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  1. That's probably what Geelong supporters said about Mark Blicavs in the 2012 pre-season.
  2. Good eye - It's the confident strut that says that "I believe in myself and I'm going to make it"
  3. Good eye Earl. He's my surprise packet tip for this year - He just has a class and confidence about him that suggests he has a good chance of spending more time on the "G" this year than at Casey fields.
  4. Final points from today and then I'll sign off from Maroochy headquarters. In hindsight I'd describe today's session as a slow burn. It turned into the kind of training session that not only highlights the training camp but is also one to build the season upon. *Not sure if it was mentioned elsewhere but Jetta was at the camp today training in the rehab group, but Garlett and Johnstone were still away. *More sport specific and game style specific conditioning on display today - I expect our game style to go to a new level of physicality this year, with bodies hitting hard *From the sound and looks of it they have got the endurance running stuff out of the road really early in the piece and now are really honing in on perfecting the details - Already fit enough. *I haven't seen any of the other sessions but the Hulk is really putting his best foot forward this year. Really excited to see what he can do. * All of the ex Basketballer talents emerging in football terms are another highlight for me. * If we can keep most of our key players fit and healthy throughout the year, look out because other teams are going to have their hands full with the Dees - which is nice to be able say for a change. Bring on the season - catch you next year.....maybe.
  5. Really good team spirit at the end of training. Very impressed with the efforts to encourage some of the strugglers. A draining session with really good signs for the year. Particularly like the way Weids finished off the session and he is trending really well. He's a lot stronger and fitter a year on
  6. The boys are finishing off the session really well now which is suprising. Really impressed with their grapling and competitive work in drills. Most of them absolutely spent which is good to see. FINALLY
  7. JKH showing a bit of improved intensity, skill and composure today. This session has gone down a notch now.
  8. Not sure what it is I like about Maynard? Hasn't done anything special today but I see he has a bit of a late to start Pendles about him - Watch this space.
  9. Wattsy is looking like having a ripping year this year. Strong chance to lead goal kicking IMO.
  10. Done a few good things. Definitely a strong greatness candidate. Big game player.
  11. Hogan marking well, kicking well and looking fit and sharp. Big year ahead.
  12. Training standard slightly better today, although the intensity is only ratcheded up to full gas for a select few minutes. Few standouts for me at this stage are Tracca for competitiveness and polish, Hunt for game breakingness, Viney for mongrel and Hannan for marking. Other guns are a tad quiet so far.
  13. Ethan, I thought I saw you over at the Hotdog stand loading up on the Hot-sauce. Was that you mate?
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