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  1. no chance now that there will not be a VFL season this year.
  2. Tearing an ACL hurts a lot, but the pain settles down after a while.
  3. The midfield all year has become too one dimensional and predictable. Gawn and 3 similar hard at the ball types. There is lack of spread as all 3 are attacking the ball and getting killed when the ball is turned over by all being too close the contest. You see it when 1 opposition player handballs or pushes the ball out wide and off the it goes Plan B is to put more ball hunters in there like Petracca. Need to include the better users of the ball (Salem, Hibberd & Melksham - when back from injury) in there AND players that will play the role and stay outside and add some pace (perhaps Hunt, Baker or Fritsch).
  4. You will be wrong, Preuss came across because Melbourne said that they will play him and Gawn. Typical set-up will be Tom McD at CHF leading way up. Weids at FF leading to the ball carrier and resting ruckman in the forward pocket or on the bench. You will also see Weids and Tom McD play very little ruck; this hurt Melbourne when they did that last year as they started losing most of the centre breaks. They will try and use Gawn's and Preuss' height to stretch defence match-ups, might even force some teams to play their second ruckman in defence.
  5. I think North may have decided that Daw is their backup ruckman; interesting call as he has been great as an interceptor. I think that the Melbourne Rucks next year will be Gawn, and Preuss, with Weids and McDonald as the fwd/ruck change-ups and Bradke as the developing ruckman.
  6. MCG, check Rain, check Crap opposition, check NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. What is the crap about Oscar in the article? Two of Brown's goals were from frees not related to Oscar. One other goals was from a push in the back to Oscar similar to the one given by Gawn to Brown in the ruck. And Melksham plays a different role to Brayshaw; he tags and plays defensive forward. Two roles I have not seen Brayshaw play with any success. Brayshaw would be back-up for the Oliver, Jones, Viney, Tyson, ANB and Salem role of winning the ball around stoppages.
  8. Didn't Rory tell Bernie "I am not your mate, Bernie"? Why would he want to join him then?
  9. I like this team; I think that Garlett will get in before many here (Fritsch, Hannan, Harmes and ANB). My guess would be Garlett in and Harmes in the Emergencies.
  10. Teamname: RedSoxxers Can I get an invite to a league? Thanks!
  11. I always insist on a "beer review" myself.
  12. you said unscientific, now you want scientific.........
  13. I can contribute to this study. Adem Yze seemed to never miss a shot on goal (during the game) if he missed every shot in the warm-up. But this theory never worked with Neitz, as he needed a set shot from the goal square or a handball over the top to get over his "kicking for goal nerves" for that game. Once he got his first he could nail them from anywhere.
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