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  1. Yeah I get that but just looking at the two games yesterday where they both have squads named. (Unsure if hawks v bulldogs had teams named)
  2. I could be wrong but I think it may be because it’s on the same the the females are playing and they don’t want it to affect the number of viewers etc
  3. 2020 scratch match verse north was uploaded post game too.
  4. James Jordon I expect to shock a lot of people this year. whipping boy has to be Tomlinson and unfortunately Spargo (no matter how well he plays)
  5. Maybe a role like Salem’s which lets Salem push onto the wing?
  6. Interesting to see Neitschke with the mids, I could’ve swore he was a defender when he was drafted
  7. Great report. How did Deakyn Smith look? Heard he looks better than Farmer at this stage but doesn’t seem to pop up in anything
  8. I thought Weideman was good last year. Averaged 1.5 goals per game and crashed packs while also helping Jackson out
  9. Also would pay some attention to their 2020 number one pick Ellie McKenzie. She only got 12 touches on debut but went at 100% efficiency I believe.
  10. Feel like he would be well suited to that vacant wing role but I’d assume there’s a reason we havnt tried that
  11. Not sure how it will work but I’m confident we wont have 50k at games 😅
  12. Seems like Wiz Jnr is willing to hurt players to get a spot on the list
  13. It may have already been mentioned but how would we get back into the top 10 in this years draft to get Macrae if interested? Are we allowed to trade our 2021 first round?
  14. Chuck lever in the forward line too for a laugh
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