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  1. I thought Tomlinson was excellent today in defence. Sometimes he gets he gets caught on the back foot one on one but for the most part he slotted right into the back 6/7. He'll obviously remain in the side while Lever is recovering from his knee injury but where to from there for Tomo?
  2. What is happening with our midfield at the moment? They are consistently getting beaten all around the ground and none of them are having much impact at the moment. It's hard to be too critical of these guys because they've been the premier midfield group for the past few season but something is just off.
  3. Slow start killed us. Commendable fight back but ultimately it was our first quarter and inaccuracy that killed us. I would love to blame it on the 5 day break but we had some run in us at the death.
  4. 6. Lever 5. May 4. Gawn 3. Oliver 2. Fritsch 1. Windsor
  5. How mammoth was Max in the last quarter. 9 possessions, 4 clearances and a goal? I was worried that Max might have been injured early because he was off the ground for a large chunk of the 2nd quarter. Didn't realise until the end that he had a concussion test.
  6. Great interview Andy. Really enjoyed every minute of it. Chin kept his goal a game average too.
  7. 13 is a special number in Judaism. 13 is the age that a Jewish boy becomes a man and become Bar Mitzvah. So Mazel Tov Clarrie indeed.
  8. Missed you guys last week. Didn't get my Demonland Poddy fix so neither me nor my old pup Jonesy got any exercise. I thought May's post game interview on channel 7 was interesting especially in regards to acknowledging the poor disposal and the turnovers that resulted and that rather than going into their shells and reverting back to long down the line after halftime they stuck to the gameplan. Thoughts?
  9. Further to this do you agree or disagree with Kingy that Hit out stats are overrated.
  10. Wouldn't mind adding his class to our rotation but agree with Watson that he is in the rung below the upper echelon of A grade stars.
  11. smurf


    Imagine being a full grown adult and feeling the need to write something on a public forum criticising the way someone speaks when their own written complaint is littered with errors. Clown.
  12. When the fixture came out and I saw this block of 3 games leading into the Bye, the Back to Back Adelaide Games and a matchup against last year's Grand Finalists Brisbane I was very worried and thought we'd be lucky to escape with 1 win. My hardwired negativity, which thanks to this podcast I now have a name for, MFCSS, I anxiously feared that we could have lost the lot. Fast forward to the end of Gather Round and we collected the 2 on the road wins and are facing a Lions team that was toothless in the first few rounds and have finally found a soft Kangaroos outfit to prey on. Still we can't them lightly. For the most part they still have the personnel that took them to within a claw of having their paws on a Premiership cup. Their forward line can be potent with their talls, mediums and smalls all capable of finding the big sticks. Their midfield has a dual Brownlow medalist roaming around and they do have a solid defence. How do we go about capping off a wonderful 3 weeks so that we can sit back and relax during the Bye?
  13. Apologies for my wording. i meant to say that we got killed on the stats sheet.
  14. @binman what did you make of the fact that we got killed and should have lost the game on expected score?
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