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  1. Thankyou thankyou thankyou Are you seriously incapable of deductive reasoning. Do you SERIOUSLY believe the club is either going to answer in a meaningful way or even a timely manner any REAL concerns anyone is going to broach ? The answers will be in generalisations, there will be well disguised platitudes. The more I think about it this is a damage control exercise..nothing more. we face the possibility of an exodus of membership in the 10's of thousands and that is HUGE money. Yep call me cynical. The Club doesnt need to do any of this forum rubbish.. It just needs to get o
  2. A big problem for mine about this kind of thing is that whilst it seemingly caters to the protestations etc of the proletariat unless there is some sort of impartial overseeing working party that would firstly assemble the concerns from the evening and secondly have some sort of ability to oversee and adjudicate the actual working responses ...then to quote a well known sage here the club is "all mouth and trousers " i.e a feel good /venting occasion after which the club goes on its merry way irregardless It's all a bit like the bistro version of the "summit" You can bet Bern
  3. Phewww..was worried we'd miss out on this bloke..........
  4. Used to enjoy this thread...now it's infected by insects
  5. Really ? I did...gave me a laugh Do you regularly get emails from the club ? Just curious
  6. We dont really start from the same position...it's more akin to a Stawell Gift only the handicappers have forgotten to apply the handicaps. Anyone thinking some arent better off are kidding themselves.
  7. Toddy Viney....great player. Toddy Viney at MFC subsequent. ..? ? Toddy Viney...great player...not sure he really accomplished much whilst here . Great player...yep Good luck....
  8. I tend to agree I dont really understand this forum. It smacks of a circus sideshow. Actually it reminds me more of a LXRA community consultation process. The genuine questions can be addressed atcan AGM. This sounds more to me upon reflection as a method to take the heat out of things. ..bit like the Paris accord...all sounds nicey nicey. ..all gets things off chests...nothing though is biding...and members go home feeling sated and listened to.. The reality is neither happen Sounds like lip service to tell the truth. The club is already on the front foot...the c
  9. Whos going to kick it to him... Our delivery is light years behind the filth. All sounds suss
  10. I fear that's it as an AFL career for KK...much more important things in life really He we have another case, imho, of our medicos failing in the Due diligence arena. They alone weren't the problem though as we just seem to want to trade for or draft players that "hopefully might come good " NQR is just an ongoing quality about Melbourne. This needs to come to an end Good luck Kade
  11. I'll have a Capo ( no sugars ) and a coffee scroll ( buttered ) unless there's a nice glazed custardy fruit thingy!! I loved group meeting !!
  12. Very sad. Commiserations to all family and friends.
  13. Last I heard Ratten doesn't speak Fugazi...that's our domain. Fugazi= Mumbo Jumbo....and we nail it...on and off the field
  14. they certainly stemmed the tide...allowed the Toiges to regroup...and then it was wax lyrical with frees. Well done Gil
  15. The problem only EVER occurs once the ball escapes that confinement. We're possibly not so much profound as simply deep in IT !!
  16. I see us more as a Thermomix...we sound splendid...definitely a cult following...and we cost ourselves a bomb. results...well...yes Martha you cooked dinner..well done. ( over 24 easy payments ) and/or you may well get burned
  17. I WAS wondering...but that's hilarious !!! well done
  18. about 2.30 in the morning...we missed our chance...going to be a while
  19. 21 men in yellow and black...says it all
  20. Im referring to Goody's penchant for diarrhetic nonsense at pressers. Pay attention and youll find Ratten a lot less Fugazi in his dealings. We'll just differ...no need to change now
  21. Best i put other glasses on.lol..my bad Cracking game so far...go Lions
  22. Goidwin mentions many things...talks a lot...and we play Fugaziball I rate Ratten above Goodwin. Going to be an interesting year...or 6 months
  23. Apologies is ive missed this elsewhere Why isnt this a Lions home final ?
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