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  1. vandenBerg important tough and has a crack. Stop putting him down negative nellies
  2. No for 2021. He left a sour taste when he complained about the dollars he was offered to play in 2020 (around $200k), didn’t like the pay cut. Suggests a selfish attitude, would not nurse to 300.
  3. Anyone keen? Meet regularly at Melbourne pubs to chat footy..
  4. Where are they at? Would ya take any back? Jack Watts - versatile Dom Tyson - inside mid depth Lyndenn Dunn - back up full back
  5. Hogan met with Bell ? told he is not in beat 22 hogan does not want to go to the QLD hub from next week
  6. Let’s do it! Don Tyson back as a return to sender scenario, handy depth, would YA?
  7. Sam Murray ex Pie speed to burn can play, would ya?
  8. Surely Gary Pert should donate? Not on the list
  9. anyone wanna watch at a pub? dem onland get together
  10. watching post match, should the MCG invest in some better chairs for the players? They are loaded! Out with Bunnings white plastic chairs and in with some luxury style leather chairs
  11. Citizens Park Richmond got redevelopment written all over it
  12. don't take kindly to negativity my source is Chris Connolly and few others, need i say more. wheels are in motion
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