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  1. anything less than 10 and I’m disappointed
  2. Bedford probably a big chance for that spot too
  3. Cody making his VFL debut tonight. Kid has talent
  4. Cody is with the dogs NGA and dogs have told him they are 99% sure they will get him
  5. His played 2 games and almost had the same stat line as Kozzy in them two games. Go look at his practice match verse north in 2020 or his preseason game where he played 1 quarter and still kicked a goal and was solid
  6. NGA players games on the weekend - 13 touches, 8 hitouts and a goal for Mac Andrew (pictured) 13 touches and a goal for Kobi George 10 touches and 7 tackles for Koo Kwet-Kim
  7. Photo up on Jeff Whites Instagram story of Kalani next to Matt Rowell and he already has Rowell covered for height. Although not a fan of the Gold Coast academy hat he has on.
  8. Plus a goal that Tmac took off him in the goal square
  9. Would say this was pretty close to the draft because I remember seeing everywhere that Jackson’s draft range jumped very late
  10. End of 2022 I think. Kozzy and riv signed till end of 2023 and then dogga signed till 2022
  11. this is great from him, two defenders trying to spoil and he taps it straight to trac who kicks an easy goal. This kid will be a star
  12. Along with 24 hitouts for Mac today in a 9 point loss for the Stingrays.
  13. And to anyone who thinks Kozzy shouldn’t do that he was probably just reminding him of half time
  14. Can’t wait for him to be a top 10 pick and we have to watch him be a freak at a club like gws ?
  15. Daw playing ruck and defence or just ruck and he’s pushing back?
  16. Brown running laps so I dare say he hasn’t done anything to his knee thankfully, maybe because the conditions he’s only playing a half instead of 3/4
  17. Saw him on Casey’s Facebook or Instagram story so I’d say he is!
  18. Interesting, I knew Bowey was half back but thought we wanted Laurie mid/fwd.
  19. Agreed, was always exciting to watch
  20. Is he 18 or 17? From what I saw online he was born in December 2003
  21. Mac Andrews 1 month off being a 2004 baby and is 200cm, surely still has a few CM to grow still I’d imagine. Definitely one to watch
  22. Another east freo boy coming our way?
  23. 3 weeks and he misses our game?
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