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  1. Now Collingwood get a [censored] load of cash!
  2. I hope a whole bunch of our players are serious targets for other clubs. It's a great problem to have!
  3. From The Age: "while pacy former Crow Jordan Galluci should appeal to clubs such as Melbourne seeking outside run." I wonder whether he really is on our radar? A Victorian, originally a high draft pick and does seem to have outside run characteristics.
  4. Good news for our own plans?? https://www.richmondfc.com.au/news/836673/state-government-announce-funding-for-punt-road-oval-redevelopment
  5. Thanks Nev, great work! So proud of the club's history with indigenous Australians. May it grow stronger over time.
  6. Thanks binman for starting this thread and to everyone who has contributed so far.
  7. I know it's not about the Dees, but it's worth observing how Sam Mitchell does a player review: Mitchell Reviews Worpel
  8. Gidday rjay, I'm not potting the coaching structure, I'm just sharing a factual observation. If it was as simple as the number of coaches you had per line - why stop at one? Quality is the key and I agree that a big part of an effective inside fifty is just as much to do with the mid-fielders as the forwards. With the prospect a reduced coaching rosters (along with all other areas of the club) Melbourne like all other clubs will have to think very hard about how they apply their human capital in the years to come. Anyway, can't type now - the game is about to begin - G
  9. Team Forwards Coach Adelaide Ben Hart Brisbane Jed Adcock Carlton Cameron Bruce Collingwood Brenton Sanderson Essendon Dan Jordan Fremantle David Hale Geelong James Rahilly Gold coast Ashely Prescott Greater Western Sydney Brad Miller Hawthorn Scott Burns Melbourne
  10. Hi Mr Onion, I can't immediately answer the Greg Williams question. As for whether he or someone else bombs it in - I suspect most of us ponder whether its our forward line structure as opposed to any great shortfall in the players delivering it into the 50. That is probably one of the thing I miss about not going to the footy at the moment - it is only live that you can observe how the better teams set up. Even when the footy's back on TV you cannot look forward of the play to try and get that insight.
  11. I agree with you tiers - I'm not being critical of Clarry. He knows, the coaches know and we all know that he can be an even more damaging player if he kicks a little more. Hopefully that will come with more experience and players giving him a chop out. What it does highlight (again we all intuitively know this already) is that we need more classy outside finishers to feed off the likes of Clarry, Viney and even Brayshaw.
  12. Below is a chart of the average kick to handball ratio of AFL players who have played over 100 games in recent times. (Thanks to the great work by Tony Corke @MatterofStats) Clarry has only played 83 games so does not appear on the original chart, but I have added him in to give us all a sense of his relative kick to handball ratio:
  13. Thanks Martin, Have loved your work over the years. I look forward to reading your next piece - wherever that happens to be.
  14. Mmmmmmmm.........Looks like I better find a new name!
  15. Ok, fair point. I'll watch the replay again - it's becoming my favourite pass time.
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