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  1. Post Tompas Stress disorder? I have PBPSD, post barry prendergast stress disorder
  2. 62kg is a pretty slight frame at 180cm, would expect him to need 3-4 years of development before really knowing if he is capable
  3. I do not see how this leads to anything other than what they already have - mediocrity
  4. If i got a silhouette of Jordon and Hunter i don't think you could tell the difference. I think Hunter takes most of the wing role and JJ is back to utility or Casey.
  5. Boy oh boy I love a basketball background
  6. Phillipou or Jefferson look like likely pick ups at 13. Phillipou as a 192 forward who's good at ground level seems a good partner for Fritsch. And Jefferson looks the next best forward as well but not necessarily an outstanding prospect.
  7. I'm wrapped, Grundy, hunter and scache in. 2x first rounders and 2x second rounders for next year's bumper crop.
  8. I hope Tim Lamb can trade me into be his wife, because i want to have this man's babies! What a bargain deal!!
  9. Big difference here is the dogs are stacked for forwards. While we are devoid for forwards and weid could never get a game. Came cheap and has a role he can immediately fill.
  10. Even if we did draft Cadman, by the time he's hitting his straps the rest of our talls will be on the edge of retirement. He won't make an immediate impact, so I'd definitely be waiting till next years better quality draft.
  11. In a lot of ways, Grundy is a fully realised Jackson. Both have basketball backgrounds and can play as an extra midfielder. While Jackson is more agile and has that Nic Nat style x factor, Grundy is a better mark, better tap ruckman and a probably a better forward. Jackson also did not have the tank and ability to play full ruck duties while Grundy does. Very easy to see how Grundy slots into our game plan.
  12. Demonland: Tim lamb has lost it Tim lamb: turns 3 late picks into brodie grundy with a reduced contract
  13. Bro-dee Grun-dee It was meant to be
  14. Him and Corey Ellison would look good on our rookie list next year
  15. I'm just joking brother do what you need to
  16. You can stop posting these it's just making me upset
  17. We are happy to lose on points because points are only valuable for those with academy or father son picks. We are aiming at neither.
  18. Essendon supports saying their 22 would likely get eaten up for points picking up Alywyn davey in the draft, 22 for harmes would be a good get imo
  19. Don't mind it. Sparrow and him are nearly identical and the FD clearly favour Sparrow over him. He would provide genuine grunt to essendon and would get the midfield minutes he wants. On our end, we have another spot for a mid with tidier disposal and a bit more leg speed.
  20. I would be interested in mimicking Collingwoods forward structure. 2 rotating rucks with 3 medium talls. Could look like Pickett Grundy/Gawn Spargo Sheezel Fritsch Petracca Or Pickett Grundy/Gawn Spargo Fritsch JVR/Petty Sheezel
  21. We have a good trade relationship with GWS so I would love to package him with a late pick to move up the draft. End of the day he was a cheap academy pick up and we should be looking to make a profit of his development.
  22. Gunston will not improve their shoddy team defence/two way running and poor backline, not really stressed about this move
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