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  1. As I understand it he broke the all time record of consecutive wins from debut which used to be 14 when he reached 15 and I believe he breaks the record tomorrow for the most wins from debut including one player who had 17 but they weren't consecutive when he reaches 18. Surely that's all the incentive the boys need to get him across the line.
  2. You can look at the table at the start of this OP. It's not relevant as there are so many fluctuations month by month. There are a lot of automatic renewals at the end of the previous year, then various catalysts for membership bursts caused by various events. There's no consistency to it.
  3. 60,735 From this time last year to the cutoff on 31 July we had an extra 4404 members. So if we match that rate we'll crack the 65,000. However, for whatever reason there was a jump of 1301 in this corresponding week last year which accounted for a substantial jump in the memberships.
  4. Agree. If you choose to pin both a players arms and drive him into the ground then the dirt of care is on you to role him or do something else to protect his head as you’ve taken away his ability to protect himself. If you don’t do that then mostly you will be lucky if he is only concussed and. Or far more seriously injured.
  5. This time last year on 14 May total was 46,896 and the cutoff total on 31 July was 53,188 so memberships went up another 6,292. So potentially there is the scope to crack the 65,000 target although it's not possible to know whether there are still that number of unsigned supporters out there or whether we've already milked most of them. In 2019 the previous record year before that the increase from this time to the 31 July cutoff was only 2,298. Let's hope the membership systems in place now are superior and we'll get there. The club is obviously being more creative with memberships now like the 6 game memberships for $66 which ultimately helps attract sponsors as the membership total goes up and hopefully helps with numbers at games.
  6. Good point but this would maybe more relevant for teams in 7th and particularly 8th. Teams around 6th by then are usually in the 8 at the end. The line has to be drawn somewhere. Arguably teams chances of finishing top 2 or top 4 being compromised by an unfair draw, like Geelong getting Nth & Eagles twice is more of a problem.
  7. The most logical way to get the closest to making it fairer is once everyone has played each other once then set who plays each other twice. The AFL proved last year and this year that you can set the fixture on a rolling basis so there shouldn't be a reason this couldn't be done. As for Cats, get a ridiculous home ground advantage without the penalty of having to play interstate every other week like the interstate teams. Plus that game is not a real AFL ground and with all the redevelopment there surely they could have fixed the width but that would have taken away that massive home ground advantage.
  8. Good find. I understood the Bang Bang Bang and the French bit but no clue what the hell the rest of it was about.
  9. I'd like to pose a question for tomorrow night. I'm wondering if other people fee like me that it still feels really strange being unanimously raved about in the press as the best team and unstoppable etc when for me it was less than a full season ago when we beat the Dogs in Rd 10 & then the Lions the next week that in my mind I started to think of us as a real chance to be contenders. It still feels surreal every time we're talked about that way. I keep making myself not take it for granted and enjoy every game and not get caught up in only thinking about getting to see this year's Premiership. I'd say the most fundamental thing to start with is I can finally "trust" the team to turn up and have a real go every week and not drop games they shouldn't. Also the incredible quality and depth of this list. Other than Robbie, I'm struggling to think of any players of the elite, even freak ability of Gawny, Trac, Clarry and Kossie (although in the company in his position of the Wiz and I'd say better than Davey). May is so elite not just in competing but his skill level and decision making. Lever as an interceptor. And to have all of them in the same team. I could wax lyrical for pages. But my point for discussion is whether other people are still coming to terms with how quickly we have gone from starting to think we might be in the mix to reaching such a high level and making sure they don't take it for granted.
  10. Steven May on On the Couch tonight commented on him having done some good jobs the last couple of weeks. Fighting for his GF spot. (I'm saying the last sentence, not him.)
  11. I was at that game. Only game in Perth I’ve ever been to. I happened to get down from Sydney for 3 games in a row that season which I expected to be losses. Beat Pies at QB by 4pts. Then reigning Premiers Dogs at Marvel. Then went to Perth and took my brother and nephew. Hunkered down amongst the only Dees supporters at the ground. So so sweet. Couldn’t believe it. It was Goody’s first season and by the end of those 3 games he was looking like the messiah not a naughty boy
  12. Maybe it will all go in there. There was talk of that some years ago.
  13. If we find out at the end of the year he wants to go to Freo it puts a very different light on their request for him for Cerra last year and Lobbe wanting to leave would have opened up the position and money for him. Now Freo have nothing to offer and he’s out of contract so we have a lot less to bargain with. Having said that personally I can’t see him going at the end of the year. We are in too much of a window for at least a 3 year contract extension. But weirder things have happened.
  14. Just watched Burgo's Crows knock off the Dogs in Ballarat. Have to say work rate really stood out. I used to say there was a good Melbourne and a bad Melbourne. The good one ran and created options in defence and attack the bad one didn't and didn't do either. If you're not fit enough you just can't do the necessary running required in today's game. It's quite instructive to see how Burgo has weaved his magic already at Crows and how quickly they have become competitive. I'll never forget speaking to Flash at the 2011 B & F and he was saying Bailey was trying to get them to play a game plan they couldn't play. They were too young to have the running power to run up and down the ground the way he wanted them to. No doubt he was right about the game plan he just didn't adjust it to the players capability. This just reinforces what I said elsewhere about a big part of our success now being having a critical mass of players with enough years to be fit enough to have the stamina to compete with the best.
  15. Interesting. I have no idea what stage it's at or how it's going but there doesn't seem to have been much progress since I took the photo below nearly 3 weeks ago on 2 April. I've just remembered I found out recently I know someone who works in there as a groundsman. Don't know if he actually works on Gosch's or just AAMI and others. I've put a request through to a mutual contact for some info on progress and will post if I get a reply.
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