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  1. I was beginning to lose faith in Sparrow and I thought he stood up after 1/4 time and had an excellent game kicking 3 goals. We need a big year from him given Gus’ retirement and Clarry’s potential absence.
  2. So much love for this kid. Forever a Demon.
  3. Thanks you for another great listen. Really appreciate it guys.
  4. Oh Balderdash. If say the coach or the CEO or the President took the responsibility that you calling for you'd be the first one to stand up and whine that we are even more in the [censored] now.
  5. Great to have Footy and the Demonland Podcast back. What did you think of our small forward brigade? With the exception of Pickett I wasn't overly impressed and I thought Chandler in particular was MIA. Almost every time the ball hit the deck inside our 50 it went out with very little effort. Would love to see the inside 50 tackle stats.
  6. I'll be very interested to see what our tall forward set up will be in these practice matches. Tom Lynch will not be playing for the Tiges so there is a chance to try a defender or two up forward just to work on connection in case we need to break glass at some point this season.
  7. Count me in but I don't think any ruckman worth his weight in gold would consider coming to the Dees after the Grundy mess.
  8. Thanks to all the Track-watchers for all your excellent reports. I'm a desk jockey and getting down to training is not an option so having all these reports is like boundary riding.
  9. Wondering if you have had a good look at our fixture for 2024 and what are you thoughts? Thoughts on the Opening Round concept? The back to back Adelaide games? No Friday night games. Lots of travel. No Geelong.
  10. Looking forward to tonight's podcast as I am each and every week. How concerned, or not, are you that Darcy Moore and the Golden Boy Nick Daicos will be back this week? Moore is probably on the edge of when he would normally return from a hamstring injury but if Nick Daicos is back from his supposedly 6 week knee injury it will be about 2 weeks earlier than projected. Are they rushing him back?
  11. 6. Fritsch 5. Petracca 4. Neal-Bullen 3. Viney 2. Brayshaw 1. Rivers
  12. In what was a dead rubber for the Dees I was really impressed with the way we finished out the match. After the Swans took control of the match after half time booting 3 or 4 unanswered goals the Dees really put the foot down and applied the pressure to arrest momentum and regain control of the match. Hopefully this is just a little taste of what is to come. Someone posted this in the Post Match thread and it really highlights my point.
  13. We really need Fritta back this week so he can get some touch before finals.
  14. Another fantastic podcast @Demonland & @binman. Nice to have @george_on_the_outer 's 2 cents even though he wasn't in the Demonland Studio.
  15. Good get Andy. Looking forward to the interview. Jake has been outstanding this season and has stood tall in our depleted forward line.
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