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  1. Bit like only being a little bit dead eh
  2. Sorry mate you're way off base here. Youre protecting mediocrity and a bloke who's way out of his depth . There are things rotten at Melbourne. Maybe you don't know it. There are those that use any excuse to berate anyone who actually cares enough about this travesty by using the same tactics used all over. Simon's not the Mesiah, not even a naughty boy. He's just a mainchancer being propped up by others. If you dont get that this club needs a review undertaken by Pert and others suitably quailified but not including anyone else from the club then you know far less th
  3. Good luck gents. Thanks for being part of this roller coaster ride we all call "The Dees" Go well in your next journeys. and...thank you.
  4. Other dominoes probably need to fall yet swyl
  5. We dont even pay our National Leader for what he says he'll deliver as opposed our Coach irrespective of what he does deliver.
  6. Go find a corner and flaggelate til death
  7. Nows the time to find a cup of chips...a frothy...and head home. A nice Brie...a decent Red...feet up and put the vinyl on the TT. Live it up...just walk away
  8. yeah but they'll probably soon sense they've done enough. It's us after all !! how many games have we run out 4/4 ?? ( it's a trick question )
  9. why why WHY so often so much intuitive clever stuff( despite training ) ...only to be finished with...drivel... such as a handball to feet !! fmd give me strength
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