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  1. If Hogan was a Free Agent this year, what type compensation would we be looking at?
  2. We've rebuilt our club off the back of losing Scully, there's no way he's worth Tyson, Salam and hogan.... I was shattered at the time, but bloody glad now.... The pressure from Jim and media hype got us massive overs in compensation, that we never get in a trade... Look at what Gold Coast got for O'Meara, we scored in that deal... this off season is the polar opposite of the dark days of Scully bags and the Alice Springs machete genius.... PJ and Roos have truely transformed this club and I'm forever greatful....
  3. I just noticed Fremantle has delisted jack Hannath, I wonder if he could fill the ruck forward hole we have... Would be awesome to see him in the red and blue, especially considering how close we were to drafting him... He was practically one of the boys, then freo cut our grass...
  4. So what gets it done? As an ageing star, He's probably got two solid years left... Would Trengove and Dawes get it done? What kind of compensation do they get next year, if he walks? so many questions
  5. Apart of me thinks the required player thing is just a tactic, to get more for ageing stars... They need to drop the age of their group or they'll fall like the Aussie cricket team did, when the greats retired... Who knows? The Mitchell trade could be a decoy for this one? Or vice-verser.... Good get for us and a necessary move for the Hawks....
  6. Wow!! Would be an awesome pick up, what would the hawks want? They clearly don't want to lose him, would be nice pay back for Bruce and Frawley... Get it done Dee's!!
  7. I'm more than happy to take the blame mr little...
  8. Im curious... When does his current contract end? Why did he step away from the leadership group?
  9. As excited as I'am for us stealing Petracca with pick 2, I don't believe he's earned this comparison yet... any comparison between him and Allen Jackovich needs to be saved until, he at least proves he can play seniors on the main arena... Who knows if Petracca will even make it yet, He's got along way to go yet... Every year our new recruits get unwarranted praise and expectations become so high that it's inevitable, that we'll be left wanting.... Personally I'm glad we have him and I'm happy just have him play in the twos all year and develop properly...
  10. I'm totally rapped we got these kids, the boost they give our future midfield is huge... With all the crazy draft hype now days, it's easy to forget that they are just kids who are unlikely to have any major impact next... but... If they do, I'll just be hoping we can keep them... With the way player movement is going, I doubt we'll keep them all...
  11. Other sports have adopted these tactics, in an attempt to catch up to the excitement AFL brings... Rather than try to join the herd, the AFL should focus on our differences... Our game doesn't need a glamorous displays and hyped up rock shows to draw crowds? We have crowds... Our game should aim to in hans our community ties, via opening and closing ceremonies... Our game is sacred and should be given the respect it deserves... All AFL teams should march to the "G" and knell to the raising of the cup... The Cup should be treated as absolutely sacred and no members of any team should ever be allowed to touch it, without winning it... Im not talking about dangling it from strings and flying it around the "G"... I'm talking Olympic flame style respect... After making it's way around the country it should be raised in to a glass cabinet at the MCG, to be admired for the entire year...
  12. Let him develop for a few years!!! That's way too sensible for us... Farout!! If he isn't pushing for the top ten in the comp by his second year, then we have him in the gun... Development? Pfft... Get real....Lol..
  13. Also... When a player is forced to play with a debilitating injury for two years, due to mismanagement and substandard medical checks and rehabilitation... are we really surprised that he's re injured his foot? He'll play AFL again, but not for a few years yet... His best is worth the wait, whether our club can wait... Who knows? He might turn out to be another gem we have stored for the Hawks...
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