do their job. I think ...tbh.. Mr H simply found his job replaced. He's a club Premiership Champion. I wish him luck and happiness.
  21. Sorry..you're addressing me because ???
  22. Yep....a schoolmate of mine's parents had a milkbar.... resultingly he knew all about the "Frees".. there was actually a particular coding on the outside that verified the inside...If you knew what to look for ;) We were at a milkbar just opposite Central Park Malvern way way way back... We went in...searched through teh freezer cabinbet and both selected our Sunny Boys......ate them...went back in for our frees.......ate them....both went back in for our Frees.... The owner told us in no uncertain terms about coming back in !!! ...dint mind...we were pretty full as a goog by then ;) We had a lot of frees ;)
  23. Are we actually after Reid ? It to me seems highly unlikely we could manufacture a path to his selection. Im thinking we have a couple of others in mind..ie.. 2 players... in top 12. Quite possibly the Dees for Harley is some form of construct.. but more a smokescreen
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