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  1. I agree for the big midfielderMy worries are his injury and his return home factor as I recall
  2. His looks good for tween memberships
  3. With it so hard for experienced recruiters to get it right what are the odds of a player getting to 100 games or other worthwhile benchmark? When discounted for risk do recruiters overvalue them when trading?
  4. I dont want tommy mac as a forward He cant kick It is one thing to take marks in defence another when tagged or leading
  5. Sounds good. Burton and Curnow for me but candidates without injury without go home factor ready to play physique wise should be considered. I also wouldn't underestimate the importance of a rebounding half backline with elite footskills. Get the ball in to Hoges before he is double teamed. Melksham is part of that plan.
  6. CHF is the toughest position to play. I doubt Frost is ready and prefer he consolidate a back role. I want your opinion of Burton who with Curnow provides big bodied fwd / mids.
  7. Indeed if the hit rate for top picks to get to 100 games is as low as calculated
  8. According to the age today the chance of a first round pick exceeding the games played by chris yarran are 11per cent A general argument on the variable results of first round picks vs established players Looked at games played for first rounders since 1998 I think
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