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  1. Got to agree with Eddie here. No such 'rule', just the AFL making it up as they go along once again.
  2. Paid $200 bucks t0 get roasted in Perth midday sun. Joke time slot, Friday night would have been magnificent.
  3. It makes teams work harder to defend instead of sitting down the line. A bit of extra fatigue to open up hole and also deny teams the ball when they get a run on. We didn't do this at all early yesterday when WC got a run on.
  4. Don't forget the two occasions Adelaide took advantage and the umpire called them back as it was 'no advantage'. Correct me if I'm wrong, but hasn't the rule changed that it's the player and not the umpires call?
  5. Todd Viney? 1/5 and that was against GC. https://afltables.com/afl/stats/coaches/Todd_Viney.html
  6. This. Plus a starting midfield if SME, Beams (absolute star), Zorko and some young up and comers filtering through. They are well coached and no push overs. Very happy to bank the 4 points.
  7. If he runs the FD like he ran Brisbane’s conditioning program Adelaide are in for a world of hurt.
  8. Think we gave Armstrong away cause he was no good. Scott Thompson though.....
  9. Is this the guy who went public with some confidential concerns from Davey in the Neeld years?
  10. Good to see Richmond's search for alternate goal kickers in 2016 starting to pay dividends..... Jack 6, all other singles........
  11. His old man might make him smoke the whole pack.
  12. Even worse when it's just a punter tipping people in.
  13. Any music authorities comment on quality of line up?
  14. Doesn't exactly scream I'm doing everything possible to come back in 100% tip top shape.
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