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  1. Great News Best going around and grew up barracking for us
  2. Glad someone brought up Jordon Lewis He doesn’t get punished enough for 2018
  3. Thought he looked good seems to be very mature and makes few mistakes
  4. Played against a lot of ex VFL players in my Bush Career But the one who worried me the most was the thought of Greg Parke using my back as a step ladder as I filled the gap at CHB as all good ruckman do Greg was one of my hero’s growing up So as you do I tried to shirtfront at him first opportunity Result Free and Goal to Parky
  5. He wasn’t popular at all with the blokes he did National Service with either He was Lucky that Richmond stopped him going to Vietnam
  6. I might be the only one on here happy about this Im in Darwin that week visiting my son who lives there After missing out on the Alice Springs game the last two years I’m very happy
  7. The Oval at Rye has always been known as the MCG of the bush But as it’s a working class Football club how upset would the silvertails at Sorrento be
  8. Need to play Petty Foward or he will turn into OMac
  9. Sorry to say it will be the centre of a Type of civilisation within 20 years Kilometre after kilometre of boring little boxes with no backyards Built in what was once our most fertile farmland
  10. That’s Good because in 30 yrs of bush footy I didn’t do much of anything more than a slow lap before training But still had plenty of injuries glad it wasn’t because I didn’t stretch much
  11. One of my favourites as a kid Often took 2 or 3 bites of the cherry as the commentators of the day often said Great Mark
  12. As a 10 yr old at the time I felt exactly the same At the time it actually split some families as RDB was so popular that some supporters transferred their support to Carlton
  13. Always hoped he would improve but watching him closely at Casey a few times thought he also struggled at that level I think he could have been tried in other positions He never had the confidence to succeed on the last line of defence
  14. Can anyone ever emulate the great ultra team man Pedo Phillip Island B and F they must think he’s Superman down there
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