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  1. There is some guy on big footy who recently has said Brayshaw will be at St.Kilda next year. Mentioned he used to play TAC cup with him and speaks to him regularly ( could be complete crap too !! ) There has also been some rumours on afl exchange podcast that Angus might want to go play for Fremantle with Andrew too. He is contracted for 2 more years, and i wouldn't want to lose him, after he reminded us what he can do on the weekend. If he did request a trade to either the saints or the dockers, how could we make it work for us ? Push for a 1st round pick ? or would
  2. If not Viney , what are our options to get back in the 1st round of the draft ? I think we need to
  3. With the current plight of the club , no first round draft pick , not enough skills, not enough composure. If offers come for Viney as a free agent do we let him go ? If we were guaranteed a 1st round compensation pick after our original pick then I think we almost have to, particularly if do finish bottom four. This could give us options to either trade for or draft a midfielder with better skills/ composure. At the moment we don't have much currency trade or draft pick wise and i think as much as i love his hardness maybe Jack is expendable
  4. If we keep pick 28 i think Will Gould will be a possibility to be available other options at 28 would be Jeremy Sharp, Jack Mahoney, Dylan Williams, Darcy Cassar, Elijah Taylor and Hugo Ralph-Smith
  5. If we do split the pick 3 ( assuming GC get handed pick 1 and 2) with GWS into two mid first rounders. I think alot of the real top rated draft prospects may be gone by that stage. The lowest picks we would receive would be pick 13 and 15 as GC get pick 2 and GWS essentially get picks 3 and 4 (assuming early bid for Tom Green ) already our mid first rounders from GWS would be pushed down 2 places each. Also it is possible that GWS and Essendon progress past week one in the finals, so would we do that deal if say we got pick 15 and 17 where is the point that we say those picks
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