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  1. Someone who is related to the petraccas
  2. Anyone else hearing gaff to dees rumour again this trade period? I’m not connected in any way to the club but have heard this rumour twice now
  3. Elliot has more talent in his little toes than Spargo, ANB, Dunkley and the Wagners have combined together
  4. Cant believe how many people dont have Pruess in they're votes today 6- Clarry 5- Tmac 4- Pruess 3- Trac 2- Jones 1- May
  5. The Carlton w@nker sitting next to me today pleaded with the umpires and then argued with everyone around us that when the ball stopped on the goal line and the 2 players dived at the ball that it had to be kicking in danger against whoever our player was as he went with his foot and the blues player went with his hand
  6. They're medical team can have him
  7. Bailey fritsch can play anywhere on the ground, and is a hard match when put forward
  8. GEELONG we owe those pricks, start frost on Hawkins and move the ball like we did against the eagles yesterday
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