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  1. We are about to lose a ton of money from no NT then QB game. This after losing a huge amount last year. Would be a bloody tough thing to decide to do, but I have empathy to why they would
  2. I think the most important part of any new training facility is it needs to be super attractive to players and staff. That means the space needs to be large enough to house all facilities with room to grow and in a location where it's attractive for players and staff to live nearby or that it's an easy commute. Any facilities for fans in my opinion are secondary. However honestly if it has the above, it basically covers fans needs also. Players and staff also want access to good coffee and food, either onsite or nearby. If the MCG precinct can provide this then great. Otherwise in my opinion we should not be wedded to it
  3. In my opinion there are plenty of reasons why it may not be appropriate to publically announce a preferred option yet. They publically announced a preferred option of Jolimont a little while ago and going public in hindsight was a bad move. Fingers crossed we hear something soon ?
  4. I disagree with the opinion that because the public doesn't know the preferred site yet, we must not have one.
  5. Is the reason you don't think we have a site because they haven't yet told you what the site is?
  6. My guess is he is unlikely to be drafted, training with Dees to potentially play at Casey and the media have just completely missed that he's eligible this year.
  7. Even if not highly rated, he's playing WAFL Colts and has enrolled in the draft. Given who his dad is and that he's f/s eligible at 2 clubs I find it very strange the media haven't mentioned him at all. Any article would get a plenty of clicks
  8. Nah I think the media have always reported it as 2021 also, just did some googling of articles
  9. Might be way off, but something seems a little secretive here. I think the club took down a photo on its socials and it's pre-season training article from the website that had him in it, could have sworn it was him. Now it appears he's nominated for the draft and no media has picked it up either...
  10. So his draft year is this year I take it? Always thought it was next year? The date of birth listed says he's 18 so makes sense if it's this year...
  11. I'd be leaving as many rookie spots open as possible if I was Dees. In my opinion there is going to be a heap of players undrafted who if they played in 2020, would have easily been drafted. Could be a real one off opportunity. Has anybody looked into comparing historical mock draft's at the start of a season to what the actual draft at the end of the year looks like? Would be fascinating to see in the context to this upcoming draft
  12. The Rumour Only thread now needs links in the opening post to rumours, much like the training report threads need links to training reports. All because 90% of the chat is people getting their kicks out of keyboard arguments. Spare me!
  13. I think the biggest thing will be him getting his body right. If he does, there is no reason he can't be our best forward. If he doesn't, I struggle to see him down back or up forward.
  14. Essentially we upgraded 26 to 25, 31 to 28, and then got BB & future 4th for 33 & 43. That's well played ??
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