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  1. Good Call, great call, correct call Garry!! Love it
  2. 6. Jones 5. Blease 4. Garland 3. Moloney 2. Watts 1. Jamar
  3. 6. Jones 5. Sylvia 4. Garland 3. Rivers 2. McKenzie 1. Frawley
  4. 6. Garland 5. Jones 4. Howe 3. Petterd 2. Watts 1. Moloney
  5. 6. Jordie 5. Watts 4. Nicholson 3. Trenners 2. Martin 1. Tapscott No leaders...
  6. Please please please Melbourne.... make this loss count. It has to mean something, it has to be the start of something. I have never been more hurt. I won't stop supporting, but I never want to lose hope!!!
  7. 6. Martin 5. Petterd 4. Jones 3. Tapscott 2. Rivers 1. Trengove
  8. Love the way this kid goes about his footy! I hope he becomes the modern version of Rod Grinter!
  9. 6. Sylvia 5. Frawley 4. Rivers 3. Martin 2. Moloney 1. Petterd Added some weight to the defensive efforts of our two big guns. Without them we would be dead in the water!
  10. The Ugly The desicion in the 2nd quarter against Trengove for sheparding. Players are entitled to utilise thier bodies when they are in a superior position to protect the drop zone of the ball. ESPECIALLY when that player had a ligitimate play at the ball until infringed against. Disgusting and should not be accepted at AFL level.
  11. I want big, tough and mongrel to be pre-requisites for being our captain. My vote goes to Jamar - not as much mongrel, but miles ahead in the other two! VC's - Beamer, Riv-Dog & Sylvia Leadership group (wanky concept) - Chip, Jordie Mac, Trenners No compromise in amongst that group.
  12. We kicked the goal straight after that anyways. Umpires were pretty good I thought. I yelled and screamed at the game, but when i saw the replay, they were pretty much spot on. You need two eyes to judge the Umps performance properly.
  13. I'd love to see Col Garland on TFS. I reckon he's hilarious!
  14. AFL revenue, media coverege and attendance is at all time high. It aint broke, it don't need fixin!
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