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  1. If May is out then Jordon in. I don't think we need another tall def for Port or Dogs. This allows Chunk to be Medi Sub. If May is fine, then no change. Id love Chunk to get in, but would not like to be the one telling Jordon that he is dropped and not because of form.
  2. I was at the game and smith was horrible and alot of the time gets dragged into the ball and Cameron stuck into space. Was a 3min period that Smith was off and May was on Cameron and beat him 3 times twice in the air and once on the ground. Was a bad match up but in saying that GWS and Geel don't have a player like that. So I'm not sure, thinking Smith out for Hunt if he is ready.
  3. Smith out JJ or Hibbo in Give rivers the role on Cameron. Need to make sure he doesn't get leading lanes. Group defence!
  4. Finally being stuck in SA for the past 6 months for work has paid off. See you there Dees!!
  5. Amazing win, I think Smith comes out, he looked to get in lever and May's way a bit. Maybe for Jordon or Hibbo
  6. Geel will be going hard, and so they should! It's a joke they don't get home finals. Yeh GF will be in front of crowds, too much money in sponsorship and stuff
  7. Apparently the "Home" sides will have a say in where they play. Melbourne have said they would prefer to play at an empty MCG than travel. But if they had too id say they would play in Perth so Port have to travel as well. Not sure if Tasmania or Brisbane are options.
  8. Like the changes, Smith gets his chance. But could we be to tall with him? Think he is in the side to lock down and allow Bowie and Salem to run off. Bowie has taken Hibbards role and is a much better user by foot, but Hibbo must keep in touch in case he comes up against a stringer, Greene in the finals as he is the best match up for them. Good monitor to be in guys with the likes of Weidemen, Hibbard, Jones, Jordon, Melksham, Baker as our back ups. Let's do it!!
  9. The fact when sides look up and have nothing to kick too is because of Brayshaw. He is often rolling onto Lever's opponent so he can drop off. Last week before finals coming of 3 wins, no time to change structures that work!
  10. Out: Melksham, Sparrow, Smith In: Tmac, Viney, May
  11. Your right it really affected the 98 point margin. Basic numbers don't always tell the story your right. But context is also needed. Last week at no point were we not in control. He could afford to take chances. But the numbers show, the base of his game and why we need him. And people calling for him to be dropped after last week was crazy
  12. We won by 98 points, recon he coukd afford to take a few chances
  13. Last week = 24 disposals, 8 tackles, 3 behinds, 5 score involvements, 4 turnovers @ 63% efficiency. This week = 25 disposals, 4 tackles, 1 goal 1 , 5 score involvements, 4 turnovers @ 68% efficiency Hmmmmm
  14. No drop Harmes calls this week. Go figure!! Out: Vanders, Hunt In: T-Mac, Hibberd Jordon into 22 for Sparrow as Sub
  15. You beat me too it. Funny thing is his stat line is very simmilar to last week. Inside mid we need!
  16. Ha true, but surely we go in with that footage and say well whats the difference. I think both incidents should be a game, they will all stop doing it if it is.
  17. Absolutely deserves a week, but the Selwood case earlier in the year sets a precedent really. He got a $1500 fine from memory
  18. He does the same as Petracca and Oliver but shorter game time and mid time. Petracca went at under 40% efficiency. Oliver is lucky to score a point where having a set shot. Harmes does some silly things I agree, but his aggression and mentality to take the game on often turns into scores. If your a defensive mid going at over 60% your doing your job. I think it's about a balancing act with him and viney and who ever is on put them in more. If I had my way it actually be Brayshaw playing that role, but he seams to be playing his role too well.
  19. This is exactly my point, petracca and Oliver are our guns. No side has three, four, five like that go through the mids, I like Jordon too, but he is better in the side with those two as he is the wing/half back rotation. Which is the role Sparrow played today.
  20. Agree, but id also like that from T-Mac, Viney, ANB and Sparrow. But people need to rem Harmes is our 4th-5th midfielder, he isnt going to be polished. No club has that, he is a very handy mid rotation. He kicks 3 goals and I bet no one is talking about him. Same as everyone is on Vineys back about today's game, whilst I agree it was bad, his past month he has been a shining light.
  21. Petracca had 7 and Oliver 4 turnovers. They getting dropped, Harmes was great today and is the midfield rotation we need. 24 disposals at 63%, 8 tackles, 29 pressure acts and should have kicked 2 if not 3 goals. He allows Oliver and Petracca do what they do.
  22. Things to do this game 1 - Max ruck 80% of the game, he is the best ruckman in the league. Jackson will get there but it's time for Max to take his position back 2 - do away with the Hollywood handballs that have crept back in 3 - look for a leading fwd, if it's not on kick in the air to BB advantage, allow him to bring it to ground. 4 - get back over the mark, been a few kicks touched which has ruined a passage of play 5 - Trac kick to advantage don't try pin point, love everything he does but the past few weeks he has looked to bullet passes in rather than lay them out in front. Could be due to no talls in the fwd line
  23. Think the weekend showed we have to have a stat home fwd, weid hasn't kicked goals when in the side but at least you know if you kick it in his area he won't allow an intercept mark. BB is the same. To Many times we kicked to Spargo/ANB/Kossie v a taller opponent or ever 2 opponents.
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