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  1. Is there any more information out regarding the supposed ticketed open training session this coming Friday?
  2. Gee Ticketmaster is so much better than Ticketek.
  3. I'm getting exactly the same and I am also P1. Must be just the timing.
  4. I got 3, my wife and son got 2. Could be playing lucky dip at 2pm tomorrow with barcodes coming out my ears.
  5. Did anyone else get sent multiple barcodes?
  6. Email to Melbourne members coming out soon with further details on how to book members tickets.
  7. 100% capacity, tickets on sale this afternoon.
  8. Hoping to, does anyone know the time frame on ticket releases?
  9. How do we go about getting tickets to the VFL these days, have to pre-purchase?
  10. I watched a few minutes and thought it looked a bit breezy kicking to the right. Came on here to discover it's actually we are just 1990's Fitzroy reincarnated with no skills.
  11. Officially joining Essendon, I always thought he was a very good operator in the offseason. Admin Edit: Included article
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