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  1. won't happen. we will beat the cats in final round
  2. could there be the possibility the we play the cats after the dogs? then hub in another state for Adel, suns, eagles?
  3. probably a good thing the finals will be played outside off Melbourne , it would be hard to sit through anything like that
  4. there will be no premiership this year
  5. I've turned off, its unwatchable, we are not a top 4 team, don't let our ladder position fool you
  6. worst top of the table team ever I reckon, just [censored]
  7. we need to do to hawks what cats did to freo, this is so [censored] to watch
  8. the reality right now is that we were first last week and fell to second after a [censored] game against a team outside the eight, with an interstate game against a team that wants our spot in the top four. how that goes is anyones guess but, on past MFCSS we lose this week and fall to fifth. I'm choosing to ignore MFCSS and say that we win this one because this team is going to create its own path, as it has for the majority of 2021.
  9. the difference between our best footy and worst is still too big. This is why we are not a top 4 team yet I'm going to go out on a limb and take a new approach and say that the "new" Melbourne wins this one.
  10. it was arrogance that cost us this game, at selection and at the game
  11. exactly what I said to my mate after the game. doesn't bode well.
  12. with 12K extra members this year and the money from (probable) finals soften the blow from QB and NT?
  13. its almost like we feel sorry for Buckley, want to give him a win to send him off. God I was hoping for a smashing like what they used to do to us. FFS
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