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  1. Wow. That was some kind of a night. It, for me, felt like no other game in my life. It was just different. It was surreal. We aren’t conditioned to see us play like that. It’s magnificent. I love this football club
  2. I seriously am having difficulty sleeping. Good to see I’m not the only one. Us fans are more nervous than the players … I hope
  3. Today hit me hard. I’ve spent 32 years going every week with my dad and a group of family friends. I’ve waited to see a premiership all of my life and had always imagined it so differently to this. I’m sure so many here feel the same. I just want to scream “Go Deeeeeees!” In the streets. HHaha. I want this win so much, but it’s so tough watching from afar. C’mon Dees. As Ron said “keep your cool, and give em hell”
  4. This, This and This….. absolutely tired of it. No talk of the fact Melbourne had the same things thrown at them in the season, 8 hour layovers etc … not to mention, we finish 1st and get zero home ground advantage and have been in Adelaide and Perth as a reward. Where’s that story being written?
  5. You could see how hurt he is, but as he has always done, he puts the club before himself. He is remarkable. I couldn’t love the bloke anymore. He is brilliant. I hope he stays at the Dees in some sort of coaching role
  6. https://www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/afl-clubs-seek-advice-after-tom-wills-discovery-20210920-p58t8y.html?fbclid=IwAR10lLIcuUc-UU8gT47BgikYiL_3eVLBszvXuvE4sFNKzZhO3FZFZ0A77pk Interesting details emerging about Wills’ part in a massacre of Aboriginals. This seems completely inconsistent with other things I’ve read about Wills, but it’s fairly damning. How do others view this? I don’t feel like the MFC makes much of a deal about our connection to Wills, and these events took place a few years after he established the MFC.
  7. “Where the Dogs excel is winning clearances from opposition's taps.” This is spot on. I watched the Rd 19 game in full and this is what lost it for us. They were always on the move and expecting and predicting where Max would tap it. They obviously put a lot of work into his tapping patterns. Max eventually got frustrated and started just aimlessly slapping the ball 20 metres forward. If this starts happening, I’d be throwing Jacko in the ruck and getting Max forward and behind the ball. Jackson is less predictable and is like an extra mid. Have a plan B
  8. Great package. A massive reminder of how poorly our mids played in the rd19 game. Really fumbly in the wet. Too man little flick handballs. We won’t do that this week. Surprised to see how many stoppages ANB attended in that game too.
  9. This is ultimate nuff material ans so ironic. Happy to be ‘that team’ in 2016, but it’s now a pity party for us.
  10. I’ve been worried about that too. Now I’m worried tht if we wear the red backs, will they even have a longsleeve version with a red back? Im really stressed now
  11. Which begs the question, will Ed Langdon be wearing longsleeves? It’s been troubling me all week
  12. A mate sent me this today. Location unknown
  13. The weather in the rd19 game was the major factor. They scrubbed kicks inside fifty, forced stoppages and kicked some scrappy goals. The rain made our back structure useless and we had opportunities to win the game. If that’s what they are hanging their hats in, then let them. We also drew with the Hawks the week before and were in a form slump.
  14. If we are wearing red backs, this means we’d be wearing white shorts. We have never worn redbacks with blue shorts. Very bizarre if true. We are the home team as far as this all goes, are we not? That’s how it has worked in previous years
  15. Yeah we have been told by AFL and 7 to wear red backs. I reckon they announced ‘traditional strip’ hoping that we would all be none the wiser. Absolute Joke! We deserve the home strip. While it isn’t a massive departure from our home jumper, it is not our jumper.
  16. Has anyone noticed how cocky the Dogs fans are on social media. They really believe this is all over and done with. I hope it rubs off on their players. The reasons they think they’ll win 1. We have not played as many games as them in the last month and they will be fitter??? 2. This is how they won in 2016! 3. Bailey Smith already has the Norm Smith. As a supporter group, I reckon the Dogs have become completely unbearable. We had a run in with a group in 2018. It was all the usual crud you get from Essendon or Hawthorn supports “have you ever seen a flag?” “When was your last flag” - like really? How quickly they were to forget. This is another reason I went to kick this team’s rear end into next month. Absolutely cannot stand the Dogs.
  17. He just hides his emotion. Was the same when Jimmy died. But when he lets his guard down he loves the MFC. Bit of a defence mechanism
  18. I’m so bloody over hearing about the bulldogs and their underdog status. “Backs against the wall” mentality. Completely manufactured narrative from Bevo. They found themselves in that position because they lost games. Meanwhile, we have come from outside the Top 8 last year. Won 9-0. Been on a tarmac for hours before flying home to win by 98 pts. Then, we win the minor premiership and get the reward of no home finals and 2 weeks in quarantine. Then after winning both finals, our GF opponent gets the luxury of a 2 week break for god knows what reason. Absolutely over the “working class hero” narrative the Dogs dish up. Half their team are elite private schoolboys, but because one grew a mullet the Western morons think he is some battler like them. I hope we smash this pack of phonies
  19. Same number of scoring shots too. We failed to make the most of our opportunities and they got some dubious free in front of goal. Most notable was the free for holding the ball against Brayshaw
  20. 1:35am still 47 ‘Landers online. How good is it? Up the Dees
  21. I love this club. I love every poster on this forum. Been reading for years. We have been through the highs and lows together. Finally, we are the real deal. It’s coming home
  22. https://footyfandirect.com.au/collections/melbourne-demons I personally think the yolk on the longsleeves is atrocious
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