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  1. Thats marvellous for him ....Really congratulations . Does nothing for US Thats the difference in view. We gave Lewy 300 also... We are so desperate for relevancy. ..sad.
  2. I get it...Hawks haven't won a final recently. ..phew. ..cant argue with that. Oh btw 2008 2013 2014 2015 say hello Yep...they haven't a clue...we've got it nailed. Thanks for that
  3. Youre not getting my gist. Jones is no Hodge...not by a Flemington Straight. Hes been a workmanlike bloke. Its all very well to be charitable. .but surely there's a difference between a burb footy hero getting his gong and an AFL team applying professional assessment and all thatgoes along with that. In reality we are no better than a dysfunctional suburban team and run things like it. Hawthorn made the right call. Its thatt hey let these blokes go and still rebuild on the fly is the very point. We attempt rebuild after rebuild after rebuild and NEVER get th
  4. Hodge a much better player still. Your point ? We're currently an irrelevant club pandering to an 'ideal' Somehow a bloke getting 3oo is more the goal than winning silverware. I dont begrudge Jones. Good for him. Sums us up entirely. Let the rage begin
  5. Watched for 30 secs...game gone from a farce to a joke. Sad
  6. George ..this has been doing the rounds for a while...only awaitig Gils Dills to verify
  7. Fellow Demonlanders this is just the beginning of the torch ( and think acetylene not lumens ) being applied to us. Finals will act as a diversion for a short while only. More than one source/informed jungle drummer has suggested to me it's not all happy families at Melbourne. .emphasis on 'families' Everyone of course is at liberty to believe what they will. That's a given. Another given is that the Purple was is something of a muppet puppet but really ppl need to to consider who the muppet puppet's master is ?? The media IS now the domain for the AFL, clubs, man
  8. Maybe not the inmates...but definitely lunatics. MFC Melbourne 's Football Challenged
  9. It would be....probably on past form they'd give him an extension...It's our way eh !! lol
  10. Essentially i agree...but i actually see next year as a classic year in two halves. We'll have a different take on our 'style' ..i'm sure. .one way or another. You'll have a preseason of some adjusting to game, to training..to us lol The pretend games will trial a few and try out some of the game. The first 5 or so games of year proper will hopefully start to bed in some footy and sort some players. Chunk...good bad and indifferent should take most of that in his stride. H'ed be far from the most influential player out there but he will give you a kind of
  11. Maybe...but he's still there.... so he can earn his coin as can anyone. There will be no doubt some players who wont be able to dive straight into our new season....either a bit too green or proppy or whatever but they'll need either Magoo time to get matchlegs or development before stepping up. Id use Jonesy mainly before the bye and sparingly after. Not rocket surgery really is it
  12. Id give him the first 14 and then we can ALL move on
  13. its all about the 300....you can just smell it
  14. what would a successful club do ?? then do opposite. Neil said it...there comes a time.
  15. At times I think I'm dong just that...and it's an endless nightmare I'm subjected to. Looking forward to waking up .
  16. Not happening any time soon and definitely not with us atm Shame
  17. A full review simply is that. The result is you then have a better image of everything. It may be Goody goes...it might be stays and others go...or a number of permutations. Those who are open to this..a full review make no preconditions for it. A review is just that...a review.
  18. Yep Blight...all the marbles there....lets just stop coaching. ...in a game Blight !! Be among the last to listen to.Agenda
  19. Yes..Obviously There are those who want a thorough review of the club. Its nots just Sack Goodwin. Thats an easy out for those that are happy and content. The review isn't about Goodwin.It's about a club , a business. So quite possibly id reverse it upon you and suggest there are those content with everything, on the assumption a little bit of this and a little bit of that has seemingly been enacted; and there are those whi think thats smearing over the cracks and think this club needs a good cold hard look at its machinations and understand holistically whats gon
  20. Does a CSI team go into their work with the culprits in tow ? No Many want to brand the idea of external as being by people who have no understanding of the game and it's administration. This is a croc. It means by OTHER people who understand exactly what ought to be and may not be happening. Audits are never done by people WITHIN a company. There's a reason for that. A review is essentially an Audit. It needs people WITHOUT any stake to make impartial assessment. Again..you don't send Foxes into the Hen house to do a count
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