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  1. I no longer care about MCG precinct, but the facility had to be in the inner city, in an area that is accessible by public transport. Our AFLW team play in front of 2 dogs and cat out at Casey. Look at Punt Road and wht it offers VFL and AFLW supporters. Look at Collingwood and the crowds they pull into Vic Park. I could keep going. We are missing opportunities for growth and exposure. The game will NOT grow in Casey, now will our club. With Melbourne City FC there now, we are in a bad spot
  2. Makes you sick. We are the only club in this position, while other clubs are getting upgrades of upgrades. It’s actually a joke
  3. The club should sue Kornes. The bloke has had it coming for a while. He literally called Tim Lamb a liar. If Tim thinks otherwise, it's time to attack the credibility of this twit. He is a modern day shock jock and rarely backs down
  4. Yep, heard Lyon on SEN... said he had spoken directly to the source and that no meeting had taken place.
  5. The reality is, WCE won’t part with pick 2, we only have Freo left to deal with. They have the worst draft hand in the League. Unfortunately, it’s going to be a “take it or leave it” scenario. He can walk to West Coast in the PSD and we get zilch. It’s just the way it is.
  6. ANB as a midfielder …that’s a .. bloke would fumble the ball constantly in that much traffic.
  7. What younger players are we giving a go? Chandler? Who else “needs a go?”
  8. I haven’t read or heard the Lachie Hunter thing. Can someone enlighten me? Where did this come from? What’s the talk?
  9. Jordon slows the game down beyond belief. Completely stifles our ball movement. Pushes back behind his mark and waits and waits before kicking down the line to a contest. If that’s the way we are headed, things will look like the 2nd half of 22. I don’t mind losing Harmes, but seriously, we have to get some experienced blokes in to replace what is going out. The clubs around us are getting talent in. I know it’s early days, but we seem to be looking solely at Grundy. I don’t see that addressing the issues we had in 2022. Tht doesn’t mean he isn’t a good LJ replacement, but this team needs some better ball users and added pace.
  10. Is Gus Brayshaw playing midfield next year? Because, IMO, he hampered us in the midfield in every game except the first one after signing the new deal. He is best suited to the wing. Our success in 21 was due to the selflessness of guys like Brayshaw. If the tail is wagging the dog, things like Harmes leaving start to happen. It was very odd that Brayshaw moved from the HBF to the midfield as soon as he signed on. Was it a condition ? There is chatter that Harmes is after more midfield time. He was pushed out when Brayshaw entered the picture. Sparrow is also loved by the coaches, as we found out at the Bluey. My concern remains that we seem to have lost the selfless approach and guys are disgruntled and looking to cash in as premiership players
  11. If he goes, that’s a cause for concern. What is going on internally that is making these players want out? Are there fractures within the group?
  12. SEN said this morning that Freo are offering Pick 13 and F1, but want a second round in return. They can get farrked
  13. If that was mens football, she was seeing stars and knocked completely out. Went back with no sense of fear. It’s just lucky the girl coming the other way lost sight of the ball and didn’t jump
  14. Bannon has been ordinary this year. Thought she’d really take the next step in 2022.
  15. She was 15 out, running into an open goal, kicked it on the full. Sorry, but if you saw the Saints girl do it yesterday from the actual goal square, you would have to conclude this is a lack of skill across the competition issue. Hore is one of our more skilled players, but her goal kicking has let her down all season.
  16. Based on the VFL grand final, Chandler has the desire and consistency to make it at AFL level. Better all round player, whereas Bedford had moments of brilliance. We have that in Kozzy, so it makes sense to go with Chandler. If Kozzy leaves, that’s a disaster
  17. It’s amazing how chuffed the Eagles fans are with recruiting him. I don’t think he has ever been particularly highly regarded by opposition fans, but he is a superstar all of a sudden if you read social media. I really like Hunt, but he has serious limitations, they revolve around decision making and ball use. He was a very late bloomer and wasn’t really rated at Brighton Grammar, until his senior year. His pace set him apart, but he just lacked a little footy nous
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